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  1. I use Mop&Glo cut 50/50 with water, then neutral shoe polish.
  2. Harbor Freight 1 Ton Arbor Press

    From the top of the slotted plate to the part which holds the ram (the ram can go higher) is 4 3/4 inches. The plate is roughly 5/8in thick, not including the pin on the bottom that holds it in place. If you drill a hole deep enough in the ram, tool length shouldn't be much of a problem, unless it's a really long tool.
  3. Hair-on Belt

    I think it looks fantastic. Good job.
  4. Filligree, Hollow Ground, and Angle Blades

    Filligree blade is used to cut completely through the leather so the piece under it can show through. Hollow ground is pretty much a normal blade. Hollow ground refers to the way it's ground into it's final shape. (scroll down) Angle blade is used for fine detail work. It's usually smaller and ground to a sharper angle than a regular blade, which is flat. There used to be what I called a hair blade, which was wide and made little lines in a row so it looked like hair. Don't know if they still make this. (I guess they do)
  5. Hello.
    The link warning issue has been cleared up now so I wondered if you'd be so kind as to remove warning screenshot lest anyone is put off from trusting my site. Thank you so much.


    1. cradom


      Well I'd be glad to if there was an edit or delete button/link somewhere. Looked in the post and in my attachments page, nothing.

    2. JimDavies


      Ahh, OK, thank you for trying. Please have a good day.

  6. Guitar Strap 'How to' and Free Pattern

    Didn't have any problem getting the .pdf, just got this when I clicked the link:
  7. Guitar Strap 'How to' and Free Pattern

    Thanks for the pattern. However, Firefox throws up a warning about phishing and malware being redirected to a Youtube site?
  8. How to fasten Gemstones to leather

    Unless the stones have a pin incorporated (glued to the back) you'll be better off using some kind of bezel. Check jeweler suppliers and craft places. These can be riveted or sewn to the leather after the gem is set into it.
  9. Car seat cover pattern

    Does it still have the original cover on? If yes, make a pattern. Or go to walmart and get the cheapest cover you can find and deconstruct it.
  10. Just an FYI: click Submit and wait. This forum is fairly slow. You have 3 posts in a row of the same thing.
  11. Snaps for Leashes

    Grainger has 90lb load snaps:$smthumb$
  12. Identify These Tools!

    Always worth a try...
  13. Identify These Tools!

    Is French chalk the same as soapstone? I got some with a holder. Looking for new uses.
  14. First spur straps

    Nice! Those boots look exactly like mine: Ariat, made in China? Comfortable as heck but I wish I'd seen the label first. They were a gift. Is that dragonfly a stamp? or carved?