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  1. Nice edge work, looks great. Jim
  2. What kind of leather did you use on the first wallet with the initial H on it?I like very much, plain but classy. Jim
  3. Nice, is that wet molded? I like the size of it. I would like to try that with deer skin, I just wouldn't be able to mold it. Jim
  4. Hi Bob,

    I love your edge markers. I need two more. Can you send me a PM?

    1. BDAZ


      Wrong Bob??

  5. He is willing to sell it for $800 act fast he is moving.
  6. I am bad with posting photos, not good on PC. After all the trouble you guys went through telling me about the JUKI I changed my mind about buying it. If you know anyone who lives in the NJ, PA area who would want it, I will give you the e-mail address. I just don't sell enough leather items to make it worth buying a machine. All you guy are really great and I do appricate all the help you gave me. Let me know if someone is interested, I will give you the guys address. I can tell you now I guess. It is on craigs list Philadelphia. He has the pictures posted. Thank you all again. Jim
  7. Juki Industrial Sewing Machine with Adjustable Servo Motor.webarchiveJuki Industrial Sewing Machine with Adjustable Servo Motor.webarchiveIt is the 1541S Thank you all, I hope this opens.
  8. That is a big help. Thank you so much. Jim
  9. Thank you for the reply. Is there anything I should be looking for if it runs? Like I said, I never operated asewing machine.
  10. I have a question regarding a JUKI for sale. I have never used a sewing machine of any kind before. I came across a JUKI for sale, he was asking $1200. I told him it was out of my price range I only had $800. He said he couldn't let it go for that price. A week later he contacted me and said my price was the highest offered, I can pick it up if I have the $800. I don't know anything about sewing machines. The fact is I never thought he would come down that low. I am not sure if that is low. That is why I am turning to you Gals & Guys. I saw a few pictures, it looks in good shape. He said it has a Servo motor and comes with a table and could take multiple needles and could sew through 10 oz leather. There are #s on the side DNU1541. He said it is in excellent condition. Well what do you think? Jim
  11. 1871 Osborne.rtfd.zip1871 Osborne.rtfd.zip Found this picture in a metal detecting magazine.I think they found the emblem. Jim An emblem name plate Osborn Lock stitch.rtfd.zipAn emblem name plate Osborn Lock stitch.rtfd.zip
  12. Thank you very much, I will check it out. I hope I can get the same results as you. Jim
  13. Great Belt, I am also a cancer survivor. I will pray for you. I know it is a very hard road and I am sure that you have meet some truly wonderfull people along the way. You get a different prospective of life when you go through what you have. God bless you JK, you have a lot of people with you. Jim
  14. They have a similar desien in the Leather Crafters magazine, vol. 27 Jan/Feb 2017. They used the Left and Right L-Leg stamp from the Pro-Series. I was trying to find the stamps on the internet, with no luck.Can you tell me what stamp you used and where can I purchase it? By the way I love your belt. Jim
  15. I have the same problem. I watched a video on you tube. He was showing how to use a head knife. He traced his pattern and made it a point to mention how to cut it out. He said that he traces his out with a tracing awl and when he cuts it out he splits the line right down the middle. Makes sense, sounds easy enough, we all know about that LOL. I forgot what video it was, check out you tube. It showed him splitting the line down the middle, as always it looked very easy. He did mention look in front of the knife. I hope it helps you, I am still working on it. Jim