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  1. Clone family tree

    And that's only one of the reasons for him being a Wiz.
  2. Learning stitching and buying my first awl

    I think you did well on your choices. On the stitching chisel\iron note. Wuta has some cheaper diamond chisels available on Amazon. They are fine. If I was doing this all over again I would probably buy the crimson hide pricking chisels. They are a cool hybrid between the two styles.
  3. It's wearable art. I would post it on my site as an example. Then, I would wear it everywhere I could. When they ask, "where'd you get that", I would just tell 'em, "I made it". And watch the orders pour in. Looks great.
  4. Narrow (¼ inch crown) Stapler Pliers with Anvil wanted

    You may try a flooring wholesaler. Here in the states a company called PFS (professional flooring supply) carries similar staplers for rug binding. Good luck.
  5. Recommendations for dremel burnishers

    I also have one from Slipknot. He only made a few of them. If I hadn't had that opportunity, I would have bought one from pro edge burnishers. I have a larger one from pro edge and it is great. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
  6. Oooooh, you are a devious one, Y. That is a great idea.
  7. Nice job. Thanks for including the rundown.
  8. Ruger SP101 Holster

    That is a Perfect specimen.
  9. Learning stitching and buying my first awl

    I started with the craft tool pro. I still think it's a good little awl. I have since lucked into a few from people on this site who do turning on a lathe. They are awesome.
  10. Different Stitch

    I think it is a box stitch. Look to Al Stohlman's "The Art of Hand Stitching". The box stitch as well as many others are covered. Good luck.
  11. Leather Tote Bag

    I love it.
  12. Just apply a welt. It should be fine.
  13. Knife Case Revisited

    It looks pretty good. It takes a long time to get all the little details down. I'm not there, either. Keep it up.
  14. Bob Park workshops IFOLG Ft. Worth

    Finally something close enough for me to attend, but I won't be able too. Good luck, Bob. I'm sure the turn out will be great.
  15. What machine should a beginner buy?

    This question is asked a lot. Most popular reply? What do you want to make? If holsters and saddles are your thing, you need a big machine. Think cowboy 3500, 4500 or cobra 3 or 4. Investment? Over 2000.00 plus shipping. Wallets and flat goods? Consew 206-rb5 are popular at about 1200.00 plus shipping. These are walking foot machines and yes they are expensive. But you will need all the help you can get from them as well as a reputable seller. (Short answer) Don't buy off eBay. Buy from someone who not only supports this site, but customers as well. These guys step up before, after and even for noncustomers. Cowboy Bob, Cobra Steve, Uwe, Alex from solar machines. All great helpful guys. I'm sure there are more.