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  1. Blackhawk Paddles

    I like it awesome work!
  2. My Refurbished Singer 31-15

    I have the same machine with a servo motor hooked up and it is a beast looking good!
  3. Thank you for this thread, I have been suffering the same issue with my cobra class 4 cant wait to try it
  4. a lot of it is the work dips as the feed dog drops on the cycles, but i just cant get the hang of it.
  5. Hay guys, Anyone have experience with the cobra class 4 sewing machine? I am having trouble keeping my stitching even top and bottom from the edge. (top perfect, bottom to close to the edge or comes out the side of the edge) I'm using a left presser foot and the regular plate with feed dog. My thread is 277 top and 207 bottom - bonded nylon. I'm going through 2 layers of 8oz. leather. my stitch line is 3/16" from the edge. I also use the platform that mounts to the table stand so I can have a flat surface for my work to rest so I don't have to juggle the work and guide:) I see people using their machines on youtube to make beautiful stitches, and i would love to know how to do it also. Any advice would help, not many vids out there that show different ways for setup. I love projects that have the stitch line closer to the edges, it makes the work cleaner looking. Thank you for your time
  6. I agree, I would love to look at more pics. You have made a very sturdy and beautiful backpack. Great work, and thank you for posting it The only thing I can think of (advice), lose the VELCRO. I find it cheapens the hard work people put into their projects and never last remotely as long as your backpack will. Magnets, buckles, flaps, snaps, straps are all better and only adds a couple minutes to do.
  7. Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    I do want it, but it will take a couple weeks to get the money together. If you still have it ill pm you and make arrangements.
  8. Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    i am very interested, do you still have it?
  9. Thank you for the feedback, i have another wallet to make and ill post it soon and hopefully it should look a little better:)
  10. Guitar Strap

    I really like the tooling, and hardware you chose. The Latigo is a nice touch :)
  11. I am having a hard time getting them smooth. Thank you, I will work harder on a better method
  12. I just finished this for a friend of mine. Veg-tan hand tooled and black pro dye, for the outside. the inside is lined with black pig suede, and the interior is black Winston calf skin. (All hand stitch - saddle stitch) Criticism is welcomed, I have no one to really judge my work! I have thick skin so no feelings hurt here