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  1. for belts, collars, and harnesses

    No worries, poke him with a sharp stick and tell him I sent you
  2. Ah yes, I suspected that was there for that reason, thanks
  3. I have never made one of these but have often wondered if there was a risk that on a draw the holster may actually come out of the to speak??
  4. for belts, collars, and harnesses

    Search up Halitech. He haunts this site a lot and is from your neck of the woods. He can help you out some.
  5. Slip lead

    I've never seen one of these before. How does it work?
  6. 2 more sheaths

    I really like the yellow thread and how it contrasts against the black
  7. First Gun Show

    I've been to a number of shows and bikermutt speaks true. I've watched people do the pitch and make money hand over fist while other selling the same product couldn't seem to sell water to a thirsty man. As near as I could tell based on the same product at the same price and in some cases slightly higher the difference was in the pitch. Slap chop vs shake weight! You decide
  8. How to apply fabric to leather

    Lol wow. If i was being critical of postings I would be forced to point out that you posting your failures is about as useful as this "gentleman's " posting about YouTube. Good thing I'm not here to be critical or judge the intent of other people's postings. I'll leave such things to a "lady" like yourself
  9. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Ha, that's funny, as a kid I used to keep Cichlids that were pretty aggressive, used to feed them ground beef sometimes from the end of my finger. From time to time they would latch on and draw blood
  10. Electric Tooling

    I see both sides of the argument but for me, the hobby worker, I love the fact that I'm leaning something that hasn't changed that much in hundreds of years. It's a zen thing for me.....even tho I swear and rant at the leather some days!
  11. How to apply fabric to leather

    Hello. Yes it's possible to fuse fabric to leather. I believe I've seen such things done on YouTube
  12. my knife sheath

    Nice work I like it. Same query and concerns about the welt.
  13. Tooled and airbrush

    Totally digging this. Good job
  14. Another Canuk

    Ontario here!
  15. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    very nice