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  1. Just in time for Valentine's

    Thank. She loved it. She showed it off pretty big at work today.
  2. Just in time for Valentine's

    Thanks. I'm still tripping over stuff in there. But, I was able to carve out a small work space. I guess I might have to hunt down some more storage space.
  3. Just in time for Valentine's

    This came screeching in at the last moment. The wife had to wait 20 minutes after getting home to receive her present. This is made from some low grade Acadia leather I got a deal on from their Etsy page. 3 sides for 99 bucks, if I remember right. It's a chocolate pull up. I used Tandy hardware, because once I cut it out I realized I had nothing to assemble it with. The pattern came from leather diy studio in NY. Enjoy, the wife did.
  4. Practicing Basketweave...

    If I remember right he found what angle it took a stamp to complete full rows of stamping across..... a belt line. Then he didn't have to fuss with killing the stamp off with another tool. Of I remember right. I'm not sure of the application here.
  5. Zippered Coin Pouch

    Two Zippers?!?!?? You must be a master already. I've barely tried 2 zippers period. Total. That looks well laid out and very clean execution. Shoot you even installed a liner. I. Am. Impressed.
  6. Zack White shipping has changed!!

    Thanks that's great news.
  7. Basic Saddle Stitch Tutorial By Nigel Armitage

    They are called pricking irons. Wuta, Blanchard, Crimson Hide, KS Blade Punch all make some. If I had my choice starting out again I would get the Crimson Hide version. They act as a pricking iron and stitching chisels in one. Like awl blades all lined up in a row. Nigel does a nice review of them on YouTube.
  8. Dull Weaver Master Tools Round Knife

    Yep, that will totally get you started. Keep in mind that there is a learning curve. I started with all the cheap pocket knives I could never sharpen. Then cheap kitchen knives. After that I brought it up to work and have been keeping my EDC knife sharp. I can sharpen punches and chisels with it too. I haven't put my Knipshield's to it though. I only use a piece of leather and rouge on those.
  9. Carr 369 press and dies

    Do the presses run a 3/8" hole? If so Tandy has a stamp holder set for like 30 bucks that hold all 3 sizes of their stamps. One of the few things they have that is actually a good deal.
  10. What is this tool?

    Is that a real thing? Haha Ok I looked it up. Didn't sound like a serious answer. Bruce really does know everything.
  11. A Couple of Knife Sheaths

  12. Right on. I'm sure they are priced to motivate one to stick withe their products. On a side note I have seen really good reviews of the Barry King hand setters. 30 bucks each.
  13. Goldstar does sell adapters for other manufacturers' dies.
  14. Keep checking back, our machine experts will be along shortly.
  15. A weekender bag I made

    It looks awesome. Way to go.