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  1. did you figure out the fire look?
  2. I watched hours of youtube videos then one snowy January day I made the 3 hour trip. One way. To Tandy and got myself the deluxe set. I got home and put it on the floor and looked at it like it was a venomous snake. I left it there for days and kicked myself in the ass for getting. Then I jumped in and haven't looked back. As I tell people. It's the most fun I've had being frustrated.
  3. Nice. I like this.
  4. love it
  5. Canadian knife laws are pretty good and are set at the fed level. No need to worry about crossing province boundaries. Can't have push knives. Gravity or switchblade types plus a few other things. Other than that you are pretty much good to go. I'd pass about a dozen people on any given day carrying a fixed blade on the hip
  6. I like them too. Pity those knives are illegal up my I don't have one
  7. As a Kiwi I can attest that Aussies like a beer or two
  8. What would you pay for a belt like that? Personally the most i have paid for a belt is 150.00 and had no issue paying it.
  9. Hopefully Halitech will see this. He makes pretty cool radio holders for mattresbacks
  10. Thanks! It's on my list if things to try
  11. Very nice
  12. How do you stitch the cap in?
  13. Great idea!
  14. I've made several bikini type holster for smith and Wesson model 100. Peerless also fit. These are chain linked.
  15. Great job man! Your skill set has improved so much you should be proud of yourself