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  1. Quick Airbrush Video

    No, I find the eco-flow goes on well enough if I use a fairly large diameter. If I try to push it through the tiny airbrush it helps to thin it a bit. I do thin my resoline 50/50 with water to push it through.
  2. Quick Airbrush Video

    Well you can soak it with the airbrush too, but like with working it in with a sponge it just gets darker and darker too. I don't find the penetration any worse with the air brush and I do 2-3 coats on each item.
  3. Quick Airbrush Video

    Yup, I find with the alcohol dyes too much of it ends up in the air and not enough on the leathers. Plus the waterstains seem to even themselves out a bit whereas alcohol dyes don't.
  4. Quick Airbrush Video

    It's the Tandy Crimson waterstain, it's a great red and I prefer using the waterstains through the airbrush when I can. Air brushing is definitely the easiest way to get a nice consistent even coat of dye I find. I'll take a look, it's not really a big deal though since it's in the garage and it's not like I'm trying to airbrush at 2am.
  5. Quick Airbrush Video

    I was airbrushing dye on to some lifting straps the other day and took a video. Check it out, this is the first coat.
  6. What type of buckle is this?

    I'm trying to source this type of buckle in 2" and 3", ideally stainless. Does anyone know where I would get these? The website for these belts is: They have a video of them working, they seem pretty awesome and I want to make myself one.
  7. High Quality Belt Buckles Needed

    Thanks, I'll take a look. found some really nice stainless ones on ali-express. They're not pivotable but they're a solid, good looking buckle at a decent price. They have them in 1.25" and 1.5" I purchased a few in both sizes and while shipping was painfully slow the quality is good.
  8. Bike Seat Foam

    My girlfriend and I are looking at re-doing the seat on her motorcycle and I'm looking for recommendations on foam, what type, where to buy etc. Especially if you've got any Canadian sources I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. Very nice! What do you do for the edges? Both of the wallet itself and the thinner edges inside? Also, what type of leather is that?
  10. Cobra NP-4 Skiver

  11. Damn nice work! How do I get into this end of the industry?
  12. Dog Collar

    Thanks. I'm a fan of the chicago screws for holding buckles when I can since it allows for the buckle to be changed down the line if anyone ever wants too. Especially on belts.
  13. Finished this beauty...

    Stunning! Do you have a pattern you'd be willing to share? Or construction pics? I have a friend who's big into archery who has a birthday coming up. . .
  14. New dog collar for a client from black bridle. I may have stuck it on one of my cats to be funny. . . the cat failed to see the humour.
  15. Did you paint the lettering to get the green on the black? it looks great.