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  1. Cherry blossoms wallet and key fob

  2. Slap or blackjack ..

    Palm slaps are pretty popular too!. Greenman leather makes different types. Interesting stuff
  3. Troubleshooting Turn Shoes

    Pics are always useful when trying to trouble shoot a problem!
  4. Some more of my work

    4 Oz chrome right?
  5. Small case for falconry.

    Awesome case and amazing bird
  6. Looking for a Mandolin Strap Template

    There is a member here named Monica. I haven't seen her in awhile but she does amazing work and might have something that can help you out.
  7. Classic Duty type mutlitool and flashlight case

    I like that look and build it in to a just about everything i make that's going to be outside. Drainage holes are important!
  8. First project

    Mine was a sheath for a skeleton knife. Let's put it this way. If i was trying to make an orange it came out as a mongoose
  9. First project

    I keep my first project where I can see a reminder !
  10. Restoration: My dad's old fishing reel case

    Pat yourself on the back!
  11. Here's To You, Bill!

    Always sad to hear
  12. I visited Baker's of Colyton

    Love this. That's one thing I love about Europe...and England. It's the history that's measured in thousands of years.
  13. Incredible work

    Good be digital printing. It's amazing to see what can be done now.