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  1. Day of Dead Insprired Bag

    A steady hand and good brushs! Great job
  2. "Must have" stamps?

    Totally depends on where your interest is. As I look down at my wrist brace I see a veiner tool, a seeder and a sunburst and a pear shader. I have several types of each and find I use those a lot
  3. "Must have" stamps?

    Ha! the slippery slope of "must have"
  4. First attempt at copper rivet

    Also using the appropriate amount of force when you dome and peen. Real easy to bash away and mess things up
  5. I really like how you did the retention straps. And it never hurts to have them even if you don't think you will need them!
  6. How do I keep from cracking

    Let us know how that goes for you!
  7. A weekender bag I made

    Great job!
  8. Very nice..are these for front shirt pockets or back of jeans ?
  9. Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

    Impressive as always
  10. place mat

    Loving the dragon
  11. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Thanks Mike. For sure it's a dance between the pop and flat! Good to know I'm on the right track as that was what I was doing. Raise and form and smooth down. Thanks for the advise folks. Much appreciated !
  12. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    looks great to me!
  13. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Agreed. I could certainly see that the moisture content was a crucial component. I need to get a figure beveler for sure. And then like any other skill practice until ya bleed!
  14. New work

    I always look forward to seeing your work
  15. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    So I've been insanely impressed with these 3d carving and sculptures. So much so that I've tried my hand at a koi fish. For an experiment it turned out OK. I'll upload a pic when I figure out how to resize things. But I'm really interested to know how to make it pop. How to really make the relief stand out. And how to keep the flat bits flat and formed bits formed! So far I've just used a swivel knife and modeling spoon. Tips and advise really really apreciated!