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  1. I’m new and may be in the wrong spot  for posting. I need to purchase a repair manual for a Claes Shoe patcher.  It’s a model 20  brown . Anyone? I have the German version unfortunately I don’t read German. I’ve purchase new parts and installed them. The machine has not sewn well since. 

  2. Tampa area Adler 30-1

    any chance you still have this Adler 30-1? If so, what condition are the mechanicals in? Tight and like new or loose and in need of horribly expensive parts?
  3. Looking for opinions regarding a new patch machine. Our shop uses Singer 29U171A and Adler 30-1 . Motorized and sewing as constantly as we can keep them in shape. Have rebuilt and replaced most parts several times and will do so for as long as we can. Just looking for information regarding new patch machines in case we need to grab one quickly as a backup. The only one that claims made in Taiwan so far it the Econosew. I believe, and correct me please if I'm wrong, Cowboy, Consew, Techsew, Saito, Japsew, Sewline, Ankai are all Chinese made? Is that necessarily bad and is one brand above the others? If anyone wants to sell a Pfaff 8346, we'll give that a go also. Thank you in advance for any advice offered. Very best regards, Sam