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  1. Hair-on Belt

    Great another thing for my wife to whine about lol the idea of hair on hide makes her skin crawl but I might have to get myself a hide and try it!!
  2. bikers vest

    What leather is this really love the look
  3. bikers vest

    very cool
  4. new tool bag

    I really like the look of it how thick is the leather?
  5. Vest I Finally Finished

    I really like this and feel for you on the lacing. My first vest/waist coat took around 250 to 270 feet of lace as i did all edges in mexican round braid!!
  6. really like that
  7. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Lol wife thinks I am crazy asi just use duct tape when bleeding stops the blood and makes stabbing myself just a little harder!!!
  8. New Project in progress: Music Case

    After the fourth time of sliding the ice pick from um awl...under my thumb nail...the last one went past the bed of the nail into the first joint i threw the damn thing in the trash and I flat refuse to use those evil things!!!! Will stick to a fid and my hole chisles!!! Not to meantion the neighbor kids do not need to learn more "colourful" words from their yankee nieghbor!!!!
  9. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Really love this colour!! looking great so far!!
  10. First pair of sabatons and greaves

    Really love the look of these to me the top of leather working, at least for me and its something I really want to try, is armour making!
  11. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    I like that!
  12. This is what happens when I am bored at midnight

    yep was something to keep me awake for just a little longer was pretty easy and will look good on a hand bag or something like that
  13. SO decided to teach myself how to braid an O-ring. This was done by hand in a half hitch kind of braid with kangaroo lace that I had laying around not bad for a first go heheh
  14. Show inventor

    what kind of buckle do you actually use though for this kind of belt?
  15. First ever bag!

    Most welcome and trust me I know LOL I do EVERYTHING by hand and some times I kick myself for wanting to go "old school" like that!