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  1. Congratulationsgreat looking bag as well!!!
  2. The black and white one is pretty big and to be honest it does work, wasn't sure how well it would hold against my own big gut and they work a treat stays in place nicely
  3. slide two d rings over the belts, folded the end over both d-rings and just rebraided the end into the belt itself, a bit of a pain figuring out that part
  4. Kangaroo lace for the whisky belt all 6 strands ( you fold them in half to make the 12 strands) were 9 feet 10 inches. The black and white is again kangaroo and the 6 strands are 12 feet in length
  5. Thanjs for this some food for thought!!
  6. Ok going to be making another corset soon, but I want to try and wet molde it to the manquine that I have. The real questions are A: how long should I leave it in place to dry? B: Thinking of doing some tooling on it, should I wet modle it first, let it dry then do the tooling? As if I remember right when wet molding you can stretch out the tooling. oh and C: dying the leather before or after the wet molding?
  7. That is now on the table as the last project that I want to finish before I really start getting into more braiding.
  8. Yep I do not like the idea of using a buckle to punch though the braiding, even if its kangaroo just wont last as long as the d-rings will, and the d-rings work just as well as the buckle.
  9. The hard part is getting the damned tip started, once that is out of the way it is pretty smooth sailing. First brown belt each of the 6 strands were 9 foot 10 inches long, black and white the 6 strands are 12 feet in length, the white one took way longer then I thought it would. lots of pics so put it up on imgur
  10. Which leather is better for them rawhide latago or kangaroo? I am in Australia so roo hide is rather cheap i mean i can get 350 feet of 1/8th lace for about 110 bucks which includes shipping. I am on a braiding kick of late lol.
  11. its coming along but got sidelined for now working on another friction belt a black and white one at the time
  12. looks good to me though the cracker might need to be a little tighter wound but that is the only thing I can see.
  13. looks great to me!
  14. Great job for not doing anything like this for 25 years! better then what I can do that is for sure, really like it!
  15. Thanks! I always hit my end product with aussie conditioner really helps it