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  1. A big "First" for me ;)

    Well done !
  2. Can't help you but great work!
  3. Orders

    Very nice. Those pocket protectors seem very popular
  4. Leather & Waxed Canvas Backpack

    Very nice. But I'm a bit confused as to how the canvas attaches to the leather shell via the Sambrowne.
  5. sourcing string cutter/beveler in NZ/AUS

    Cannot help with the question. But nice to see another kiwi on board !
  6. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    Carpet style bag maybe?
  7. Ancient Greek Armor

    Not bad for a first attempt.....that looks effing amazing! !!
  8. Apache/Navajo boot template

    Tandy leather have those patterns
  9. Leather Diddy bag w/tooled hops patch

    Nice. What are the dimensions
  10. First Feather

    Very nice
  11. Also there seems to be an assumption that 1 or 2 rounds can stop the threat. This may not be the case for any number of reasons. Additionally there also seems to be an assumption that you are only facing one potential threat. Not to mention problems that may occur with magazines in general. As the old saying goes. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  12. Two Boys Fishng

    There is always something very honest and moving with your work. Really does speak to me
  13. Braved the blackfriday

    That's a good price for both the side and irons!