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  1. Creaser for sale

    Can I ask a question? I have never seen one of these. Now I have seen two in the last 3 days here.... Where would you put this to use? What is the application? Sorry, I'm just the curious type.
  2. I saw a Don Gonzales video this morning and he mentions this. Of course he was talking about a man's belt. He said if you always keep the buckle to your left on the table, you will never tool it upside down. I guess you would reverse that for a lady's belt.
  3. Show your Shop

    And it all started with a little table in a corner.

    Where is my like button?
  5. Industrial Splitter (1 ounce veg tan)

    .7mm isn't even a 32nd of an inch. That is really really thin. I have gotten from 4-5 oz down to 1¼ ounce with a Weaver heritage splitter. I don't imagine any machine is going to get that precise and small.
  6. I think so? You may just try it on scrap first. Always try anything new on a piece of scrap.
  7. No problem. You can find it in paint departments. I have also mixed water with fiebings with no noticeable problems.
  8. Our YouTube channels

    I just recently discovered Don Gonzales. He makes some great videos. I think he is on this forum?
  9. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    Love it!
  10. SB Foot Leathers

    You know it.
  11. SB Foot Leathers

    Dang it

    I try to tell everyone, assume I'm bullshitting first, and work backwards from there.
  13. Leather Carving Styles....

    I have thought about those too. Thanks.
  14. Leather Carving Styles....

    Thanks, Y.