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  1. I have the same problem. I watched a video on you tube. He was showing how to use a head knife. He traced his pattern and made it a point to mention how to cut it out. He said that he traces his out with a tracing awl and when he cuts it out he splits the line right down the middle. Makes sense, sounds easy enough, we all know about that LOL. I forgot what video it was, check out you tube. It showed him splitting the line down the middle, as always it looked very easy. He did mention look in front of the knife. I hope it helps you, I am still working on it. Jim
  2. I wanted a tool that would go through all the way.I was making a holster for a digging tool that I wanted to lace. I just purchased the wrong tool. I am new to leather working and didn't know what tool to buy at the time. I just purchased a Blanchard # 5 and # 2 I will only mark the leather with this one, and use an awl. I realize I was using the wrong tool for the job. When I first started I never thought that I would spend this much money on leather tools. I wanted to make a belt, LOL I am afaird to look over the receipts that I have from the tools that I purchased. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. I think I like buying tools as much as I like working with leather. Jim
  3. I tried the Japanise Irons and Tandy Craft tool irons. They both broke. I just sent for a set of Vergez Blanchard irons from Rocky Mountain Leather, They give you a break if you buy a pair, I purchased the # 5 iron with 6 teeth and the # 5 with 2 teeth $169. It is a lot of money, but I would rather buy to last. I hope they will. Jim
  4. Let me know how it went.
  5. I realize this is an older post hope you can still use this tip. I read this in the Al Stohlman Hand Sewing Leather book P 51. He said that the best way to hand stich shearling is, use waxed thread as normal but first take a piece of brown paper bag and rub it up and down on the thread as to burnish it. This makes the thread hard and the shearling won't stick to it or pull it through the awl hole. I am also new to this, never tried sewing shearling. I am looking to buy some and give it a try on a harness that I am trying to make. Good luck Jim
  6. I live in Edison, not far from Lyndhurst. When they have a class that we are interested in, I will go. Jim
  7. I went to the one in Allen Town PA, the same women is the manager of the Lyndhurst NJ store. Her name is Kelly, very helpful . I am looking to go to a few classes. Jim
  8. Well, they just opened, couldn't post it before they opened, could I?
  9. Hi Alex, I just learned that Tandy has moved to Lyndhurst NJ. It is the same person who ran the Allen Town store in PA. Her name is Kelly, very nice person. She told me that they will have classes, check the Tandy site. Jim
  10. I only make belts and small cases for friends. I find it hard to see how anybody can make a profit doing leather goods. I give all you folks who do this for a living credit. Especially the real artist among you folks, I have seen things on this site that are truly beautiful. I love this site, keep up the great work that you all do. Jim
  11. Really nice work.
  12. Thank you Northmount, Bruce gave me the same advise. I think that will be the way to go. Thank all of you folks for the information. Jim
  13. I have a very old maul that I purchased on E-Bay, I think it might be a Osborn, photo is below, it is a 6 lb. maul, I need a new rawhide head on it. They are very expensive $185. I took it apart and decided to buy some rawhide and wrap some strips around the head. I purchased the rawhide from Tandy for $28. I never worked with it before. Can someone give me some advice in how to go about it?It is as hard as a rock and came in a 3' roll.We took the maul apart, there is a pin that goes through it. The only way that I can see to do this is wrap strips around it. How do I cut this? Do I have to soak the whole roll? I need some advice, I am lost on this one. HELP Jim
  14. You don't have to old timer, you have the skill and the smarts. It's guys like you that help the rest of us along. jim
  15. It was a toss up for me the Klenda or Terry's french blade. Like you said they cost more but you will never regreat it. I wasted a lot of money buying cheap then going to the better ones in the long run anyway. I did the same thing with fishing equipment.