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  1. Thanks folks. I thought the interior fabric brought a nice look, I did have to iron a fusible interfacing to it to make it stiff enough to not just collapse but that was easy and I'm pleased with the results.
  2. A lovely distressed brown leather I picked up, fully lined in a snazzy plaid.
  3. Gorgeous, I'm jealous of your edges. If it's not vegetan my edges are. . .well not that good. An hour north of Toronto? I'm in Bolton/Caledon. We should do lunch and talk leather one of these days.
  4. Yup, just saw something I liked and made one. I made a few changes like the top corners because I liked them. Hardware was also Tandy yes.
  5. It's a 3/4 oz chrome tanned top grain I scored from Tandy a long time back.
  6. My lovely other half (well realistically she's my other third. . . she's tiny and I'm not) made this lovely belt pouch for her son. Our first go at wet molding and we're both super happy with how it turned out. The hardest part was the sewing machine clearance.
  7. Thanks folks I appreciate the advice. I did this last week with a four strand around a core and it turned out fairly well.
  8. So I can 4 strand around a core no problem but the moment I go to 6 strands it all goes to hell. My front side looks awesome and tight but my backside looks horrific. I'm a total rookie and I haven't been able to search out any answers so I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
  9. I agree, particularely around a thicker core but since I'm using roo lace the cost is already huge. Adding two more strips really increases that.
  10. I just used a piece of nylon rope. However in the future I'd like to make them with a larger diameter so I think I'll have to move up to a 4 or 6 plait braid. The 4 plait gets a little thin when my lace is only 5mm.
  11. I made a biker whip today, my first real try braiding around a core.
  12. My first real attempt at braiding around a core actually, I think it turned out decently.
  13. Been doing a lot of totes lately it seems. This one has folded handles and a construction I saw on an Italian bag that I liked. I didn't bother lining it since the leather had such a nice suede on the flesh side.
  14. I'm looking for a source for decent quality leather liners for wallets. Does anyone have a source for this? Thanks.