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  1. Your stitch selector does work, and likely as well as you can hope for. They're not intended to be mathematically accurate, they're more of a rough guide. Actual stitch length varies with material type and thickness and sometimes even sewing speed. The simple fix is a little cheat sheet that tells you which number corresponds to which actual stitch length for a given material. Trying to make that dial accurate for all possible material combinations will be an exercise in futility.
  2. Zig-zag machinez

    On the far end of the spectrum is this super heavy duty Singer top+bottom feed zig zag machine. I'm not sure which model this is. I keep it on a dedicated hydraulic lift cart for a reason.
  3. Zig-zag machinez

    Here's the sewing demo video with my Pfaff 138 sewing oil tan leather patches onto canvas material. Hopefully it will give you some idea of how this machine handles that particular task.
  4. Zig-zag machinez

    The Pfaff 138 is definitely a full scale industrial sewing machine, designed to sit in a table and run on a clutch or servo motor. Here are a few pictures of my machines for reference and size comparison between Pfaff 130 and Pfaff 130. If I find time I'll do some test runs with denim and leather.
  5. I just made a video on the subject of walking foot adjustments for Pfaff 545. Perhaps it will help you resolve the issues with your machine as well:
  6. Here's how my Pfaff 545 is adjusted to get proper walking foot movement:
  7. Your feet don't walk because the front foot doesn't really make contact with and press against the feed dog - it simply goes in circles above the feed dog. The rear foot can only lift up if the front foot can press against something (feed dog or material.) If you put some 1/4" thick material under the feet, they will probably walk right now because the front foot can press against the material. As to why your front foot doesn't touch the feed dog, I can't tell from the information you provided.
  8. Zig-zag machinez

    Let us know when you find a cheap industrial walking foot zig zag machine without issues. I want one, too.
  9. Zig-zag machinez

    That depends on your bank. A Pfaff 130 is a very nice vintage zig-zag machine that will probably do what you have in mind. Pfaff 130 occasionally pop up on CraigsList and other places for $100-200. Other vintage options are Singer 143W and variations on that theme. New heavy duty industrial zigzag machjnes like the Consew 199RB are over $2K And then there's always Sailrite if you need to sew denim/leather on a sailboat (or at home.) They don't get much respect here on LW, but they are probably fine for your application.
  10. Stool for sewing at

    The original post with more details:
  11. Stool for sewing at

    This is a Singer stool we collectively fawned over some time ago:
  12. Stool for sewing at

    Guess you need a thumb wheel controller then [sorry, way off topic, but I couldn't resist]
  13. Sewing machine help

    The machine may not be the limiting factor, it may be you. No matter what machine you get, you have to understand how it works and use it correctly. None of the machines discussed in this forum are the kind where you step on the pedal and it will simply do what you want it to do. I'd say you have to figure out how to use the machine you already have before you buy another one. Buying a different machine will not solve your sewing problems, it will only change them.
  14. Stool for sewing at

    I made another trip to UofM today. There it was - a perfect tall BioFit task/shop/sewing chair, no wheels, like new, $20. Now it's here, next to my blue chair.
  15. Adler 467-273

    Here are all the Durkopp Adler 467 manuals from Nick-O-Sew and my own archive, just to make them easily accessible in one spot and to add them to the LW archive. Durkopp Adler 467 User Manual: Durkopp-Adler-467-Operation-Instructions.pdf Durkopp Adler 467 Parts List: Durkopp-Adler-467-Parts-List.pdf Durkopp Adler 467 Installation Manual: Durkopp-Adler-467-Installation-Instructions.pdf Durkopp Adler 467 Service Manual: Durkopp-Adler-467-Service-Instructions.pdf