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  1. My watchcuff

    Thank you AMEN Thank you Yes sir
  2. My watchcuff

    I love it, you can make so many styles
  3. Just picked up a 112w139 dual needle

    She looks sexy, and once clean she should work good for you. There are a couple things I see that looks incomplete. but it could be just the model. I will try to confirm it for you
  4. My watchcuff

    This is the watchcuff I made for myself, designed with my MC club logo. I really love making these, and I thought I would share it with ya'll I have thick skin so any advise is always welcome
  5. https://createxcolors.com/ check them out, I get good feed back from customers who use it I airbrush using dyes and stains, but adding neatsfoot oil I would wait a few days for it to dry before trying it. it will block water base paints. if you want it soften, try using a leather conditioner. then after dries, buff and paint. hope this helps
  6. First leather backpack

    It was really fun to make I do look forward to my next bag idea!
  7. First leather backpack

    Thank y'all
  8. First leather backpack

    Thank you I only have the ones taken during the build, I didn't take anymore after. Thank you
  9. First leather backpack

    Thank you sir
  10. First leather backpack

    Thank you I think I got lucky there! I was worried I didn't use enough padding, but it turns out to be pretty comfy
  11. lightly chuck it up to a drill and spin it over 220, 400, 800 grit sand paper.
  12. This is my first leather backpack I made from 3-4oz garment grade & soft top grain upholstery leather, with each zipper pouch having a pocket inside. I used my Tacsew T-111 and my Cobra class 4 for the sewing, and brass rivets for reinforcement. 3/16" foam sheets for the padding in the back area, and the straps. I have thick skin so feel free to point out anything you see I can approve on! Thank you for checking it out
  13. Looking for conceal carry leather purse pattern

    I found a few cool ones on Pinterest.com a lot of good ideas if you are into making your own designs, but you can also buy the patterns they offer. I found a couple that give you the design free. hope this helps