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    I do intermediate level ice hockey player and goalie equipment repair. I began sewing about a year ago, and though I've learned a lot I still have a lot more to learn!

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  1. That's a great tip. Thanks Joe!
  2. 69 for player gloves? I watched your youtube "thread" video a while back which said that you were using 138 for those. Have you changed your mind?
  3. Thank you, Gregg. I'll give this a try tonight. Much appreciated!
  4. I'm thinking that this is what I'll need to do. The lack of left to right adjustment space seems to be the root of my problems. Thanks Eric.
  5. 92, though the needle hits the hook and side of the slot without any thread in it Hmmm...I'm not sure. I didn't see that in the adjustment manual but maybe I missed it. I'll give it another look.
  6. Yes - sewing forward seems fine, but backtacking is problematic. The stitches typically fray and bunch up right away after going 3 back and 3 forward. I should also mention that the hook also hits the needle as well, so moving everything back about 1/16" would solve a few problems.
  7. I took the feed dog off of my Pfaff 335 recently and noticed that the needle (a brand new, straight size 21) hits the slot in the bobbin case on the right hand side (as I'm facing the machine. See the pic below). I know that there's a way to move the needle assembly from right to left, but my problem is that the needle is already in the center of the hole in the feed dog. So, if I move the needle to the left then it gets out of center in the feed dog hole. I've also tried adjusting the bobbin case & hook assembly slightly to the right, but it's already as far to the right as it will go. I'm stumped. Seems like the only way to align everything is to file just a little bit of material off of the connecting end of the bobbin case assembly piece to allow it to move slightly right - but I'm hesitant to do that. Does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hey Joe - Would you ever be willing to talk to me for 5mins or so about player glove repair?  I feel like I'm doing a good job of centering the tip of the fingers with the top/center of the finger stalls, and same with the crotch of the finger stalls and palm finger crotch, but I'm always ending up with a LOT of extra material on the sides of the fingers.  This is obviously causing the fingers to twist and it just isn't right.

    Any help that you'd be willing to give is appreciated.



    1. Hockeymender


      Sure, you can call anytime. 313-689-3994. If I'm not in just leave a message and I'll get back with you. 

  9. Neat Trick for Needle Sizing

    Thanks Wiz - this is perfect!
  10. Neat Trick for Needle Sizing

    You mentioned needle charts in your first post. Does anyone happen to have one that you would't mind reposting?
  11. Help With New Pfaff 335

    OK - thanks for the advice all.
  12. Help With New Pfaff 335

    Thanks Uwe. Upon further inspection, it looks as if a piece of the casing is actually hitting the needle and pushing it backwards as it rotates towards it in a counterclockwise direction (see pic - the blade of the screwdriver is touching the piece that is hitting the needle). Is this the hook? I looks as if this piece also pushes (what I think is) the feed dog slightly upwards as well.
  13. Help With New Pfaff 335

    This is typically what happens after 2 stitches when turning the wheel by hand & shutting the machine off - the thread starts to unravel and get balled up on the left hand side of the needle. I can't tell if the bobbin thread is unwinding, but it is definitely not getting caught up inside the case. In taking a look at the needle inside the case (with the bobbin out) as it descends down into the hole, everything is fine on the downstroke but it definitely hits metal on the upstroke (towards the "backside" of the machine).
  14. Help With New Pfaff 335

    @Uwe @Hockeymender - yes, that did the trick! I tried pulling the thread through the slot before, but I must not have also pulled it under the spring and outside the case when I snapped it into place. Thanks for the diagram and pics - and your patience. It seems so simple now but I just couldn't get it from the instructions. Now, unfortunately, I've got another problem. I can get about two stitches through a single layer of 2mm jenpro before the top thread snaps. I've adjusted the thread tension to it's absolute lowest pressure setting (a few more turns and the nut will fall off), but the thread tension still seems very strong. It's too the point where the needle will bend if I pull the thread with my fingers. Is the tension supposed to be this tight? I am also hearing a slight metal on metal click as the needle descends into the hole, so perhaps I've got a timing issue instead? Would you guys have any suggestions? Thanks again for all of your help. Sometimes I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew with this machine. So much to learn!!
  15. Help With New Pfaff 335

    Maybe I'm just not seeing it. I can clearly see how to thread and load the bobbin, but placing the thread inside so that it can catch with the needle thread has been a big problem. For reference, here's the bobbin case next to a pic of the instructions. You can see that the case itself and the pic look nothing alike (in my eyes) which is why I'm confused.