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  1. Very cool
  2. My Dad used to raise Bull Terriers and they will test for the alpha male spot in the house. They were bred to fight and immense personality. Great dogs but not for the faint of heart.
  3. I will slick with water. Then with gum tag and finally with beeswax
  4. Tip of the hat to bikermutt for stepping up to the plate!
  5. I'm gonna switch to a straight razor just so I can make a case for it
  6. Dye and let the thing dry. Then stitch. You will run the risk of picking up some dye on the thread as it gets pulled through the hole.
  7. Looks good. Is this one for a specific purpose?
  8. I'm digging the look of that
  9. very cool
  10. that's neat well done and good luck
  11. I'm liking the thunder bird
  12. Ha! Loved that movie as a kid and I still read Pratchett! Nice stuff. Welcome aboard
  13. I'm really digging that. Great job
  14. I found some really great leather in a shoe store once. Good deals are where you find them!