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  1. Leather Burnisher

    Just try not to start any leather fires LOL. Ought to do the trick.
  2. I just discovered this problem myself. My mahogany almost looks black. Then I found that if you bend and flex the leather, the color comes out, kind of like pull up. I will dilute it next time though with alcohol. Does that need to be denatured or will isopropyl work?
  3. New collar for my dog

    First thing to break is the clip on the leash. Good looking collar.
  4. Just a little curious...

    63 and wishing I was 20 years younger.
  5. I wish I'd used a stud on mine instead of that cheap Tandy snap. Got to change that. That's a good looking, functional holster.
  6. Do these look ok for Etsy

    I think they look terrific. One question: is it supposed to have this? Is that a seam or something? I saw them on the tan one too.
  7. What is this called???

    If it was upholstery, it's called Diamond Tufting or Diamond Pointing. Used a lot in hot rods and such. Don't know if when used in leather if it would be called the same.
  8. Dying Edges

    Dye your edge before burnishing. When you burnish you make it much harder for dye to soak into the leather, therefore it drips down the front (or back) and ruins things. Painting edges is different. You're using a paint which sticks to the leather rather than soaking in.
  9. Cowboy boots make GREAT holsters!

    Very nice work. Just curious, how do you keep the design stitching from fraying on the edges after its cut?
  10. Best Prices Goodyear Neolite

    According to the Goog, Shoe/boot heels and sole protectors.
  11. Been thinking about getting one of those machines myself. They sell manuals separate on the Bay too.. Ought to work ok for lined belts and stuff.
  12. Hello from Houston Texas

    Hello from the Beaumont/Port Arthur area Firewalker! Glad to have you with us, and Happy New Year!
  13. Making first pair of suspenders

    Interesting, I might make some. Are you using the hook snaps on the belt loops? Think hard about the brass ring. Lying down on the floor or against a wall might be painful. Or is that the point? Oh wrong forum for that...
  14. Show your Shop

    My "shop" in what was going to be a nursery for the previous owners. Need to repaint. The metal is a little noisy but should last forever, it's stainless. Neat tip, that yellow jar is a Bayer lo-dose aspirin bottle. Works great for a glue bottle. Drill a hole for a metal parts brush in the top. What you cant see under the top is a Harbor Freight arbor press and LOTS of rags.