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  1. head button rivet not screw

    Stupid autocorrect. Tandy Leather has them.
  2. Lee Marvin style belt & holster set-up

    Great job.
  3. My take on the Dopp Kit

    Yeah, but if you did 5 at once you could maybe bang them out faster as a group. Then you're bringing production times down per piece. And like the others said, maybe someone will pay 150. Just something to think about.
  4. head button rivet not screw

    Randy has some that are rivet style.
  5. My take on the Dopp Kit

    Another stellar job. And keep in mind, Hermann Oak, Horween, and custom toolings bring premiums. If I was in the market I think 60-90 bucks would be perfectly acceptable.
  6. You're right, I should just humbly accept the praise. Your work always perks me up.
  7. Well, if wood doesn't catch fire at 180* then you could make all kinds of molds and pour the plastic in. Possibilities could be endless.
  8. Pancake sheath for folding knife

    Great job, Munk.
  9. @YinTx, I like where you're going with this....
  10. I shared the technique with my wife. She asked me not to do that in the house. I was also thinking.... If it melts at 180* then you could make molds out of wood. Right?
  11. Now that's what I call homemade. Hat's off to your ingenuity.
  12. Yeah, I find him very entertaining. And he is so confident when he grabs a hold of a chunk of leather.
  13. Check out Don Gonzales on YouTube. He has a good video on antique. I never use the stuff, but spraying will probably always be the best, most even finish. Try and get a few projects ready to spray at the same time. This will save some cleanup/set-up time.
  14. That’s mighty kind of you, but you can find much better stitchers to aspire too. I’m not that good.
  15. Has anybody tried Johnleather’s cheap edgers?

    Some tools in leatherwork are expensive. But, most of the time you can spend that money once, and then, that problem is over. You will find the more refined items are done with higher end tools. Example: there isn't much sanding to do behind a Knipschield knife. You can get by with almost any tools. But, you will reach a point where your talents out grow your tools. Frustration will also come into play with cheaper tools. Example: multiple cuts from a razor knife leaves a lot of sanding.