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    I enjoy leather work as a hobby but I am debating doing some stuff to sell. I also enjoy shooting clays and target practice with my various guns.

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  1. Something Different...

    Looks great! Hmmm, I wonder...use a thinner leather and cover it with rattlesnake skin...maybe an oval cutout in the middle for the rattle?
  2. If I were going to do something like that, I would just cover an existing case with leather. With a soft case you could actually sew the leather to the case itself...just an idea which you may have already thought about
  3. Craft Tool Pro Swivel Knife For Sale

    SOLD! Thanks all for the interest.
  4. Hello from Calgary!

    That looks great! Welcome to the fray.
  5. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Good job sir! I like it. Did you buy the snake skin or harvest it yourself? I am thinking about some diamond back skin for a project myself. I like the way the rattle is incorporated into the bottom of the sheath. The Sweetwater Rattlesnake roundup is coming up soon so I may mosey over and see about buying some snake skins if they aren't too pricey.
  6. Craft Tool Pro Swivel Knife For Sale

    Price reduced to $30 including shipping in the US only.
  7. Dye Reducer vs. Alcohol

    Hi Shelia, I use alcohol exclusively and have never had any issues with smell or fumes. Hope that helps Ditto
  8. A couple more recent projects

    Nice! Good job
  9. Do these look ok for Etsy

    They look way better than some of the stuff I've seen on Etsy! Good job!
  10. Offering this swivel knife for sale. I do not use this anymore since getting my current swivel knife two years ago. No point in keeping a tool that isn't getting used. It is in excellent condition, made of stainless steel, has a 1/2" barrel and two blades along with allen wrench to change the blades. I am asking $40 including shipping. If you are interested, send me an email through the message tool on this website. Thanks for looking. James
  11. Checkbook cover, and belt

    They both look great Mr Brown! Good job...I love the scripture as well with the two hands.
  12. New "thinner" bifold

    Oh, those are nice Mike! I have bookmarked your page and will order one from you soon because mine is about at the point where it needs replacing. The plastic window seems to get old and cracks is the only thing that causes me to get a new one.
  13. New "thinner" bifold

    Good job all!
  14. Purse lining question

    You're welcome and let us know how it turns out with the croc leather. Bet it will be nice!
  15. Purse lining question

    Hi Moto, Not sure if it's the correct method or not but I have made a couple of purses for my daughter and I have completely glued the lining to the inside. Seemed to work out fine for me. James