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  1. A big "First" for me ;)

    Great job.
  2. Please advise for wood sided leather bag

    I have been toying with the idea for awhile. I have planned to use furniture tacks with cement as well. I am also thinking of a rabbited edge where the leather meets the wood. Then no skiving needed.
  3. Confused about hand and priority terminology

    I finally had to give up on the terminology. Here is (my) method. Pick a front side for the stitch. It doesn't matter which way the slant is... Towards me or away from me. Which ever way the slants are going I pick the first hole on the end that is slanting away from the edge. So, if the slant is towards me I start on the back. If the slant is away from me I start at the front and work away from myself. Now I put the needle through that hole and center my thread. Now here is where that front and back come in. Take the needle on the front and put it to the bottom of the next hole. Then take the back needle to the top of that hole. Pull them snug, not super tight, snug. Repeat over and over going slowly making sure to always keep the front at the bottom and the back to the top. This makes a very presentable zig zag on the front and a straight line on the back. That is good enough for me, for now.
  4. New member- Greetings!

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Prices too high?

    They're cheaper by the dozen.
  6. Website Critique

    Sorry I missed this , other Matt and Mrs other Matt. Looks like you got plenty of great feedback already.
  7. Ancient Greek Stadium Rhodes Greece

    Great photos Mike.
  8. To put it in fireman's perspective... Domestic/industrial machines = entry tool. Leather machine = Jaws of Life. For what you are looking to make 8oz leather would be a good fit. Veg tan leather is what you are looking for. If your budget permits, just start with quality leather. Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig are what you should be buying. People starting out find problems with low quality veg tan and they don't realize the leather is the problem. Uneven dying and poor edge finishing come to mind. Most YouTubers never mention this. When you watch Don Gonzales slick an edge with water and a stick in two minutes, he is not using Argentinian leather from Tandy. As for tooling and painting leather, it takes a lot of practice. Some guys jump out and do really well in the beginning. They have an already established background. Tattoo artists and model builders with air brush experience seem to make some nice stuff right off the bat. I have been dabbling in leather as a hobby for 4 years now and I wouldn't make a chew toy for my dog with tooling on it. There is a lot involved in this hobby. And, please don't take this the wrong way. If you want your brothers to have quality crafted items, you will need to invest some time in the craft. This is a frustrating wonderful craft that we all love. But, there are a lot of knocks getting started. The ongoing joke is instead of buying that hundred dollar belt or wallet, I'll just make it myself. Four years later, I have invested 3 grand and I have a wallet or belt I can live with. YMMV. Good luck
  9. First "classy" wallet

    Fancy with a touch of schmancy. Good job.
  10. Help!

    It looks like there is still a good amount of pigment on the surface. Maybe buff it really good with a rag or canvas.....
  11. another set of stamps and tools

    I would like that dinosaur stamp if it is still available.
  12. 1.5” deep split

    Not sure what you mean by reversing it out of the machine? Any one of the standard skiver splitters can do what is called a tapered skive. The hand crank machines are made specifically for splitting the whole piece. As jazzbass pointed out...... Knife skills can accomplish a lot of different work.
  13. Tiger Thread Twist

    It's been awhile, but the last time I hand sewed I slowed way down. I took the time to straighten each thread before inserting the needle into the hole. And then, was very careful at the end of the pull making sure the final bit caused the thread to lay flat. It took some extra time, but it did work. I'm sure Mike's idea is much faster.
  14. Ancient Greek Armor

    Well done, Sir.
  15. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    @Matt S, I hear what you are saying. And, I have considered that route. But, with my current leather room size, even a smaller bearing press is going to be too big. And I may have to go that route. Eating in front of the TV every night, my wife doesn't really need the dining room, right???