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  1. Chest-piece Armor

    Thats impressive
  2. need advice on stamping

    I think a good striking surface should also be added to the above good advise. Appropriately cased leather won't mean a lot if your Stamps are bouncing all over the place
  3. Pancake knife sheath

    Looks bad ass man
  4. New Beer Growler Carrier

    How did you do the bottom?
  5. Samurai wallet

    So you pressed the woodcut into the cased leather.?
  6. Viking raiders WIP

    I like this
  7. Police Shield Bifold Wallet

    Very nice indeed.
  8. First project: Dog Collar

    Looks good to me. I like the paw prints on the buckle holes. Really nice touch
  9. Rune bags & some questions.

    I like how you did this. Great job!
  10. I made some mini stamps and a cup coaster.

    Good advise. Thanks!
  11. I made some mini stamps and a cup coaster.

    I'm making a bee keepers belt and was looking around for a hex stamp. So hex nut it is!
  12. Rune bags & some questions.

    Very cool for sure
  13. "Invisible" Seams ?

  14. A couple of arm guards out of exotics

    Really nice work. Well done