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  1. No problems. You can get cheap chisels on Amazon. I have some 4mm that are great @ less than 20 bucks a set. You can always upgrade later.
  2. Stray away from the water based stuff. Aussie may be enough, if not thin coats of resolene. No expert here, just trying to help.
  3. Ooooh crossdraw!!! I like it.
  4. Sorry for your loss. Your tribute exudes class and looks very professional. The beaded trim on the frame really accents your border stamp. The frame was worth it. Great Job.
  5. For large fixed blade sheaths I would use 5mm irons or chisels and 1mm thread. I'm liking the tiger thread. Anything smaller I would use 4mm and .08 thread. But, I'm no expert.
  6. Great job.
  7. Good luck
  8. What leather are you using? I don't know much about carving. But I have read several times of hard spots in Tandy leather. And I have experienced it in cutting the Tandy stuff.
  9. Yep. Smaller pieces.
  10. That looks like a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's to me.
  11. Good job
  12. If you are using fiebings spirit based dyed you need some drying time in there. I walk away from it for 24 hours then buff. I use Aussie for most of my stuff. But I haven't made and hard contact items.
  13. Ha! You guys rock!!