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  1. here is a cheap knife (I probably use this one, works fine) backgrounding tool A104 you can do A LOT with just those two tools.
  2. PRACTICE. You didn't learn your alphabet in one sitting. You didn't learn mathematics in one day. You probably won't learn leather craft in one sitting either. There is nothing wrong with the image. I believe it is your lack of practice. How many times did you write out the alphabet as a child? Probably more than seven times. What tools are you using? What knife to cut the leather? What surface are you cutting the leather on? What type of leather? (looks like veg tanned but it's hard to tell from the pic) I have a piece I'm doing for a customer. I did FIVE test pieces (carved and colored) before I set down to work on the final piece. The first test piece would have worked but I don't do my final work until I am 100% happy with my test pieces. I also consider ever piece I do to be practice because we can always be learning and improving. Keep posting your progress and we'll do our best to help you.
  3. really nice. What is your back grounding tool?
  4. He died.
  5. The program I use is web based, through a browser. It's very simple to use. Please let us know if you need help.
  6. Let me know if you need help using the above IRC chat web site. It's pretty simple but may be a little confusing so just give a yell.
  7. I really have no plans to do anymore. I just did it as a challenge to myself cause it didn't seem like it would be that difficult. Hopefully it will encourage others to some of their own.
  8. I'm using that client. I created a #leatherworker room. We can use that until we get the other one back up and running. Let me know if you need help. I'm 'SansGato' in that room, most of you would know me by pnj.
  9. Thoughts or suggestions?
  10. uh. yea. EVERYTHING i do is practice.
  11. My search didn't turn up anything on here and that link listed above doesn't work for me. Come on folks, post pics of your work! I gave this a quick try and was reminded how much my swivel knife skills suck. haha. I'm going to give it another go and I'll try to post the pics. I suggest y'all do the same.
  12. you need to condition the leather. You need to condition ANY leather, eventually.
  13. Looking good. I spent 18 years in Coos Bay. Spent many an early morning crabbing, clamming and fishing. The texture on the shell looks really good.
  14. Post pictures of what you've done so far.
  15. I'm doing the tooling / painting / dying on a pair of saddle bags for a horse. I am doing the upper section that hangs over the horse, not the actual bag itself. The customer wants to use neetsfoot oil on the bags. I want to use Fiebings dye to color the flowers that I will be tooling. I have done some samples and find that the color gets drowned out after I apply the neetsfoot oil. How much oil should be used to make the leather waterproof? I may be using too much. Or, I may have to go with acrylic paint instead of dye. Would that be an issue with neetsfoot oil?