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  1. Retiring

    Congratulations, Chief. Enjoy every minute of it.
  2. Knipschield knives?

    You will never reget it. I love my French model. These knives are super sharp. I practice some serious safety with these knives. I haven't had to do anything to them except strop them with every few hours of use. They are great. And, I think his prices are way lower than they should be. After owning the French model, I would pay at least 50 dollars more with out a second thought. You usually have to wait a few months to receive your order, but Terry's knives are well worth the wait. He is a one man show and very busy. Here's a little Knip porn for ya. This last one has a crown marking knife, Knipschield bevel cut, a custom haft from a forum member, the French model, the curved detail knife, and finally another haft from the same forum member. These are the sheaths Terry ships them in.
  3. Buffing, Buffing, buffing??

    Sounds like another reason to add to the 90 reasons to not live there.
  4. Retail Shop Front Vs Workshop/unit

    So, when you say equine stock, are you referring to shell cordovan? It's almost impossible for an individual to get horween cordovan here in the states.
  5. Trimming Oversized Belt Lining

    Here here. Once you have a really sharp one, you will never go back. Terry Knipschield told me they were depicted in Egyptian carvings.
  6. Barb wire long wallet.

    Great job, other Matt.
  7. Gator Journal cover

    It looks good.
  8. First pair

    (eating popcorn)
  9. Sailboat project in the works:)

    Garrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!
  10. Retail Shop Front Vs Workshop/unit

    I would approach the the other wholesaler.
  11. saving money on granite

    I'm in Bossier City. I have some oval vanity cut outs and some that are roughly 20 x 30. If you make the trip you can have more than one.
  12. Sailboat project in the works:)

    That's great, but is she sea worthy? Arrrghhhhhh!!!!
  13. Built to last a life time

    That is a feather in your cap.
  14. Hawkman

  15. So.. How do you get images like this?

    Far as I can tell a cnc laser is a form of repeatable pyrography.