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  1. I have a Tandy/Craftool Splitting Machine for sale. Cast iron frame. Original box and still has original Cosmoline. Appears to be a Osborne 84 Taiwan-made knock-off. Uses a movable twist handle to set blade depth. See my Gallery (kminer49er) for photos of the actual unit. Asking $400 + $20 shipping
  2. KMiner49er

    This is the Tandy/Craftool Splitting Machine. Taiwan made Osborne 84 Clone. Cast iron frame. Uses a movable twist handle to set blade depth. A locking stop can also be set to return to the same setting. The operator inserts a strap, pushes the handle forward and twists to lock in the position. Manually pulls the leather through the machine. Machine has a round bar across the blade as a safety feature. 8" blade. New-Old stock; never used; In original packaging; Still has 'cosmoline' coating on parts. Only removed from the box to photograph. Asking $400 +$20 shipping.