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  1. Club Stamp

    Bear Claw, How did he copy your logo? Jim
  2. Club Stamp

    I spoke with a few people about getting a stamp made of my metal detecting clubs logo. I sent them a picture of the logo, pictured is above. They both told me the same thing. They would have to send a photo of the patch to their graphic designer and they would have to run it on their program. They would of course charge me. As you all know, people don't want to spend a lot of money on leather work the way it is. At least not my leather work.
  3. Club Stamp

    When I go to that web site a lot of stamp makers come up. Do you have a name? Jim
  4. Club Stamp

    That is really nice, and just what I am looking for. Thank you Bear Claw. I will send him an e-mail. Jim
  5. Club Stamp

    I am looking for a stamp maker that can duplicate my clubs patch below. I don't have an arbor press, I would like to be able to stamp it by hand or both if possible. The widest part of the stamp is 3 1/4 " I would appreciate any information that you can give me. I am going to use it for small cases. Jim
  6. That is a really nice case. If you aren't worried about the water try American Bison. I think it would look great and it is strong.
  7. Tips from Uncle Dave

    I purchased a four by eight sheet of canvas for burnishing very cheap, compared to any leather outlet store. Hobby Lobby or any store that sells tent supplies sells it.
  8. Recommendations for dremel burnishers

    I am not sure where I saw this video, A guy made one with a nail and a piece of wood.Check you tube. I couldn't believe how easy it looked.He had no other tools, glue and sand paper and a drill. Jim
  9. LOL I had to make a belt for a friend and he wanted a brownish red look. I went with the Mahogany and added OX Blood. I only used an eye dropper full to about 4 oz Mahogany. We belong to a metal detecting club. When they say his belt, I had about another five people ask for the same color.I made one for myself, it came out nice. Jim
  10. Tan-Kote sprays well, use a little water. Remember that Tan-Kote is used to thin antique paste. I wouldn't use it over anything that I antiqued.
  11. I have been using it for a while, I love it. I add a little red to get a reddish hilight. Jim
  12. THIS belt design..

    Check out Als Book, Belts Galore on page 10. It is not the exact but close.
  13. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Thank you , Tandy still has them,I sent for them. Jim
  14. Crimson hides pricking iron

    I just purchased a pair of Seiwa stitching chisels. They seem to be very well made for the price. Jim
  15. Head Knife Case

    if you have any gator skins you want to sell drop me a PM