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  1. Can we see more pics of the scabbad?
  2. I always like simple stuff. Looks great!
  3. Lol I can tell you were military in a former life.
  4. First leather backpack

    That's sweet
  5. Garage sale score.

    Great score!
  6. How is this Technique Done?

    Just a guess here. But certainly the base is layered and I'd say that the design is "Stacked" each piece against each other to fill out the design. Very cool looking however it was done
  7. Retiring

  8. Interesting for sure. Can you post a link to MSDS data?
  9. More Hawaiian Tooling

    Very nice
  10. Nice knife. I have seen rawhide knife sheaths before and the are perfectly serviceable. I have also seen them covered with hair on hide. I think they look good and as far as I know have good retention if done right! You would still want to include a welt.
  11. I would say it's pull up leather. Do the marks go away when you rub them?
  12. Leather Top Hats

    Ha frankincow hat. Sounds like something from the Farside
  13. Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe, Shunken bull

    Lol I see what you did there
  14. I've been working on my baseball stich...and I'm thinking I'll keep on practicing!
  15. Beer Growler

    Nice. I'l be interested to hear how that goes!