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  1. I like it
  2. Awesome! I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan
  3. Nice
  4. yup...hate them too
  5. looks great! well done
  6. Ha! if sanity is measured by the standard of folks in the chat then I have no issues!
  7. Wow. Your first attempts are pretty bloody good. I got into leather work to keep sane in my other job....some say it didn't work.
  8. Lol love it
  9. Tactakoozie!
  10. It's three pieces of leather. The actual folding base is one. The top set of pockets is stitched to the phone pocket and the whole thing is stitched to the base.
  11. I like it!
  12. Steam punk with purpose! In the second madmax movie there was a character that had a set of goggles very similar to those.
  13. Welcome back Grey. I've missed your stuff!
  14. Some of the talent people have really does seem to step out of the realm of skill and right in the realm of magic.
  15. Tutorial or it never happened!