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  1. A small item for the house

    That's a very cool touch to add the driftwood...time to hit the beach!
  2. Wrist cuff #1

    Cool. Thanks. I'll make me some up and give it a go!
  3. Wrist cuff #1

    What's the blend on that nests foot and bees wax?
  4. Knife Sheath

    Yup. Love the lines on this sheath. Everything works!
  5. Dangler Knife Sheath With Snakeskin Inlay

    Good looking sheath
  6. Scimitar Scabbard

    Would be nice to see the final product. Looks good for sure
  7. First leash

    Great job
  8. That is a great looking rig! But yeah the thumb break looks out of place.
  9. That S&W 500 looks sweet. Heavy ass gun. But good for the zombie apocalypse. Just them up
  10. Leather knife roll

    It's because the handles of the knives in the roll are thicker than the blade end. When you roll it you will need to readjust as the roll as you go and "work" it into the roll you want
  11. How do I get a 1.5" Buckle on a 2" belt.

    Good answers
  12. Alligator Field Notes Cover

    very nice! I like a good notebook cover!
  13. leather bracelet

    lol a Chuck statement!
  14. Leather Frisbee

    Man. You make the coolest stuff!