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  1. What is it?

    Thanks for the insight -- going to use some of this for collars for my 2 cowdogs!
  2. What is it?

    Was given a bunch of pieces of this, not sure what kind of leather it is. Very heavy, was told they thought it was some kind of saddle leather. Its pretty thick, using it on a cowdog right now!
  3. First tri fold

    Working fine with 4 to 5 cards per pocket. Seems a lot stronger than i expected it to be. I dont think it will rip or tear anytime soon.
  4. Angle for Basketweave

    Wish I knew -- i dont think there is a correct way. its what ever looks right.
  5. Not the greatest, but was doing a prototype -- edges need finish, was in a hurry -- thanks to BikerMutt, for helping me with tools after all mine were stolen!
  6. Pair of Good Luck Work Boots

    I REALLY REALLY wish I could make things like that! Nice boots -- and tell him be safe out there!
  7. Need Help with decisions on rivets.....

    Do the tandy dies fit that press? Seems like a great price if they do.
  8. Free Clicker

    Biker you grab one side, Capt grabs the other and i supervise. Leave it in Tn and you guys can use it every time your here!
  9. Need Some Help With This....

    Kinda looks like a singer clone, check this page out -- not sure iof its a help or not Good luck!
  10. Hey Y'all! ....from Tennessee of course

    I am hiding over here other side of Nashville, between there and Jackson. i am still counting fingers, but curves to me are much easier with a round knife and so are straight cuts. I like the pushing away from me -- seems safer!
  11. Check out my 2017 project

    Like both of them, but a suggestion on the website? Never use administrator as a name -- or as a login. Since you are using wordpress, go to the user page and add an alias to post under. You will get a lot of hacking attempts, so minimize the risk. If they need 2 logins its a lot harder to guess! But i like the dye job on the wrist band -- really nice!
  12. Hey Y'all! ....from Tennessee of course

    Got one as a gift a few weeks back -- never going back to an old fashioned knife! Got it as sharp as I can, and hope to get better at sharpening it and using it -- and hope I still have 10 fingers next New Years Eve! LOL
  13. Hey Y'all! ....from Tennessee of course

    Cool! Nice to see more Tn folk here ! Nice job
  14. YER web site 'n'' stuff

    I do compete for the dining room table right now -- but i lost that battle! And the spare room too!
  15. Vinegaroon dye -- just dump steel wool pad into vinegar, let it sit till the steel wool dissolves, run through a coffee filter, and voila you have a black dye! just dont put a lid on tightly as it cooks, may blow up on you. Just tested my first batch, wanted to see if getting it rusty etc in advance was needed and seems to work fine this way. Just saw a cool video on using biscuit letters to stamp leather, 2 bucks a set with a holder to line them up! is a link to one of them ( just a random one I saw on ebay ) and a cheap accurate way of embossing leather. The video used a 1 ton arbor press and the made a slot in a block of wood for the stamp holder to ride in -- it looked super simple!