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  1. I think what he means is neatsfoot oil. Which it shouldn't really need as latigo is already pretty oily/waxy already due to the way it's made. Might be better of with a finish like Resolene or 50/50 Mop 'N Glo and water.
  2. Might want to set snaps last, unless you like wiping dye off of them. That looks pretty good as is though.
  3. You sure those aren't brass rivets? Look at the green. Either way they were probably peened to keep them in. Second to last pic is a little blurry at the bottom, looks like it may have been broken or cut. Are they all like that?
  4. Don't know what the policy here is, I belong to forums where this is frowned upon, but... Get yourself a good adblocker. I use uBlock Origin. To keep places like Facebook from tracking you use Ghostery in your browser. There's also Privacy Badger and a few others. These are add-ons that work in Firefox and other browsers. If you're using Firefox, go here:
  5. Depending on the size/shape of the stone maybe something like this could be glued/riveted on? Do a Google search for cabochon settings.
  6. Very nice.
  7. As far as replacement maul surfaces, take a look here: Buy a short rod and cut/drill to fit. Just be careful what size you order (coming from the guy who bought a 4in. diameter rod, boy did I feel stupid ).
  8. Have you been to Jeffs?
  9. I was going to suggest using rubber gloves but that looks to be a tattoo Great video! Nice product too.
  10. Don't press enter until the absolute end of a paragraph. This place is set up like a word processor, enter starts a new Paragraph.
  11. Ah, I see. Those links only work for me when logged into Google. Sorry. Lets try this: One is a lot blurry, sorry, phone. Belt strap sewed on before lining is installed. Same with snaps.
  12. Maybe this will help. It's too big for my scanner no matter how I position it so I just took pics. The back is nothing special, especially since the dye ran while applying the M&G 50/50 and the edge paint but here it is.
  13. That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure, thanks. The stiffener: watched some gunbelt videos on the Tube and they are using much thicker leather. Heard about using using them but wasn't sure. Although none of the videos I watched used them. Then again, two strips of 12oz glued together is quite thick enough for them. Thanks Dwight
  14. Quick (dumb) question: making the belt to match this. I stamp the weave before I glue it together right? Also, this belt is not for pants belt loops. Should I use some kind of stiffener between the layers (8-9oz each)? Some kind of strapping? Or is this enough?