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  1. I am looking for this type of chicago style screw. it's a brass screw and a square steel anchor. I've tried several different sites but they all have the round base. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Long time lurker here. I'm entering my second year in leatherwork. Posting this more as an idea to share with the community. My revolvers are special to me and they deserve a special home, so I made a French fit insert topped with leather. The insert is made with multiple layers of heavy duty chipboard. I have no woodworking tools to cut out intricate patterns. It really adds to a nice pistol or revolver box, so toss it in your boat of ideas. Added a picture of an Avenger holster I finished and want to send a thank you to JLS Leather for the patterns being available for purchase and free use. Great community here, folks! Back to lurking =)
  3. Rivets that are better quality than Tandy?

    This guy has a nice way of getting those rivets out, if you should ever need to
  4. Knife sheath designed to be worn as a paddle for easy removal and no belt needed. Rides very secure.