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  1. The "Slant" to Saddle Stitching (??)

    Correct is subjective. I love the look of the angled stitch myself. I think it looks classy. Is it stronger? I don't think so... You can make your stitches as straight A's you want. I won't mind.
  2. Kind of funny how Sewing machines can seem to just fall from the sky sometimes.
  3. Don Gonzales has a nice video on antiquing. Pretty sure he uses shearling for final wipe down, and prepares the amount of finish left to account for what wipes out. Did that make sense? I do antiquing, but his videos are so darn entertaining.
  4. I have only been playing with my RB-1, but it is handling 207 thread just fine. It may be pushing the range but I don't think so... @CowboyBob has the rb-5 's listed to take 207 on his site.
  5. Everyone here contributes. I have seen some of the coolest techniques and styles from the newest of newbs here. I have been playing off and on for four years, but have only produced maybe a slow year's worth of products. I have such a hard time commiting to a style or even to cutting into the leather sometimes. My perfectionism mind is never truly honored with my finished product. So, a lot of time I have a problem just getting started. It is an ongoing conundrum for me. And, I see others just turning out project after project like YinTx. He and I started within a few months of each other and his work is so more advanced than mine. Not that I mind, it's not a contest. Just something I've noticed. I have been trying to take inspiration from Don Gonzales. Man, he just grabs that leather and gets to working it. While I will roll out a piece and stare at it for three days. I think I have started to ramble a bit. Not sure I had a point....
  6. Cobra Class 26 machine

    I thought it used to be The Wiz, my bad.
  7. First "stupid" question ;)

    Yeah they don't have that for I phone. Grumble grumble.
  8. Cobra Class 26 machine

    Thanks @Wizcrafts, and I am appreciative about the clone boom. I have seen you fellas mention that before. Did you change your handle?
  9. Noob Alert How To Fasten Rivet Back Concho

    I woul think they would need backs. I would lay the concho face down on a poundo or rubber mat and then use a shallow domed setting tool on it. Why didn't they come with backs?
  10. Louisiana new guy.

    No problem. Just let me know.
  11. Cherry blossoms wallet and key fob

    Great job. Simple, sturdy, and elegant.
  12. Cobra Class 26 machine

    I'm not opposed to the point y'all are making but I'm a little curious and ignorant... How much of a role does the contact cement play into say a pancake "unzipping"?
  13. Thanks, I still consider myself a novice at most of the hands on stuff. Although, I think I have reached an intermediate level of understanding of the overall process. That's mostly to do with all the reading and listening I've done here.
  14. @NVLeatherWorx, I'm pretty sure it was you that informed me of that trick.... You said something to the nature of " Only build (keychains?) Until you have perfected keychains, then move on to the next thing. And build it over and over until it's perfect". That's pretty close to what I remember anyway.
  15. Louisiana new guy.

    Hey David, I'm up here in Bossier. I'm not knocking the guys at the local Tandy, but I'm not sure it would be worth the 2 hour drive. Now, if you are planning to make a decent sized purchase and take a class then it may be. The folks there are real nice. I have wanted to do boots and shoes myself, but it seems that information isn't so readily available. Now there is a group called The Honorable Cordwainers something-rether that does have a significant source of information to dig thru. I think you can find them by searching H.C.C. They are all about preservation of the knowledge. I think I read on there or maybe in a book that the knowledge of lasting has been lost twice already in human history. That seems even more hard to learn about than shoemaking. And yes there are a few places to buy a pair of lasts. However knowing which ones to buy seems to be difficult to find out. If you can make it up this way, I have a few chunks of granite I can send back with you.