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  1. Sorry for the crappy phone pics, but it's all I had
  2. Railed 1911 Owb

    WOW!! Very nice!
  3. Wow. Don't beat yourself up. Those are great!
  4. I use only USPS Priority Mail. I sometimes use their free packaging but normally use my own boxes with their tape and labeling (free also BTW) for WAY cheaper than the flat rate boxes. Our items typically don't weigh much, so the postage for actual weight in your own box is considerably less. And you still get all the Priority Mail perks like 2 day the guarantee, etc.
  5. Thanks for the compliments. It's wearing VERY WELL. And I drew up the patterns myself
  6. Lion Holsters

    Wow! Very nice!!
  7. Made a double mag pouch And here's the whole set This rig is so comfortable and NO SQUEAKS (yet). I love it so far
  8. These were stitched with a Boss and the pigskin seems to hold up well so far. I've got one a couple years old that does great. Took a little longer to break in and draw well from, but I still use it when carrying my Taurus .45
  9. starting to remember how to post pics without the thumbnails
  10. Finished the gun belt up today. 2 layers of 6/7 oz glued and stitched with a stiffener inside.
  11. Thanks Paul, And Thor, those backgrounders are the E294 series from craftool
  12. Thanks Thor447. It's a tandy backgrounder set I got a few years back. I'll get the #s when I get home from the FD in the morning.