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  1. watch without a strap?

    You could always take the strap off...
  2. Gun Show Signs

    I like it.
  3. The God of Wine

    You tellinge you only started leather work 6 years ago? Or that you only started carving 6 years ago? Either way, your embossing is beyond any others' I have seen around here. (No offense anyone). I always drool over your stuff.
  4. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    Ha, i didnt think of it either. Tandy had a master craftsman in town for thanksgiving that wanted to teach a tooling class for fun. He pointed it out to us.
  5. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    We need a "like" button.
  6. ironbridge hot foil stamping machine

    How much is the machine? How much are the stamps?
  7. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    I just bevel a piece of scrap. Rub rouge into the edge and bevel backwards. It's the perfect size.
  8. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    If I was in the predicament as the O.P. I would do the following. Ymmv. Find a flooring store that has lots of vans. Where I work at most of the vans were 15 passenger 1 tons. Lots of unused seat belt straps. You can fold them up to make them thinner. Then wrap them in the pleather. Now when the vegan has the nice bag constructed entirely out of petroleum products they can feel all righteous when protesting leather or oil barons. Good luck, sorry I couldn't help but throw that last line in there.
  9. Suggestions please

    I would start with these two.... Leather Tools How to Sharpen How to Use The Art of Sewing Leather Both are by Al Stohlman and both are a wealth of information. He packs a lot of extras into his books that I wouldn't have even dreamed about. Then I would move on to his three books on leather cases. The cases are out dated but the the techniques are tried and true. And the the pattern building approach he teaches can apply to anything. I have yet to find an all inclusive shoe building book. Some have lots of stuff, but none seem to cover proper last making.
  10. Made another variant for my cherry blossom wallet

    New and Improved!!!
  11. Suggestions please

    What topic are we discussing? Pattern making, sewing, toolings? One general all around book is called Leather Secrets by F.O. Baird (I think). If I only had one book it would be this. It is an out of print large format book. It has everything from watchbands to tooled gun rigs and figure carving.
  12. A real Hand Clutch

    Ha! Cool idea.
  13. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    If this is similar to the Haas I bought a while back from Mike...... It is beautiful great smelling stuff. Buy as much as you can afford. I'd get some but I'm saving up for a car for the wife.