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  1. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Could you show a picture of the inside of your bag, I’m having a hard time finding reference to make a bottom for a three piece
  2. Highlights from the Last 4 Years

    What do you use as finish after you dye your pieces?
  3. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    IF you don’t mind me asking what we’re the sizes on your top and bottom panels
  4. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Ok cool thanks a bunch!
  5. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    I’m looking for a pattern to make the three piece tote bag, do you know where I find one? I’ve never done a bag so I don’t know how to go about it
  6. New project...petite clutch

    WHat do you use for edge coat?
  7. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    What was the thickness on the leather you used, and where did you get your navy from?
  8. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    What do you finish your leather with after dyeing
  9. Bible Cover

    Thanks that means a lot , I sit back and look and nit pick mistakes and say to myself my work is not on level with what many people put on here. So hearing such positive responses is encouraging. I started on my second one and changed a few things and added a little more complexity to it with some Sheridan carving will show when I finish
  10. Bible Cover

    Hey thanks for the kind words!
  11. Bible Cover

    Hey thanks, couple things to work on but I don’t think to bad for first go at it
  12. Bible Cover

    Haha I know, especially since I’m also making her a saddle
  13. Bible Cover

    First bible cover i have made. My finace wanted one for her birthday.
  14. new holster on the bench

    So the inlay here is the piece of stingray that I have accented in the middle , basically what I do is instead of using a thicker leather for the holster I use two thinner oz pieces and put the inlay piece in between . On the front piece of leather I will cut out the desired shape I want to have the inlay price be and then see it all together
  15. new holster on the bench

    No just an inlay slightly larger than the opening , my first time working with sting ray it’s tough stuff to work with