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  1. That's what I'm looking for. Anybody willing to sell some? Thanks!
  2. Although the subject isn't my cup of tea, the superior workmanship shows up clearly. I'd like to see more of your work.
  3. Is there a ratio/formula to use to determine the approximate length of thread you'd use in sewing something? Example: let's say you're making a 13 1/2"x10" notepad holder, and going to stitch it with 6 stitches to the inch (all approximates of course). Is there a formula which works out the approximate amount of thread that'll be used? Thanks!
  4. Wow! Cool! Not everybody can have a Jackson Pollack in their "studio."
  5. Nice! I like that red-white-blue capital A. Sure beats giving the professor an apple.
  6. Dad-gum beautiful! How'd you finish it; what stains/dyes did you use? What's the color?
  7. I like the appearance of LAMPRECHT. Looks good and stands out. I myself am used to see the 90-degree corners knocked off and rounded on projects like this, but that may be a personal taste. But it looks good to me. Keep posting!!
  8. Wow!, Bob. To my way of thinking, it doesn't get any more professional than this. Makes me want to drive to Richland and take a class from you. Just a terrific, terrific piece of work. Harvey Lutske
  9. Using Barry King tools as a guide, what size bar grounders do you primarily use? 45s, 35s, 27s? What's a good, utilitarian all around size? Thanks. Harvey
  10. I'm glad to see you got the ol' 82d Airborne in the group !
  11. Johanna, May I have access also, please, so I may be amongst the Enlightened? Harvey (How ya been, Kiddo??)
  12. Paraphrased from a woodworking site: When all else fails, blame the leather, the tools and the inadequate lighting in your shop.
  13. Gentlemen, I thank you for your input. I was leaning toward a Redfield, but first will look at Leapers. I do agree with the perspective of the more practical the scope (and dollar amount), the more leftover for ammo and leather. Amen to that! Thanks again.
  14. I'm looking into getting a scope for a rifle (Mini-14), for target shooting. I've heard conflicting opinions re Weaver, Redfield, Barska, Nikon and more. Money IS an object. Just as we ask each other about tools, from poor to good, that's my question about scopes. Is Barska junk and/or crappy; is Weaver top of the line? Are they worth their prices? Thanks, Everyone!
  15. Arbalet, Like many others, I have been admiring your work for years now. The beauty of the designs, the pattern artistry, the coloring. All totally top work. Since you are in Kazakhstan and I don't think we are in competition, can I ask you (I apologize if this is rude) what you charge for a piece like this? Any idea in American dollars, or Euros? Thanks. I simply ALWAYS look forward to seeing your artistry. Harvey Lutske Los Angeles, California