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  1. Home built stitching clam

    I noticed that Rocky Mountain Leather is selling French Clams $187 . They look well made. Jim
  2. Looking for a Custom Tool Maker

    I just received one Robert Beard made for me. It was worth the wait and extra money . I had to wait about a year. I realize this is an old post. Just in case there are some new guys & gals looking for a custom stamp.
  3. 2D And 3D Stamps List

    I am looking for an Indian with head dress, or something that can represent Indian motor cycle.
  4. Tricks of the triad for storage

    They are beautiful. Jim
  5. Classic billfold wallet.

    What kind of splitter do you use? Nice job.
  6. Classic billfold wallet.

    I like the look. Where did you get the Goat?
  7. Angle for Basketweave

    Hi Electrathon, Thank you for the examples of the angle stamps.I'am not sure if you remember me. Some time back I wanted to purchase a stamp from Robert Beard. I didn't know how to go about it. I did some research on the internet and came up with a phone #. I called the number and I got a recording, I left my name and number. I received a call some time later by a gentleman who was extremely nice. I am from NJ/NY area, and being so I don't trust people that I don't know, and very few that I do. Any way, we talked for about twenty minutes or so. He told me everything you could possible want to know about how he makes the stamps and how I can make up my own design. To make a long story short, I didn't know if this was the real Robert Beard.I figured that someone as popular as he is wouldn't have time to talk as long as he did to me.I follow a lot of your posts and Johanna's so I asked you both if this sounds like the real Robert Beard. You found it somewhat amusing and told me it sounds like the real deal. I just wanted to thank you and Johanna for steering me in the right direction. I told him that I wanted a Basketweave stamp with an arrow head theme. He told me he has a picture of what I wanted in his mind, he will make me the stamp. He explained that the stamp will be given a # and it is mine. He as you know is such a fantastic man. About a year later I received a phone call from his assistant telling me that my stamp was finished and how much he likes it. I received the stamp and it is beautiful. It is a pleasure to work with it. I hope Robert has some spare time to read this post, he is a true artist in what he does. For all of you folks that never tried his stamp, it is worth the money. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out. If I can get a good picture of something I stamp that I didn't mess up I will post it so you can see the stamp. Thanks again Jim
  8. Men's Wallets

    Great job on Johnny, How can you not like Johnny.
  9. New wallets

    What kind of lining leather did you use? I like the wallets, they look great. Jim
  10. Finishing Edges

    With all the talk being about doing edge work, I have to say that Hidepounder has one of the best edge markers I have ever tried. He is to modest to mention it. It is a plastic tube about 5 to 6 inches long with a felt tip and I think it has a marble inside that keeps the dye flowing. You put your own dye in it and paint it on the edge. It is very neat and works like a charm. Thank you Bob for a great product. Jim
  11. Goat skin wallet

    I like that very much. I was thinking of 2/3 oz Hermann Oak and adding the Goat Skin for a lining. Is the Goat skin expensive? What is Kip skin? Is that Goat skin?
  12. Horse Butt Strips Chromexcel / Horse Front

    I tried the horse front for wallets. My problem is , if they don't like the color there is nothing you can do about it. I personally don't like it. There is nothing wrong with the leather, I just don't like the color or texture, I felt I should of got the veg tan instead. The folks at Maverick were great. Jim
  13. Hi All I like the glue pot that is pictured above I like it very much and is cheap compared to the others that look similar to the one pictured above. The problem with it is the shipping, for me anyway. They want $20 just for shipping. That is twice the cost of the glue pot. I need to find one in my area. If not I will keep the glue in the can it came. Thank you for the information. Jim
  14. Nice edge work, looks great. Jim
  15. What kind of leather did you use on the first wallet with the initial H on it?I like very much, plain but classy. Jim