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  1. Singer 108W20 - My New Binder Setup

    Very nicely done Constab and I think I recognise the hook, because you pointed it out to me on ebay many months ago, so I bought one... I forgot to thank you for the heads up... I think your touch up with the spray paint is a good compromise, sometimes one has decide what it is one wishes to do most.. .Fix them up or use them... I go through stages... My CLaes 230 has not been used in anger yet, since I have to do as you have done and make a table to fit many machines.. I got an oberfraese for Christmas.. Thanks for the effort of putting up the information. Cheers Alex
  2. Making a splitter from a leather press...

    Thanks for the ebay link... I am watching it and will see how it goes. Although I am not convinced parcelhero will ship 50kgs... I'll check. With regard to presses, I have found that beeswax presses or laminating machines are cheap and could be a good alternative.
  3. Making a splitter from a leather press...

    Well I would happily pay 250 for a crank handle splitter... I think you got lucky there... I can get the leather press for 50 Euros, so I am willing to spend another 150 on converting it... If and only if it would work well... I am looking to be able to skive upto 6 inch strips of leather.. .No more than that.. I have been waiting a long time for a splitter to come available and nothing has turned up as yet, so I thought I might give this a go... Cheers ALex
  4. Randal and Osborne Splitters

    yes, definitely interested to see your results... Nice work, by the way Ale
  5. Has anyone tried it? Since leather presses are relatively cheap and splitters not, I was thinking of attempting this. The leather press has almost everything necessary to be a splitter apart from the blade. It has a driven top roller, an adjustable top roller (How precise I don't know). If one can tap and thread some holes in to the front of the machine (I think the press I am interested in already has holes there-see pic) somewhere near where the two rollers meet. Use a simple L bracket reaching from oneside to the other, with slits to adjust height and to mount a blade on. Then find a blade or make one.. I think it is possible and reasonable thing to do... yes? The leather press: So that I would end up with something like this, with the blade across the front...
  6. Good work Constab! I have huge spools of thread (5000 m) and I would like to transfer them to smaller spools for convenience and in some cases neccessity. Would this system spin the thread on well enough in an orderly manner with no tension issues?.... In particular, I wish to do this for my Gritzner Sole machine and a few others.. Cheers Alex
  7. It is sewing wonderfully... Very nice for such a machine... I am still in wonder at all the shiny bits... I have bought citrone saure and going to try and derust some stuff... I wan to get as good as your result... I am also looking at buying a car batterie charger to attempt some electrolysis... I am looking for the least physically demanding derusting method... Thanks for keeping us entertained...
  8. A Singer Patcher, But not a 29K....?

    Thank Bob for the information... Everyday is a new chance to learn... I will post a picture of the back tshortly... Constab, he wants 89 Euros for it and I can pick it up for you, since its relatively close. If you are interested I will send you the link. Since I have my Claes, I am not interested in another patcher... Cheers Alex
  9. I have just seen this for sale near to me, but I am only curious as to what model it is.. .It looks like no 29K, that I have seen... Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers Alex
  10. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    Oh, I would love one of these.. .Unfortunately, as the others have said... Good luck! What I don't understand is that the Chinese are producing these now and I think you can get them off alibaba for around a Grand... I thought this would bring used prices down to something reasonable... But no ALex
  11. Aerostar Servo Motors

    Well, I remembered that I had an old Pfaff motor like this below. Surprisingly I am able to feather the pedal so that I can sew slowly. Admittedly I cannot control exactly when it stops, but in such cases where I need precise control ie when sewing the finger tips, I can turn the wheel by hand for several stitches. I have only ever used servo industrial motors, but I might consider using induction motors from now on. This is not ideal,but then again I cannot find an ideal servo motor either...
  12. Aerostar Servo Motors

    Hi Ralf, Thanks for the contact, I had never heard of him. Do you know the minimum speed of that motor? I will be interested to hear your opnion of the motor should you buy it. Cheers ALex
  13. Aerostar Servo Motors

    Hi Wizcraft, So there is no chance of getting a SewPro then... That is a shame.... I am making gloves and I really need a slow motor... Any suggestions? Cheers Alex
  14. Aerostar Servo Motors

    Hi Constab, Yes, I have the speed reducer, but that is for my workhorse Durkopp, which needs the power... Now I need a motor for my glove sewing machines (will post a picture shortly) and for this I need to go really slowly for going around the fingers. Since Torque is not so important I was thinking of making one and controlling it with an Arduino... But I am a little lazy to do so... The ho-sing looks hopeful... Aerostar seem to have another servo motor which has been reported as starting at 100 rpm.. JM-822 Alex
  15. Speed Reducer Pulley In The Uk

    Well, I am hoping they still sell it.... Since my Jack servo motor is a little quick for the work I wish to do... I'll update this information either way. Cheers Alex