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  1. Snaps for Leashes

    Grainger has 90lb load snaps:$smthumb$
  2. Identify These Tools!

    Always worth a try...
  3. Identify These Tools!

    Is French chalk the same as soapstone? I got some with a holder. Looking for new uses.
  4. First spur straps

    Nice! Those boots look exactly like mine: Ariat, made in China? Comfortable as heck but I wish I'd seen the label first. They were a gift. Is that dragonfly a stamp? or carved?
  5. The cabochon settings, maybe someplace like: Also try these: Might have some luck with some jewelry suppliers.
  6. Latest Saddle

    Just a question out of curiosity: those scalloped pieces under the conchos, are those edges burnished and if so, how difficult is that? Excellent work by the way!
  7. And I just bought a 6 slot pattern last week Thanks a lot for the share!
  8. Vegetable tanned watch strap lining and sweat?

    In case anyone was wondering, 真京底 translates at Google to "Really Jing off the end". I got nothing...
  9. Edge punch?!?

    Not to take away from all the cut punches (good idea by the way) but wouldn't something like that be done with a clicker die?
  10. New stitching pony

    Here's one I built last year. Nothing fancy but I can sit in my desk chair without being hunched over. It's 31in high, the jaws are about 5in wide.
  11. Help Applying Saddle Stitching to Tool Bag Design

    Well, as for pushing needles - this As for problems stitching, are you using an awl? Sometimes a pricking iron/ stitching tool wont punch all the way through the leather. I recommend getting a good awl and blade and using that to open holes to stitch. I'm not qualified to recommend a brand but it doesn't have to be expensive. I use a Barry King with a Tandy blade (after much sharpening, will try another brand next time).
  12. Gimp Help Please

    I'm more familiar with Photoshop but the process should be the same. Run a path around the book and copy it to a new layer. Go back to the original layer (background) and fill with black (or whatever color). Do your reflection how you want it, if you want it. Check the edges of your path (layer one) for fuzzies. When it's how you want it, flatten the layers. Oh, and rule no.1 - always work on a copy! Because screw-ups don't cha know.
  13. site chat

    Yes, I'm there now. Wonder why I cant get there using my regular client, I don't like using a web client.
  14. site chat

    Not to be disputing but, are you sure it's on Freenode? I log on and open a channel list and there's no #leatherworker in the list. Also, and resolve to the same server if anyone's interested. I'm going to try it from the web client and see if I can get some information. I use the same name on irc, cradom.
  15. If it looks like Elmers and smells like Elmers...has anyone tried using slightly watered down Elmers? It's flexible and dries clear. Probably waterproof too when it's dry. Have to remember this next project. Oh, and a glass slicker is a thickish piece of glass with a rounded edge used to slick down the leather...kinda like a light burnish. Makes the rough side smoother.