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  1. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    Yep I have asked and gotten a lot of help as well !!
  2. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    Stunning work!
  3. question on leather jackets

    Now I can get garment leather pretty easy around my place from tandy and another leather supplier (both are pretty good price wise) but I was thinking would bison make a good leather to use for a jacket? Or would would make a good outer covering for a leather jacket?
  4. What glue ?

    contact cement
  5. Question on simple mass cutting

    THanks Matt I am currenly looking at a hydraulic press as space is limited and I really do not want to put a 3 phase outet in the house lol
  6. Question on simple mass cutting

    Talking in the 50 to 100 range high repeatability and the 50 to 100 a week
  7. Question on simple mass cutting

    that may work as well due to space being a major issue may have to look into it
  8. Question on simple mass cutting

    ohh I did not know that, and I have found a few clicker presses that are hydraulic and not electric.
  9. Question on simple mass cutting

    I already use a knife and strap cutter I want something a little faster and something that has less chance of a slip up because with a strap cutter you can slip with one of those, not have the edge as straight as you thought or for any other reasons, blade is not as sharp and drags or pulls the wrong way...
  10. Question on simple mass cutting

    Thanks looking into the price of a clicker press and Rockoboy I had thought of doing the whole laser cutting thing but as you said the scorching could be an issue and if I had to sand to much it would make it so the piece would not fit around the mason jar like I want them to sit down. So going to be looking into sizes and what not of clicker presses
  11. Have a business idea I am working on and i know if this takes off i will have to think about getting some machinery to help make things run a little smoother my question is what can make doung simple rectangles faster to mass cut out. I have found for 1 pint mason jar sleeves 3.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches long makes for the perfect tight fit (hand sewn baseball stitch style) so that will be the shape i will be cutting a lot of so what can i use to help cutting our blanks faster. Preferably something smallish as space is an issue
  12. Question on wrapping mason jars

    Fit is tight on the 6 oz, the 8 0z (as I am playing with thicknesses) is snug both hold really well Yep that is part of the line I am going to use that it can be used as a drinking cup or storage...recycle reuse kind of thing lol.
  13. Question on wrapping mason jars

    Two of three designs I have, thanks for all the help everyone. By the way the store idea that I am currently working on is selling the sleeves and mason jars, with a catch and that catch is I am actually going to be selling air...100% Australian ocean air, that is harvested by hand, just as the sleeves are handmade the air itself is harvested by hand...told you it was a crazy ass idea lol. I am sticking with the stitching to hold it together as I like that look a little better than straight rivets.
  14. Braided waist coat

    Sooo true about the time tring to do this as a living of sorts myself
  15. Braided waist coat

    Cutting, tooling and stitching took roughly 8 hours the braiding on the other hand took me roughly 5 days to do. So honestly I would say roughly between 50 to 60 hours total The hand stitching was easy the braiding was a pain in the ass but I enjoyed the hell out of it