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  1. I'm more familiar with Photoshop but the process should be the same. Run a path around the book and copy it to a new layer. Go back to the original layer (background) and fill with black (or whatever color). Do your reflection how you want it, if you want it. Check the edges of your path (layer one) for fuzzies. When it's how you want it, flatten the layers. Oh, and rule no.1 - always work on a copy! Because screw-ups don't cha know.
  2. Yes, I'm there now. Wonder why I cant get there using my regular client, I don't like using a web client.
  3. Not to be disputing but, are you sure it's on Freenode? I log on and open a channel list and there's no #leatherworker in the list. Also, and resolve to the same server if anyone's interested. I'm going to try it from the web client and see if I can get some information. I use the same name on irc, cradom.
  4. If it looks like Elmers and smells like Elmers...has anyone tried using slightly watered down Elmers? It's flexible and dries clear. Probably waterproof too when it's dry. Have to remember this next project. Oh, and a glass slicker is a thickish piece of glass with a rounded edge used to slick down the leather...kinda like a light burnish. Makes the rough side smoother.
  5. I use Nettalk on Windows, and Textual on my Mac. My regular server is Freenode so no problem. Thanks!
  6. What server? Freenode?
  7. Maybe this will help: My 'local' Tandy is 100 mi away. Use the net and order online. (link above is from these forums, don't remember who posted it)
  8. I bought a stainless steel table with pegboard back from Lowes a while back. While it's built well I don't recommend it for leather work. Unless you LIKE the sound of metal rattling every time you hit something with a maul. The drawers are nice though. I took the back off and it's not so bad but I'm thinking of the Harbor Freight one or home built one.
  9. Very nice work. Just curious, what are those marks on the inside-top? From hammer rubbing?
  10. Ah, yes. Noticed it last night, sorry. Also the "Load more activity" button at the bottom seems to be working right again too. Thank you!
  11. So this is what I'm getting when I click Mark Forums Read: Also, at the bottom, the "Next" button or load more button is missing a lot of the time. Just thought I'd let someone know.
  12. I think what he means is neatsfoot oil. Which it shouldn't really need as latigo is already pretty oily/waxy already due to the way it's made. Might be better of with a finish like Resolene or 50/50 Mop 'N Glo and water.
  13. Might want to set snaps last, unless you like wiping dye off of them. That looks pretty good as is though.
  14. You sure those aren't brass rivets? Look at the green. Either way they were probably peened to keep them in. Second to last pic is a little blurry at the bottom, looks like it may have been broken or cut. Are they all like that?
  15. Don't know what the policy here is, I belong to forums where this is frowned upon, but... Get yourself a good adblocker. I use uBlock Origin. To keep places like Facebook from tracking you use Ghostery in your browser. There's also Privacy Badger and a few others. These are add-ons that work in Firefox and other browsers. If you're using Firefox, go here: