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  1. I was thinking the same thing that is why I am thinking of inlaying it
  2. Not sure if i can get deer horn here in Australia but that is an option and thanks
  3. really like those!
  4. I had not thought about using magnetic snaps and yeah I agree the strap does distract but I had thought maybe the snaps would show up a bit more and distract a little more and the strap was a little less of a distraction going to make another one with snake skin might just give the snap option a go and see how that looks.
  5. Thanks all and I am going to be doing a bit of inlay work with the snake skin so I think that will protect it
  6. to be honest not sure getting it from a supplier here in Australia will have to ask them looks more like boa then anything else
  7. Ok the wife wants to use a little snake skin on a box bag that she wants me to make, and I figured there will be more then a little left over for me to play with. But my question is that with wallets is it better to use the snake skin as is or glue it and stitch it to say 2 to 3 oz leather for the outside?
  8. Well decided to come up with my own pattern again and give it a go after seeing a few similar bag (why pay for the pattern when you can figure things out yourself?) This is a shoulder bag/cross body bag/ belt bag. Inlayed with stingray well the "eye" part of sting ray, I do not really like the way the front closure is I tried to go mostly just all leather with the strap of the front sliding though another piece of leather but to be honest that was not secure at all, with the snaps which are HARD snaps to do at least the front flap will stay closed. Its is also fully lined with mission grain pigskin and made from 6 to 7 oz leather, dimentions of the bag are 18cmx12cmsx6cms. Now my question is what is a better option for the front to use for closing as I do not want to use say a swing arm clasp. I was thinking maybe find a neat kind of concho and use it as a button and have some lace coming out of the bottom but then again that is not too secure either. I am open for ideas on that one. I plan on making a couple of more of these bags though will make the flap come over a little farther down the front as I want a bit more to show next time around for I am going to be using snake skin and maybe a bit of ostrich as well to incorporate a bit of exotic leather into my products as well. Oh this is all hand stitched and I WILL figure out how to make a friggin U gusset with out it being to long the first time around (mutters)
  9. Cool thanks for that, I am just now getting into designing my own things so wasn't sure if that was a frame or not.
  10. Forgot to ask did you use a frame to get the top to look like that? I am sitting on the fence about making a doctor style bag and I haven't used a frame before so was wondering how hard it would be.
  11. how large of a hide did that take and what thickness?? I really love the design and it does look strong enough to take a beating!
  12. Template is from Tandy as is the wood grain its a craft aid
  13. Truly amazing work!! Have never tried archery i know my luck iwould take an arrow to the knee!!
  14. really love the tooling!!!
  15. Niece in law pointed out that this might make a good belt bag (or a bum bag as they are called here) and it really would not be that hard to modify it so that it could be made into one. Fully tooled with a wood grain and just messing around with a couple of leaves and acorns not the best tooling around but was fun to do. All hand stitched and ugg how I hate doing round bag sides royal pain in the ass to sew but at least I can cheat them by pre punching the holes on both the side and the front piece of the bag! then its just stitch and go no messing around with glues or anything like that.