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  1. Im not real good at explaining this but here goes... if you are reversing the holes you have to reverse the stitch also. Ian Atkinson has a video on neatening up the saddlestitch. Watch it a few times. It's only about 12 minutes. After you master it, you will see what you need to do to reverse it. Good luck.
  2. These are great.
  3. Howdy, dog collars are an excellent item to start with. I encourage everyone to start with small repeatable items. Start with a shoulder and a strap cutter. This will allow you to hone all the techniques on the least amount of leather. When you botch one, it doesn't cost much. Also, you can do several at once. This is a lesson I didn't learn until I was in it for a bit. I was making one off items and then jumping to something else. I was never happy with my final results because the basic s.o.p. was not taking root. I would forget a step or my burnishing wasn't good enough, etc etc.... Good luck and enjoy yourself.
  4. To be totally honest I haven't done a belt yet. But I have done several bracelets working up to a belt.
  5. Sharpening it will help immensely. Just bevel a piece of scrap. Rub on some rouge or polishing paste. Then run your beveller backwards down it several times.
  6. It looks pretty good. I am no expert on skiving, but I bet the cutting mat is giving you problems. The glass allows the blade to glide across it where a mat will cause the blade to dig in and grab. As far as the angles go just make them on a 45 degree and keep practicing.
  7. Grey Ghost Graphics makes them. On another note, please allow the system a minute or so to update after starting a thread. This thread was posted 4x. Thanks, and have a great day.
  8. I Love it. God bless the Great Republic.
  9. Oh, ok.
  10. Is that a typo? I didn't know anybody made one that small.
  11. What size chisels did you get? The .8 looks good in those holes, the .6 looks too small. All of my small items are usually sewn 1/8 from the edge.
  12. I visited the site and not even the picture of burgandy Latigo looks like burgandy. It looks like you said muddy brown colored. Just vote with your feet. Sorry his bullet proof front page guarantee wasn't honest. A little off topic, but... We learn lessons all the time that cost us money. When I'm around a new employee if they ask to borrow 10 bucks, I gladly loan it to them. It is a cheap way to find out about a person.
  13. Very clean looking. Way nicer than what I have done in wallets, so far. Is that calf leather? Thickness?
  14. I just recently purchased several irons and chisels from there. I haven't gotten to use them yet, though. I have had the co link 4mm set for awhile and like them fine. Maybe a review is in order for the future.
  15. Great job