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    Shooting holes in unsuspecting paper, riding my motorcycle, and playing with dead cow skin.

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    messenger bags and maybe a purse for my wife, toys?

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  1. That is a great looking functional piece. But let's be totally honest, I think we are less then a decade away from everyone carrying a purse. We men just have too much stuff for pockets anymore.
  2. Not only was that a great blog, but it developed a pretty informative thread. Thanks guys.
  3. Dave I'm only in my forties and can't do tooling. Too many years in construction. It makes my hands hurt and I have to save them for work. We can make plenty of stuff without tooling though. There is plenty more art in leather than just tooling. We can still make cool artistic stuff. Don't be too discouraged.
  4. That's some really nice work. Welcome aboard!
  5. It is very impressive, Y.
  6. Congratulations, Mr Tim.
  7. Haven't heard of it. How is it going?
  8. I have used the fiebings water based glue. It works great. If I find myself wanting to speed up, I use weldwood.
  9. Very cool.
  10. Mine has a cam of sorts. It doesn't work very well. But it does have a simple wooden triangle glued underneath to keep the thread from snagging. Just find a small triangle block and glue it under the wingnut.
  11. Alligator isn't very appetizing, either. It's like stringy, muddy, tough chicken. Muddy like how catfish taste. But these Cajuns love everything about Louisiana, whether it's good or not.