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    Shooting holes in unsuspecting paper, riding my motorcycle, and playing with dead cow skin.

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    Newb, sheathes & holsters
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    messenger bags and maybe a purse for my wife, toys?

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  1. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Sheath

    It is a very pretty color and finish. Nice job on the sheath.
  2. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Here is where. See at the bottom of the wallet. It is only one piece through there so you have to make little ¼ pie cuts back to back. These cuts help you know how much to fold back. So, you have to cut them while it's still flat. Just no way to get that head knife in there.
  3. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Thanks, I see your "point". Stropping goes a long way even on those throw away blades.
  4. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    That is an interesting knife. I've gotten to where I love the push cut. The detail knife is for those super tight radii, like on the edges of this wallet.
  5. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Sheath

    That is a beautiful color. Did you add anything to the finish or is that straight from the factory?
  6. Good stuff, Hernie. Welcome aboard. A purse may be a little ambitious for your first real project. Maybe look towards a kit or at least a pattern set from someone. Going at a purse from scratch sounds beyond my abilities (and I have dabbled for awhile now). Good luck.
  7. Jeremiah Watt QC-WE 6 piece set (lengthy)

    I'm glad you are liking them. I remember a thread awhile back where there had been problems with a run on heat treatment. Happy to hear that has been resolved. Thanks for sharing.
  8. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Thanks. He is a really nice man just doing what he can to help folks. I really am pleased with his product and service. Ya just have to understand upfront that it's gonna take a minute. I remember way back when I worked in the food industry...... They told me "a customer will wait an hour for you to help them, as long as you acknowledge them and tell them you will be with them as quickly as you can". I have lived both sides of that story. I am always ready to wait for that person who acknowledges me. And I am always upset when they don't. Terry has been great.
  9. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Thanks, I'm sure you will. Yeah, I think a large dowel wrapped in leather is in my future. Let's see. Curved knife: 95.00 French model 145.00 Straight knife 95.00 So, 335.00 and I can cut pretty much anything. That was less than a dollar a day investment over the last year. I think they will last me a lifetime. I'm happy with that. While I'll agree with the sentiment in the first sentence, I have always said, you can't get a 300.00 cut from a 30.00 skil saw. Precision tools do allow us to elevate our talents. Yes, one can get by with less, but he can do so much more with the proper tools. I could build a house with a hachet, but I wouldn't want too.
  10. Cutting Questions

    A husky is fine to start out with (standard utility knife for Fredk sold by home Depot). Make yourself a leather strop with Jewelers rouge. Then strop your blade. You will see a world of difference in those throw away blades. Then follow Fred's steps outlined above. This will increase your ability a good bit.
  11. Craft Fairs

    How good is your retirement money looking? It would take a bit of research of the fairs you plan to attend, how many leather vendors are there, booth and travel costs. I'm sure it could be done. You would really want to work well advertised fairs in big population markets. My research has found end of the year fairs bring the most sales. Especially if you have a lot of impulse buy materials. You know , 5-20 dollars.
  12. Black Craftool Poly Maul durability?

    Probably a wooden mallet. No one said you can't make your own stuff. I had the poly crafttool mallet. I thought it was junk. I gave it away to someone, new comer, scout troop or somebody. Some people in your shoes have made some nice ones with a small lathe, a chunk of wood, and a wheel from a roller skate. There are some nice ones to buy for fifty to 75 bucks. Yeah, it's just a hobby, but some hobbies are expensive. You think leather is bad? Try model trains or airplanes. Or fishing. You don't need a 50,000.00 boat for leather work. Ymmv.
  13. Clam, on the half shell.

    200 then. Haha