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  1. Waxed Canvas Bags With English Bridle Straps

    Great job. I really like those bags.
  2. Finished Handbag

    It looks great.
  3. Book Trunk

    Stellar job!
  4. Briefcase -satchel

    Looks great .
  5. The Outlaw has finally Struck....

    I totally see your point. And, I was never one to profess the awesomeness of the Boss. But, one day I was schooled here by such a person. The big advantage of this machine outside of portability, and off gridability, is the capability of clearance. These machines boast ¾-⅞" lift. That is a lot for the price you will pay. Now, I don't need that much capacity, but it is nice to see an option well below 2 grand if I did. P.S. I'm all about that same 3200 when I can get it.
  6. The Outlaw has finally Struck....

    I couldn't say. I haven't tried either machine. But, I could say that maybe that was the idea behind it being built.
  7. Check to see if you have any craft fares in your area.
  8. Line 24 Snap Question

    HaHa! Shipping on a cow would be outrageous.
  9. OOPS or it that beveler?!

    Most of my edgers are the Tandy craftool pro. I have to say I haven't had a problem with them. They sharpen up pretty good and seem to hold their edges well. One thing I feel I have to mention, of all the tools I have, that handle is absolutely the most comfortable. It really feels good in the hand.
  10. Looking for a round knife

    I know where you are coming from. But once you have it, you will know what a great deal it was. I promise, you won't ever miss that $ 260.00.
  11. First leather backpack

  12. Passport wallet

    I like it.