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  1. Hi Amy,


     Not sure if you got this message already but if not here it is...

       Sorry to take so long to reply but im glad to share my opinion with you.


    First,  I have zero complaints about the artisan 335 B I love it and am so glad I got it.  I actually got the U-shape table but If you are considering  transporting the machine then You might want to just get the portable one.  After all,  although the tables are nice and decent, a table is a table.  Its probably better to have the portable one especially if  your already tight on space. 

    You are going to be able to sew ANYTHING once you add the 335B to your cobra.  I have even sewn just regular light fabric  on it.  I also requested the smooth leather foot to minimize marks on leather.  Let me know what you decide or if you have any other questions.  


    I live in NH and had mine shipped from Artisan in california so with the table it made for a huge delivery cost  (300)  but then again I was already spending almost 2k on it so it right?!

    I was so excited to get it, whats $300 more?!!

    Have a good day I think you will like the 335B



  2. Adult Section Request

    Is this really a section? Please add me and how to access. Thanks
  3. Machine 4 Leather Bags?

    Thanks for the response Ron. I'll start researching those. Amy
  4. Machine 4 Leather Bags?

    Just found this site tonight and am blown away by all the knowledge! You guys rock! Looking for a sewing machine to make bags and purses. I am new to leather work. Am very good with regular fabric sewing. I learned the right machine for the job is a must. I've read another pinned post here about motors, needles, and walking feet. I have a range of leathers from very thin to upholstery. I'd like to use them all. Not sure what needle or thread sizes I would need. Can a single machine sew 3/8 to 1 inch thickness? I am doing this from home just for me and possibly friends. My thinking is 1500-2500 should buy a good machine. I really don't know. Thanks. Looking forward to your replies. Amy