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  1. FS: Junker & Ruh SD28

    If you think it's unfortunate for a sewing machine, they made airplanes at one time. Bill
  2. Acrylic paints. When?

    Mattsbagger is right in my experience. But if there IS some over-riding reason to put paint atop resolene, it works fine. Bill
  3. Lets see if we can figure this out. Given the makers identity it's some sort of shoe machine, so most likely is for some sort of leather work. Looking at the picture, it's motor driven - there's a drive belt and pulley at the right and no handcrank in sight. The center post part tells us that it's meant to either operate inside something or with some bulk on either side, and the top is a 90deg. angle. The drive pulley on the right looks like it's in line with the back roller arm, and probably designed to pull something through. Just in from the main drive pulley there looks to be a transfer pulley or gear to what looks like an upper shaft. On the left side there looks to be a gearbox, I'd guess to transfer drive down to the front roller arm. The levers on the front look to control pressure or thickness for the two roller arms. The profile of the cams/levers at the top probably release tension on the roller arms to allow insertion/removal of material. The front roller looks to conform to the post / anvil, so probably meant to bend something at 90 deg. The back roller looks to be ridged as though meant to pull material through. It looks like the upper part of the post / anvil might be replaceable, as does the front roller at least. Wonder if there are other profiles available? So, in short - it's a motorized shoe machine that pulls material through (probably leather but maybe not!) with two types of tension-able rollers which might be used together or individually (we don't know for sure). The post/anvil may be changeable. Given that, it may be a single purpose machine or possibly multi-purpose. What other clues are we missing?? Constabulary's first stab at a folder/bender seems right, but I don't know enough about shoe making to have any idea where that would be needed. It's obviously a pretty expensive piece of equipment, so it would be needed for something that is either difficult or time consuming by hand in order to justify the price of a machine.
  4. Steele Tree Pricing

    Dang! Wish I could've been there, but I think you're on the other end o' the state. Bill
  5. I'm not sure what that is, but is that a flux capacitor on the right side? Maybe Doc Brown will chime in and help us identify it. Bill
  6. Battery bag

    Zip material is pretty sturdy. I use the awl. Bill
  7. Battery bag

    Take a look at this Video by ian Atkinson about putting in zips. bill
  8. Motorcycle tooling pattern(s)

    I'll second what alpha2 said - search motorcycle line art - stick with something simple and you don't really need to overdo the detail in something as small as a checkbook cover. But I've gotta chime in - it's an awesome gesture for you to do this! Gotta love a two wheelin' granny!!! That's awesome! Bill
  9. soaking veg tan leather ( grey lines appear)

    Do they look like stretch marks, maybe? Bill
  10. Question about embed stitching

    I'm experimenting with this lately. Once I get back to 8hour days and 5day weeks I'll be able to work with it some more. Bill
  11. all tools

    I may be interested in that rose knife....
  12. Removing oil stain on tooled veg tan

    Some have suggested in the past, using kitty litter (fresh, not used) and bury the work in it ... It's pretty absorbant stuff and can draw out some of the oil.
  13. Wheelchair Mitt

    Looks good and quite usable! Wonder if a side release buckle would be the way to go on the straps? It's too tight, tho - it's cutting off circulation to your fingers and turning them blue. Bill
  14. Birthday gifts

    Wickett and Craig have tooling leather in black. Most other black veg tan such as bridle, harness or latigo can take an impression but only barely and with varying degrees of success... You really have to work at it, and wouldn't want to try too much with it. Good looking bag and belt, bynelson!