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  1. New (to me) machine for skate tongues

    Claes are great patcher machines and that is their largest one. Howeever, they all sew about 12 mm which is significantly more than the Singers.. I would say that it is an earlier build, because as we get further in to the DDR the build quality goes down. I have a black one like replace my Singer that got stolen... I am glad it got stolen in the end, as this is much better. Cheers Alex
  2. Check spring range of motion

    Thank you everyone... I see that I am going to have to have a close look at one of my old machines and see what difference rotating disk 24 makes... I think the spring rests on it and thus that is why I thought it changed the stop position of the spring... However, now I am not sure... Cheers Alex
  3. Check spring range of motion

    Thanks Constab.... So if it is screw 25 it must means changing the stop position?
  4. Check spring range of motion

    Wizcraft, is that screw P or Q on the figure shown above? Is it finely adjusting the position of the spring stop? Thanks Alex
  5. Check spring range of motion

    It seem as our own dear Uwe has done a video...Whilst there is no mention of what constitutes too much torque/tension he does clarify the stop position... and that is as it enters the fabric Thanks Uwe! Alex
  6. Check spring range of motion

    So as the needle enters the leather there should be no tension on the thread from the check spring or can it remain until the needle starts its upward cycle? Mine is doing the latter. I am having difficulties with a glove sewing machine... I wasn't until I removed the check-spring assembly to clean... My problem is that the check-spring or something is pulling the leather away from the sewing surface right at the top of the needle cycle as it sets the stitch.. And thus pulling the bottom thread through... I have reduced the check spring torsion to quite low.... Cheers Alex
  7. Visiting UK

    Hi Bert, How about sharing that information on here?...So others can profit from it and presumably the tannery too. I have a tannery in Germany I can recommend, but the information is at home.. I will post it shortly Cheers Alex
  8. Adler Saddler Machine ID

    Maybe, I should correct myself.. .Its 85 euros.... Its in Berlin if anyone wants it.. Alex
  9. Adler Saddler Machine ID

    Thank you very much Constabulary... I guess I will be passing on that then... Its being sold for 90 Euro...Which would have been a bargain if it was a saddler machine.. I appreciate your help... Alex
  10. Maybe someone can help me ID this machine. It is advertised as a saddler machine, but who knows. Front It looks to me that it might be a zig zag machine... Back Top Any ideas or guesses..? Thanks alex
  11. Good Work! Constab.... Its funny, some people's idea of good packaging. I had one person tell me they were going to pack the sewing machine well only for it to turn up in a box a quarter full with sawdust...? And yes, it was broken as a consequence. its seems some people are not willing to listen. Still, it looks like you are progressing well. I have had good results putting on Hammerite with a small sponge roller. It was much better that using the 10 Euro special brush I bought for it. Keep up the good work. Alex
  12. PDF: Adler 167 Service Manual

    Thanks.. .a good find... Alex
  13. Well it looks very self contained... I think you have nothing to worry about.... You have plenty of power for leather... i could not see a repetition rate... If there is and its adjustable, you can vary this to find the best for cutting the leather.. I could not determine if its CW or pulsed... But its late here and I am a little tired.. Its a good price too... When you think what other leather equipment costs its not a bad investment. Cheers Alex
  14. If its a diode laser, then in terms of operation it is completely self contained. I think 40 watts will be plenty for leather, especially if its being operated in pulsed mode. Pulse mode is generally better for cutting, as the surroundings material does not get heated up so much.. .if at all and so the cut is cleaner. If you want more intensity, simply change the last mirror to focus the spot smaller... However, I do not believe that will be neccessary.. 40 watts is a lot, if one considers that a laser pen is 5 mWatts, at most. I don't know what the wavelength is, but if its near IR, then be careful as it will appear weak to the eye so your reflex blink action will not occur and the relaxed eye will focus the laser on the the back of the eye... However, i don't think you will be tinkering in that way Am interested to see your tests... Alex
  15. Gosh, it looks like a real professional laser unit.. I am impressed from this first impresion. Alex