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  1. I'll pass along the compliments. You can see the full build process (pics) here.
  2. I've been working on my braiding but I'm not up to this yet. This is gorgeous.
  3. There's no stiffener, we wanted it to be a very soft bag. With the zipper that closes it at the top it shouldn't be an issue. It's easy to shorten something, not so much to lengthen. So I figured I'd make them a bit long and if I wasn't happy I'd either make newer shorter ones or cut these. I'm inclined to agree though, I thought when the bag was full it would take up more strap but I appear to have been a bit optimistic. Still, it's a good first run, the second bag would fix any of these errors. Part of the joy of prototyping.
  4. You actually don't have to undo the buckles, the stars you see on the flap are snaps which allow you to get in super quick. They don't pop open easily because of the zipper on the liner and the direction of pull on the straps.
  5. My girlfriend had an idea to make this so we spent the last two days working on this project, the idea was 100% hers, I just helped with hardware and some order of operations but she did most of the work.
  6. I just made one of these, it's awesome. Really quite simple, though I didn't bother to line it and I machine stitched it (which needs improvement but the second one would rock I'm sure). Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. It's great that it takes you 25 minutes, if it took me that long it might work but as I said for me hand stitching this is a 3 hour jobs with all the breaks I have to take since I can't feel my hands. . .
  8. The wallet I tried yesterday was a non-turned edge and it didn't go well either. However they always look so messy. . .
  9. The challenge for me is every person who asks for a wallet (and I've had quite a few) all need to carry 10 or more cards and unfortunately that's a lot of business to have to keep sayin no to. Plus honestly the wallets I do while they're well finished and look good look like "leatherworker" wallets not like something someone who actually has money would purchase and that drives me nuts. And with regards to thinning things they can only be made so thin. I can get vegetan down to around 1oz, sometimes 3/4 oz with my splitter, the skiver usually won't go below 1oz before it eats it. Hell with this wallet I threw out about 3x as much leather as I used because the splitter kept eating it because I wanted it so thin.
  10. No, If I can't run it through the machine it's not worth doing. Hand sewing takes far too long and would result in me needing to up my prices. Plus my hands go numb quickly, I'd have to take probably 3 hours to hand sew a wallet if not more.
  11. I've done plenty of these and have zero issues. Unfortunately they're not saleable.
  12. Well, another drunk monkey attempt at a wallet. The stitching was perfect on the side I could see and somehow totally missed the interior of the wallet. . .depsite them being perfectly lined up and secured. hell, they were still perfectly aligned when I finished. I hate wallets hate hate hate. however if I ever want to make money at this it seems there a great way to go. I appreciate the advice but I've tried every template, watched every video and as soon as it comes to that final assembly it goes completely to hell.
  13. it sounds like this is a drop in lining. depending on whether you're hand or machine sewing and how you feel about finishing edges it's one of the two options. The other is a turned lining. This video gives a great explanation how to do both. Because she's using fabric she turns the top edges of both bag and lining to ensure no raw edges are visible, with leather you don't have to do that (as seen in this gorgeous bag we're all so taken with). If you do turn them a turned lining is a lot easier as it's less thickness to sew through, a drop in requires a heavier machine. I did my tote (look at my thread here in show off) with a turned lining.
  14. I realized I forgot to post this here! It's one of the projects I've done recently that I'm most proud of, it really turned out well. It was also quite a few firsts for me, first try using my new singer (home machine for the fabric), first try combining fabric and leather, first try at a turned lining, first try at folded handles. And oddly enough everything went wonderfully.
  15. What did you use to finish the edges on it?