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  1. I think using a fabric needle (pointed) will be necessary to keep the canvas from fraying. Pointed needles work okay on leather if it isn't too hard.
  2. 7-8 oz. or 8-9 oz. strap or bridle leather should work fine unless you want other than black or brown. If you want other colours then you are looking at similar weight vegitan leather and dying/finishing it yourself. To pursue conversations on these items, it might be a good idea to ask for access to the adult section of the forum and post there.
  3. In Italy you could try: Magic Sfea
  4. It may be having difficulty with the 207 thread. Try sewing the top with 138 thread and see if it still does it?
  5. I recently bought out what was left of a belt maker for the equipment. I have some belt buckles that I don't need. They are made in Italy and would work great on quality belts, bags or whatever you like. 30 mm wide, solid brass or 35mm wide, brushed nickle US$60.00 per 100 US$37.50 per 50 US$22.50 per 25 Paypal accepted. Shipping not included.
  6. A hot foil press press will emboss with or without the foil. To get a good imprint in chrome tan, heat is your friend. There are companies that can make your logo up in a magnesium die.
  7. No good deed will go unpunished... I think Wis' post could be taken more than one way. Over time I have read many of his posts, they have always been polite, respectful and meant to help.. not hurt. I think he very much deserves the benefit of the doubt on this bit of ambiguity. Wis, your contributions to this forum are valuable, especially for people newer to using industrial machines. I hope you will stay and continue to be part of this great forum.
  8. $1800 sounds like a lot for a phase converter, I would do some shopping. Another alternative to changing the motor is to power it with a inverter, their cost is fairly reasonable. Hitachi inverters
  9. By turning the cutting edge back a bit, you can reduce how much it bevels. However to loosen the blades and adjust them is prolly about the same work as changing them? If you only have one set of blades it is a good trick.
  10. I can't speak about the one that does all four edges at once but have owned the lesser expensive one for a couple of years. It is simple to use and works well. I think the only difference is that I have to pull the belt or strap through twice. Not a big difference unless you are doing a lot of volume. You can pull a hide length belt though in a few seconds.
  11. I use a lot of double sided tape. Two sided tape is readily available at many places. Just Google it. Don't buy the foam type as it is too thick. NAFTA note: USA enjoys a trade surplus in trading with Canada but I don't think Canada makes much double sided tape.
  12. The stone is to take the wire edge off the drum after sharpening it, they usually are on a wood handle. You can try scrubbing it with Comet (pot cleaner) or WD40. I think though it is likely a better idea to get a new one with a handle and keep your fingers further from the sharp edge.
  13. You can't trust glue for the long haul. Glue and stitch. ....or (as suggested above) buy a belt..
  14. You very likely need a walking foot (unison) feed machine. Depending on what you are making either a table top or cylinder arm machine. I watch Craigslist for machines. For a dealer, I have done well with Marc at Mason Sewing in Vancouver, you might check to see if he has anything used.
  15. 104 rivets are not exclusive to anybody. Just figure out the length you need for the job you are doing and buy them where ever they are convenient.