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  1. Howdy Hedge. Just caught the picture of your Quigley cartridge belt. Fine piece of craftsmanship. Cheers. C79
  2. Where to get a Logo Stamp made and cost?

    Jeff Mosby did mine as well. He's a top shelf fellow and made me exactly what I asked for. C79
  3. Wine Carrier

    Frog. That is gorgeous. I would love to have a stencil of the art you used on your carrier. Cheers. C79
  4. Hello fishguy. Nice work. I like the variety you have in the pieces you've shown. I tend never to want to make the same design twice. Regards. C79
  5. started another seat

    Roger. I'm always excited to see what you have come up with for your next project. Please keep them coming. Best regards. C79
  6. Cowboy Tombstone

    Thank you Johanna. Bless you for your thoughtfulness. Cheers. C79
  7. Hello carr52. Nice work. I think the light coloured lace really looks great against the darker leather. Cheers. C79
  8. Hi Howard. It looks great. Depending on what you want to use the holster for, I would think about incorporating a safety strap/hammer thong into your next design. Cheers. C79
  9. Nice work Marlon. The great thing about leatherwork is that only you know where your mistakes are! I find the fun is to always find a way to change or improve something over my last project. Cheers. C79
  10. Going Blind!

    I'm with Kat. A year or so ago I noticed that I was getting a little blurry with the really close up stuff. I picked up the local equivalent of a magnavisor (with little lights attached at the side) for ten bucks. Problem solved. I flip the lens down when I need it and up when I don't. Those are the facts of life! C79
  11. Leather Bra Top

    I agree with ArtS. You should be able to use some type of ball or melon to get a size/shape idea. They have styrofoam balls at craft stores as well. Looks like a great project, but being a cowboy in another life, I don't think my pards would appreciate me showing up to a shoot in that kind of get-up! Cheers and a chuckle. C79
  12. Archer bracer pattern

    Great work. I make a quite a bit of cowboy gear and have put together cowboy working cuffs which look like a similar project. Cheers. C79
  13. Promise bands

    The bracelets look great. I'd love to know what weave you used. Cheers. C79
  14. You might want to have a look at the site I've included in this post. This craftsmans work does seem similar to the photos you've shown. It's always best to be aware of what others have put together. Best regards. C79
  15. Rivet removing

    I use a small, sharp, high-speed bit on my dremel and carefully break it down. Careful! It gets real hot, real quick. C79