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  1. Wow, thanks for all the info. The leather does have a darker yellowish glow under the UV light when it's cut, noticed this too. I tested rubbing my finger on both sides, no glow so far. Seems that sweat triggers the reaction. The rash on wrist was even, strap is 22mm width. The bracelet is also 22mm with same thread pattern. No rash on my right wrist, but the glow is definitely there as well. I'll read into that mimosa tree powder.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'm thinking of getting a physical done and asking for any special test available regarding this.
  3. I'm a local Southern California native. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as health or lifestyle.
  4. And lastly. Again, I love this specific leather. I hope to clear the issue soon. I did make myself a watch strap and bracelet from veg tan with no add ons. I'll see how that reacts tonight.
  5. More reference pics. Front and back of leather. It's a beautiful leather, of many leathers that I have, this one tops them all.
  6. No, but I will lol. Someone grab me some milk haha
  7. I'd hate to blame the place of purchase. I'm sure they probably don't know either. I am calling them on Monday to verify the description of being 100% veg tan stuffed with oils and tallow. Maybe it's good that it's brought to their attention and be safe. Leather is New Haven Veg Tan bought from Tasman Leathergroup, it's part of Thoroughbred Leather in Kentucky.
  8. Here is the leather.
  9. I bought a small piece of veg tan, no oils or tallow on this one. Made a watch strap last night. I'll see how it goes in a couple of days. I don't mind a small rash, what really worries me is that it glows like that, definitely not natural. Even the little hairs glow from skin to tip, scary.
  10. The leather is really beautiful. I made a few wallets that I've routinely carried for the last 3 months. I rubbed the wallet with my finger and no reaction. Something about the sweat causing a reaction.
  11. No lining used. I figured since it was 100% veg tan no problem. I've had leather bracelets with no rashes ever. No lotion used either.
  12. I bought a side of 100% veg tan leather, stuffed with oils and tallow, per the website. I've made a few wallets, keychains etc. I recently made myself a watch strap and matching bracelet. Last few days my watch strap wrist was getting red and itchy. Last night I was charging the lume on my watch with a UV led keychain. By accident I noticed a strong yellow glow on my wrist. Took my watch off and my wrist was glowing yellow marking the strap. Even the little hairs glow. Is something wrong with the leather? Maybe it's chrome tanned?