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  1. and a cool story to go with it !
  2. Real nice work brother!
  3. That came out very well Hali
  4. Just to muddy the waters, I'm voting for the oak leaves. skull is cool looking by the way
  5. And a Triumph is a righteous bike !
  6. Nice one!
  7. I like this. I'm going to find some of that ink and give it go
  8. I like this, clean and simple
  9. very well done!
  10. very nice indeed!
  11. I reckon it looks awesome
  12. Very nice
  13. lol he's already better at wallets that me! Nothing better than having a child that shows the same interest. not to hijack the thread but I now feel obligated to show my kids first knife sheath that he did at about the same age as Jake
  14. The neatsfoot will work, I've achieved those spots by accident from doing that!