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  1. Am I the only one?

    I have a wall in my shop with more than a few screw ups hanging. Some leather work, some woodworking. Some drew blood, even a trip or 2 to the ER. I call it the Wall of Shame. I'm hoping the reminders will keep me on my toes. If nothing else it gets a laugh out of others!
  2. I have someone wanting to make a shoulder holster for 1911. What I need and can't seem to find is the hardware that the straps run through that can swivel in the leather. It looks like almost all holsters of this style use them. If you look at Miami Vice style or a Jackass rig it's the 4 pieces that join the straps to the holster and mag pouch. Also, what would be the best for strap length adjustment? Thanks.
  3. Hide House

    Has anyone here used Hide House in California for leather. Pricing on sides seems very reasonable, just wonder if anyone has heard anything on quality of leather and if shipping is reasonable or not. Looking mainly for veg tan for belts, holsters etc.
  4. Hello from Mn

    Been lurking for a few years and soaking up info from everyone. Finally jumping into leathercraft with both feet. I made my first post last week, and I just realized I never introduced myself. Anyway my name is Bill, I'm an ag mechanic and have become a leatherholic. Looking forward to learning much more, and hopefully can contribute something.