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  1. Leather splitter (EU Sale)

    You may want to talk to #Mocivnik He is in Slovakia and started this thread:
  2. Most useful sewing machine feet

    On my 441 clone, I use the double by far the most,. Next to that I use the RH foot. On my table type walking foot machines, I use the double as well. However I grind the left side down to the same width as the right side. This allows it to sew closer to obstacles.
  3. Removing Chicago Screws

    The Weaver tool is also handy if you have to drill out a rivet.
  4. Removing Chicago Screws

    The Weaver Leather catalog shows the same tool for $16.95.
  5. For wallets and handbags

    Please don't feel bad, we all try to comment to the best of our knowledge.
  6. For wallets and handbags

    Uwe makes a very well designed table for the Pfaff 335. I have one from him and it is great.
  7. custom clicker dies

    Do you have a name and contact info for the new die maker?
  8. Weaver Leather has #9 rivets & burrs for $11.25 - 13.24 per pound .. price depends on quantity. I would call Scovill on the grommets. Pricing on items like these are very quantity driven.
  9. custom clicker dies

    That is a unfortunate, Zlatko was great to deal with. Have you found a different source yet?
  10. splitter parts

    I too assumed that it was the crank handle.... the Landis 30 is not the same there. I have the American model LS440 (the model number is on the lower backside of the body). If you like, I can take some pictures and a tracing of the adjusting handle. If you get it machined out of aluminum, the cost shouldn't be overly expensive. These machines seem to sell for $600 - $1000, so it is likely worth fixing.
  11. splitter parts

    I hope someone will prove me wrong, but I don't think parts have been available for a long time. If the shaft is the same size, you may be able to get a handle for a Landis model 30... they are very simular (and use the same blade).
  12. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Wet leather may not be a good idea for your skiver. It can cause rust and some leathers will release chemicals that are not metal friendly. Reading this thread may help:
  13. custom clicker dies

    +1 on Ecomony Die.
  14. Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    I have the same Consew skiver. It can skive/split up to 2" wide. For wider items, you can do more than one pass. Having the machine well sharpened and properly adjusted makes a large difference on how well it works. If you do a search, you should find some threads on how to properly set up these skivers. You don't say how thin you are trying to go, but you can reliably take strap leather down to garment leather thickness. If the strap leather is too thick or too hard, you may have to skive it twice to get it down to where you want.