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  1. The newer ones are more. They don't make the mark 5 anymore, although all the parts are still available. The 510 ($3500) is the standard now. The 520 ($3800) is an upgrade from that. The power pro 520 ($4200) has a digitally controlled head. I bought a 1981 model with the 510 tables. It has the jointer, the 6" belt sander, the bandsaw. I got it for $700 on Craigslist.
  2. I recently got my hands on a shopsmith. I think it could serve very well in playing with leather. I haven't gotten to get it all lined up yet, though. I bought it for work and it is at the shop. I am slowly making a space for it in our wood work area. But, I can only work towards that when we are really slow. These things can be had for next to nothing if you look for them. If you wanted to try woodworking out I would suggest looking for the 510 or 520 models as they have the bigger better table systems. But I'm confident any model could be useful for leather.
  3. Help! How long to finish a project?

    I have only read about tap offs. I believe they are deep line or inverse line drawing of your pattern. They are made out of leather and you tap them onto your cased piece. Just Google them. I'm sure it will lead right back here for information on how to make them. I'm currently in the off again mode. Just haven't been inspired the last few months.
  4. First card wallets

    Someone mentioned using a creaser before to prevent wrinkles. Just make a few scores down the center of the fold about an ⅛" apart. Good job.
  5. Help! How long to finish a project?

    I have tried tooling. I didn't think I was any good at it and it made my hands hurt. That said.... It takes awhile and of course you will get faster with time, tricks, and tools. An expert will be along shortly. Good luck.
  6. my knife sheath

    I'm far from an expert, but it looks perfectly executed.
  7. First Project

    Different glue for different reasons. I would probably use some spray glue for that app. m90 by 3m should work well. Good Luck
  8. Leather show 2017

    I believe there are threads concerning trade shows on the main page.
  9. First Gun Show

    Keep lots of water on hand. You will be doing a lot of talking. Be ready to pitch the sale and Close the sale. I watched a fella at the last Maker's fare I worked clean up all day long. He was selling steak rubs. Boy he had that pitch down pat. He sold to 70-80% of people that gave him 3 minutes of their time. I know that's not the gun market, but sales is sales. Know your product, give a story\info, make it so the person has a need only you can fulfill, and tell them for the money. Good luck.
  10. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    I didn't know Ray well. I only came to know him when he had to retire and let go of his leather hobby. He was a very generous man that gave many of us better than a fair shake. Rest in Peace, Mr. Dodge.
  11. Horse Butt Strips Chromexcel / Horse Front

    I have gotten the strips from both Maverick and SLC. The Mavericks were a little cheaper and nicer looking. Splitting is a real chore. Make something in the weight it comes in is my advice. Be careful hand sewing. I had problems with the stitches burying in the leather compared to how veg tan tensions down. It did burnish well.
  12. Can I slick/burnish upholstery leather ?

    Something that thin you will probably want to turn the edges instead of burnishing.
  13. You got very lucky in the onset of hiring someone. Usually, my boss runs thru 20 people to get a keeper. I do recommend that book quite a bit. And while I don't have any successful business advice I do know this.... Expect to make very little off of your employees. Like maybe 2 bucks an hour. My boss is right at 50 employees, so he might might make a 100 dollars an hour. Of course he says it takes 1500 an hour to keep the doors open. (But this is a larger flooring company). Good luck.
  14. Imported leather edger first impression.

    Yeah, I like Wuta stuff. Haven't tried these yet though.
  15. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    Dangit! It was worth a try.