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  1. Great work all the way around and as a major fan of swords good looking dirk though personaly never liked the hilts like that tend to get in the way in actual combat at times. Would still love to own it lol love the back seam on that and great work on the brass!!
  2. Been wanting to do this for a little while now so making a kangaroo leather conquistador braided belt!! Going to be at this a while I think lol!!!
  3. Your wife could ride him into battle!! You just need to make some armor for him and lovely dog and great looking collar!
  4. not interested in the mystery braid for a belt, and hmm that is a good idea might give that a go and see how that turns out!
  5. Ok thinking of doing a braided belt, using kangaroo lace. Two questions A: how would I get the standard looking end of the belt the triangle part, and b: where and or how do I put the holes for the belt buckle tongue to go though?
  6. That is not collar that is a waist belt for a normal human lol nice work!!!! And yes i want to se a pic of this war mount you speak of!!
  7. agreed very nice !!!
  8. I look at it this way, if you are happy with your work, and you are either selling it or just giving it away and people like it even when told it's done by a laser then who gives a damn about the so called purists? I have a personal preference of doing everything by hand including the sewing. I do not hold it against anyone that uses a machine to sew with, if that is your thing more power to you I say.
  9. Tandy Leather sells them. Actually got really lucky with finding them as I had already designed and tooled the pockets even before I started looking for the buttons. When I and my wife say those she was said "YOU HAVE TO GET THOSE!!!" so I got those lol it all came out great and there were many firsts for me, from doing the bound button holes (never done any kind of button hole) to the Gaucho style braiding on the seams, only reason I did that was I wanted to cover up the seams and make the waistcoat stand out a little more.
  10. Will be adding better pictures tomorrow but this was a major woohoo moment. A first for a lot of things. First time doing the style of braiding, first time for making a waistcoat/vest and its finally DONE!!! took 170 to 180 feet of suede lace to do all the lacing...and there was a LOT lacing!!!!! Way to many pics so just going to throw the link for the imgur album
  11. very cute!!! and as a 41 year old I still love smacking the crap out of things with my mallet makes me giggle like a school girl some days!!
  12. Its a ing pain in the ass to cut...hand sritching is easy if you use a pricking iron. Best way to cut sting ray is from the back of it. Oh and you cant bunish the edge just cover it in edge dye..or i should say i couldnt burnish it. Geat ready to dull a few edges when cutting!!
  13. Decided to make another tri fold but wanted to do a little bit more braid work so went with a Mexican round braid with some lace that I had. Unforitnatly you can tell where I started the whole braiding and stopped it (its connected but a little messy) simply because I litteraly ran out of lace. But over all it turned out really nice I think. Went with a white mission grain pigskin for the inside, outside is 4 to 5 oz Montania hide from Tandy leather
  14. Nope still working on it though a few have suggested messing around with an air brush.
  15. Thanks