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  1. I'm not a corset maker but my partner (who is not on this forum) is. You can make a corset without a busk/zipper/grommets in the front. The downside is that it will be more difficult to put on and take off. You will have to unlace it a lot more. Also you may have to adjust the front centre panels as the pattern likely allows for sewing in a busk.
  2. Located in Canada but have quality clicker boards:
  3. Your profile doesn't tell where you are, making it more difficult for suggestions to what might be near you. I sharpen my 6" and 8" splitter blades with a Tormek sharpening system. I use the planer blade jig with the splitter blade mounted on an aluminum plate to be able to fit it into the jig. This works well for me.
  4. Some detailed pictures would help a lot in people being able to give you better suggestions.
  5. The bobbin appears to be in correctly. I would try not going through all three holes in the two thread guides, thread them only using two holes. It is difficult to judge the scale, but the thread looks heavy for 92 poly, I have had a mislabeled cone of thread before. Perhaps try a larger needle?
  6. When you fully raise the presser foot, does the top thread pull through fairly easily?
  7. ....having the lid come off a gallon of contact cement while you are vigorously shaking it makes for an 'interesting' clean up. One of those working too late at night moments.
  8. Thanks, you just gave me an idea.. I think I still have a trigger gauge for gunsmithing. It measures pull from an ounce to several pounds. It should be easy to measure thread tension with it.
  9. Seeing how well they sell before investing in equipment/dies is a good idea. I don'y buy dies until a new design proves itself. Look at the widths of your cardboard templates and cut strips of leather to match, cut the strips to length of the other dimension of the template, then finish any cutouts or trimming of the pieces. That's what I try to do with any shape that is conducive.
  10. Sewing machines:  3 - Sunstar 590BL, 2 - Directron MSB1000, Artisan Toro 3200, Juki LK-1900HS, Juki DDL-8500-7, Juki DDL-5550N, Pfaff 138-6/21, Pfaff 546-H3, Pfaff 335-H3, Adler 221-76, Singer 144WVS33, Singer 29K-51, Siruba 747B

    1. Sonydaze


      Doh! that didn't work... trying to update the list of machines at the bottom of my posts.  It doesn't seem to want to change.

  11. Bump! I still have some. All of folks that have bought them have been impressed with the quality.
  12. Or update with a servo motor.
  13. Are all the sewing machines 220 volt?
  14. Tandy carries some exotic leathers (like stingray & snake). You also might try Lonsdale Leather in Vancouver. Although I doubt that their pricing will be favourable. If you add your location to your profile, it is easier for members to make good suggestions.
  15. Saying no to some jobs is profitable... now you can use that time to make some money.