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    Shooting holes in unsuspecting paper, riding my motorcycle, and playing with dead cow skin.

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  1. Trying my hand at a hat...

    Just for info, Springfield Leather has hat pattern packs. Diesel punk leather has some cool ones also, on Etsy.
  2. Tarantula

    Very good job, Sir.
  3. Find a round hole chisel

    Wuta and Kevin Lee both make a set.
  4. Chinks yokes

    Great job.
  5. Mistakes on pricing

    That's kind of how I feel about it. However, if you aren't doing custom pieces, I don't think you will see as much of it. My idea (and keep in mind I am not trying to live off this) is to build a little inventory and just sell what I have already made. I don't wish to be a business man again. When people ask if I'll make a certain item, and I want to make it, then I tell them if I make one of those I'll let you know. They can buy it or not. And be firm on your price, my boss has finally taught me that. Not everyone does "blank", and those that do don't do it for free.
  6. Mistakes on pricing

    Buddy, that is well put. I am committing that to the memory banks.
  7. Trying my hand at a hat...

    Hahaha in that chair I was the thinking the hat must weigh 10 pounds.
  8. DVD of 160 leather books

    I went ahead and snagged the last one.
  9. Bifold wallet

    Are you doing more than 1 at a time???
  10. finishes

    I stand totally corrected. I apologise for my misunderstanding. Thanks for the education. I tried to edit my reply from earlier. All I could do was hide it. I think I only hid it from myself. @wiz, could you delete my earlier post so people aren't misinformed by my ignorance. Thanks.
  11. DVD of 160 leather books

    Nice, I found a bunch of interesting stuff from them. Thanks.
  12. Bifold wallet

    I really like it. Great job.
  13. Showing Off Soon

    So, I have made it thru the first disc. The education on using the safety skiver alone is worth the 50 bucks. I have always hated skiving and avoided it as much as possible. Especially with a safety or super skiver. Now that I know the mechanics of using it, I am looking forward to trying it again.
  14. Consew Industrial Sewing Machine--- Model 369RB-2

    Looks like machine is in California? (Just trying to help)