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  1. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I don't have one of Terry's knives, since I went a different direction and have antiques with the exception of the two really cheap ones that I bought specifically as "learners" ( to learn to sharpen and use). They are over 100 years old, are still in great shape and very nice to use. If you look at old price lists, these would have cost one to two weeks wages when they were new - a BIG chunk of change. Knipschield or Leatherwranglers are every bit as good if not a bit better than my antiques and with a little care will last as long - Your great grandchildren could well be using them. The prices might seem a little high, but for most of us they are a few days pay - even after taxes. Not at all bad in comparison to the antiques when new. It's a pretty good deal, really. Just some food for thought - Bill P.S. Mutt - When are you gonna make some sheaths for those?
  2. Paper Weight

    Most use rounders to make drink coasters with. Great for beginning carver/toolers sine they're not too big, not too small, inexpensive and make something useful. As shown here tho. They can have other uses. We'll done. I may have to make similar. - Bill
  3. Marking stitch line

    Not sure if these would work for you, but Lisa Sorrell (a LWN sponsor) has been selling some heat erasable markers that look promising on her Sorrell Notions and Findings site. She also has a youtube video on how to use them. They just might do the trick for you. - Bill
  4. Daughter trying her hand at carving.

    Barbie needs one o' these. She's a classy chick. - Bill
  5. Tool Modification

    That's gonna look nice - Very worthy of Thor. I bet it'll feel nice too! - Bill
  6. Strop it!

    Those stretched leather strops were pretty common (although usually not as pretty as that one) about 100 years ago. They were usually used to strop straight edge razors. - Bill
  7. Small tool gripping help

    You might try pencil grips - lots of styles - not free, but not overly expensive. like these @Amazon. Might not fit all stamps, tho. - Bill
  8. These are coming along nicely - It's fun watching your progress! - Bill
  9. Show your Shop

    Battlemunkys shed looks nicer than some apartments I've lived in. Probably bigger, and better smelling too...especially with leather there. - Bill
  10. The right way is the one that gets you the result that you were looking for. Some dyes get dark really quickly while applying. Those can be made easier to control when diluted. Resolene can be a bit difficult to get smooth when wiped or brushed, which can be made a bit easier with dilution. If you're getting good results .. Don't go changing! Bill
  11. Venice

    Love it! Outta the park again. Bill
  12. Need some advice on creating this border

    Those are usually done with embossing wheel and gold foil. The wheels come up now and then on eBay. Search bookbinding. Bill
  13. Desktop Stitching Horse

    I love eBay ads out of China that have a long string of words.... None of which have anything to do with the actual name of the item.
  14. Heritage Rough Rider Holster

    There should be a rule on here where anybody that shows a holster or sheath must also show at least one picture of the gun or knife that goes in it! Lots of us like guns and knives almost as much as we like leather! In any case, nice lookin' rig! Bill
  15. Clam, on the half shell.

    I think I remember seeing the loop clam on either a post here by Gmace99, or on one of his uksaddlery youtube videos. But I could be wrong since as you get older the second thing to go is memory. Bill