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  1. Hand Forged Buckles

    That is what I am afraid of. If I get into it, I will need a coal forge to start out with. That means I need a separate work area. I would have to get a shed that can be used for a forge. I am talking big money already. I might as well move to a new house. That is exactly how my head works, I am sick. LOL Sick Jim
  2. Hand Forged Buckles

    I found a Blacksmith group and I ended up taking a course in it. By the time I get done with the course, this will be the most expensive buckle I ever had. The school is in NJ, called Petersvalley.org that is the web site.This is how I got into leather working. I needed a new belt and figured I can make one. I looked on youtube to get an idea of how to go about it.Well, I figured I would only get a couple of tools that I needed to make a belt. LOL, I don't have to tell you all the rest of the story. I became a tool junkie. If this happens with Blacksmithing I will be looking for a new wife. If you all don't hear from me, you know what happened. Jersey Jim i
  3. Hand Forged Buckles

    Very nice,I like them. The buckle above that I posted originally sold for $190. They told me the price for material went up since that was posted.Now they are selling for $300.I always wanted to give Blacksmithing a try. If I am going to spend $300 on a buckle, I figured I will spend that $300 on a course and make one. I will let you know how it goes. Jim
  4. Hand Forged Buckles

    You are right about that. I was unaware of special treatment needed for Damascus hand forged buckles. The one buckle that I was looking at had to be placed into a bag. I might have a problem with that. I know how I am, I might do it for a few weeks then it will be forgotten about.
  5. Hand Forged Buckles

    Thank you for time. I am looking for an oval or the trophy shape.I really like the one below. I say it on a site, it was sold out. They had it for $190. It is a brass back piece and Damascus center piece with brass rivets. Let me know if you come up with someone.
  6. Hand Forged Buckles

    I am looking for a hand forged Damascus belt buckle. I did a lot of searches but didn't find anything that I like. I am not looking for a western style or trophy type. I am looking for something that is hand crafted and different. I made a belt for myself and want something to go with it. Picture is below. Can someone give me a site that I might be able to find something? Jim
  7. OTT Lights

    Thank you for the post. I am thinking of ordering one. I have a pole on my stamping table, how far does the clip open? I rather use the pole that I have rather then use the one that comes with the lamp. Jim
  8. Check out Harbor Fright they have a reasonable priced spray brush set. The compressor works great, I purchased a different air brush. A NEO, works great. Jim
  9. It works, I get an even deep black. I tried it with dark brown first. It seems that you get less rub off. Jim
  10. Great photo howiback, that explains it all. I also spray in my basement. I have a plastic back drop that painters use. I do have a window for ventilation and I wear a respirator . As you can see from Howlbacks photo above, how even the shades are, you just can't do that any other way, except with an airbrush. His hands are clean to, LOL,great job Howlback. Jim
  11. Can anyone tell me why it is suggested to use a first coat of purple or brown when dying a piece of leather black ,instead of just dying two coats of black? Does it make a difference? Jim
  12. It depends on what size nozzle you spray it with. If you mix with 20% water you should be fine. If you apply it with a sponge, dampen the sponge first. Don't get the sponge to wet. Give it one even coat, run the sponge in a straight even line. Let it dry over night, if you need another do it again. Jim
  13. Try Leather Balm Wax, if you are tooling some might get caught in the cuts. You can usually rub it out of the cuts with sheep wool. If that don't work use a hair dryer , not to hot, then rub it out. Buff it to a mellow finish. Jim
  14. I buy all my hardware off OhioTravel Bag.com They have just about everything you will need. If you buy by the 100 it is cheaper. Jim