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  1. Hand Of God Holster

    Looks great! I'm building a double strong side rig based on this pattern right now...can I see a pic of the inside of the belt showing the cartridge loop? I usually weave mine, but this one is sewn....deciding which to do... thanks!
  2. My beginning

    the beginning of my leather working! I'm learning more with every piece I finish....or mess up HAHA
  3. Python Skin Scraps....

    Hello. I have an idea for a project and I need a few small pieces of snakeskin. Real or the leather embossed. 3"x5" pieces max is all I'm looking for, if anyone has any scrap or could cut me some, I'd be happy to send you $ for it. I just can't see buying a $130 roll when I don't need that much.
  4. Awesome...I've got that same pattern and am going to start mine soon!! Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Tippman Boss Hand Stitcher W/accessory Package

    Where are you located?
  6. Light Borders....?

    Thanks fellers....I'll give this a try asap
  7. Light Borders....?

    I grabbed this pic off the Internet because I'm intrigued with how he got the border of the stamp light and even the Seeder. I thought it may be stamped after dyeing to get to the leather under the dye, but I tried it and it was just a dark stamp. I'm fairly tips to replicate this effect?
  8. When Do You Stop Cutting Yourself? first big cut happened a few weeks ago with a head knife...I was more worried about not bleeding on the leather than the cut. Looked like a crime scene later
  9. hey man...I'm right down the road from you in Weaver. I've been doing leatherwork for about 8 months. A girl in the J'ville liquor store saw a holster on me that I made and told me about you. Good lookin work man! See you around!
  10. Veg Tan Cross Body Bag

    I just stumbled across this! Thanks for the pattern AND the inspiration for a beginner like me!
  11. Be Kind, But Honest.

    good work. Is #5 a cigar case? Where did you find the plastic insert? I've been wanting to make a couple of those for my cigar smoking buddies.
  12. I'm not saying that at all. I'm not well versed in the niche market of belts, so I can't say what it's worth to someone else. Like I said, I understand the time you have invested in it and $150 probably wouldn't even be $10 an hour for the time you spent on it. Maybe market it to some rodeo/cowboy folks as well as the Etsy shop? That's who I think would be interested in buying it and KNOW what it's worth. If I had a nice trophy belt buckle, I know I'd want it to be mounted on a nice belt too!
  13. man...I dig it and it being hand tooled makes it worth that price because I know the time you have in it...however, the majority of the public doesn't. I market all of my stuff to my friends nad get them to put the word out.....however, all of my stuff so far has been under $100. But I'm selling as fast as I can make things. Just trying to build my skills and reputation
  14. My horse is a Harley, so I did it biker style. I'm pretty happy with it... Lesson I learned.... Eagles are tough! lol.....This one looks like a cross between and eagle and a chicken, but I'll get better....hahaha