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    Leather work in general. I've made some basic to intermediate items. Some historical stuff, lots of sword and knife Sheath's and a few modern things. pouches, costume pieces,

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    historical sword hangers
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    anything, crafting tooling
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    looking for dig on google
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    could you please add me to the section? thank you
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    hello all I am newish, I have been on the site on and off the site for a few years have not posted much. i have been doing leather work for a solid 6 years, i have spent the majority of my work doing historical recreations and costume pieces for the Renaissance fairs. predominantly in California and Wisconsin shows. i have made some modern things and a handful of privet commissions. I recently moved to Chicago and have steeped away from faire to focus on growing as a individual and peruse different avenues of my craft. i make anything from renaissance area sword rigs, belts, pouches straps, holsters etc. I have made some alternative life style harness, bracelets, masks wallets a little bit of everything. im focusing my time to honing it all in and finding a solid trend / look to m work. i look forward to chatting growing and helping where i can. i will be posting more photos and making a point to jump in more conversations from time to time. look forward to learning and sharing