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  1. This is really no joke. The Renia representative would not send me samples by post during winter...If you want Renia buy now or wait until spring Additionally, 315 should be spread thinly and in my experience allowed to dry for atleast half an hour, otherwise it clogged up my needle... Alex
  2. What Adler is this??

    no, its not necessary anymore... They didn't have waterproof manmade threats back then.... It was not oil Cheers Alex
  3. Ho Hsing G60 servo or what?

    I am having the same problem as Dikmann... If I manage to find something i will post here ALex
  4. Air brushing

    Clearly I have no idea... Maybe it could be a multi function air-brush... It dyes and skives all in one go... Looking at it, I should look for an air-pump which is specifically for this purpose. I guess they have better pressure control at the lower pressure required.. Is it realistic to get something ok for 100 dollars? Thanks alex
  5. Air brushing

    What sort of pressure should the pump supply? Can one use a simple electric pump for tyres with 10 bars? Thanks Alex
  6. Ha ha.. .He said something similar to me except it was reserved for only one day.... Anyway, I am out and not interested in it anymore... If you look at his other items for sale, they are all 20 VBH... So I think he is running some sort of auction between the interested parties, but without them knowing it... If you can get it for 20 Euros then you will have a bargain. As Wizcraft said, it is for sewing fur and the stitches are protected from being broken by a lining. Since its is a sort of a single thread chain stitch, it unravels very quickly if it breaks.... It cannot be used for much else... Cheers Alex
  7. I wouldn't bother... The guy has been messing me around for days.. .But if you can get it... Why not?
  8. If you can get a treadle machine, I would get that instead of one with a domestic sewing machine motor. These motors are too fast for the careful work required for leather. Remember you cannot remove sewing errors on leather, best to be slow but sure... Treadling is remarkably easy and strangely therapeutic I was told to stay away from silicon oil for anything that endures alot of contact... So maybe silicon grease is the same... I'd go for Teflon grease. Cheers Alex
  9. Hi Brian, Thank you very much for your kind offer of help... I look forward to trying to make some shoes with you. Its very exciting... I will be counting the days... With regard to the tools: I have lots of hand tools including lasting pliers, awls, files etc. Over the last 3 years I have slowly been collecting shoemaker's tools in order to be able to finally make some. Actually, half of the tools I have no idea what they do... :). If we find I don't have what we need I will buy it asap. I have a walking foot machine, a patcher and a Frobana sole stitcher and a skiving machine. I hope that will be ok. All the best. Alex
  10. Hi Brian, As you suggested I have posted the pics here, but can remove it tmrw if you prefer (I think it might be best). I have two pairs of lasts I can use. The wooden was for golfing shoes and looks like something has been carved out at the bottom. It has the measurements 295 mm 24.5 cm, 25.7 cm and F35.5, if that means anything to you. The other pair are brand new, with nothing done to them. Both are my size. I look forward to hearing you opinion. Thanks Thanks for your time. Alex
  11. Dear Brian, Now I am embarrassed with my"have you ever made a shoe?" question. Thank you very much for your interest and kind offer of help. I have been trying to find a shoe maker in Germany to help me make one, but people only seem to repair shoes. Would you prefer me to post a picture of the last on this thread or send it by PM? In an ideal world I would like to make a monk shoe, but in reality I would like to make the easiest style to make. Thank you once again. Alex
  12. Beautiful work! I note you mention the method of taking a pattern from a last.... Have you ever made a shoe? I am thinking of trying it myself and even have a last ready... Just fear starting the project.. Cheers Alex
  13. Singer 108W20 - My New Binder Setup

    Very nicely done Constab and I think I recognise the hook, because you pointed it out to me on ebay many months ago, so I bought one... I forgot to thank you for the heads up... I think your touch up with the spray paint is a good compromise, sometimes one has decide what it is one wishes to do most.. .Fix them up or use them... I go through stages... My CLaes 230 has not been used in anger yet, since I have to do as you have done and make a table to fit many machines.. I got an oberfraese for Christmas.. Thanks for the effort of putting up the information. Cheers Alex
  14. Making a splitter from a leather press...

    Thanks for the ebay link... I am watching it and will see how it goes. Although I am not convinced parcelhero will ship 50kgs... I'll check. With regard to presses, I have found that beeswax presses or laminating machines are cheap and could be a good alternative.
  15. Making a splitter from a leather press...

    Well I would happily pay 250 for a crank handle splitter... I think you got lucky there... I can get the leather press for 50 Euros, so I am willing to spend another 150 on converting it... If and only if it would work well... I am looking to be able to skive upto 6 inch strips of leather.. .No more than that.. I have been waiting a long time for a splitter to come available and nothing has turned up as yet, so I thought I might give this a go... Cheers ALex