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  1. Sanding leather

    I use a belt sander for straight edges, a disk sander for convex edges and a spindle sander for concave edges. They work great! If you get a bench top spindle sander as well as a bench top belt/disc sander, you are set. If you don't want leather dust everywhere, be sure to use a shop vac on their dust ports.
  2. Help me ID this relabelled Juki

    It is likely a Sunstar (made in Korea). They are a decent machine. If you talk to Marc at Mason Sewing, I'm sure he can give you more info. It is a bottom feed (with reverse), assuming it is in good condition and still has a clutch motor on it, I wouldn't pay over $300 for it. If you are sewing leather or heavier materials, I would wait until you can get a walking foot machine.
  3. Servo motor

    Your profile doesn't tell what part of Canada you are in but on the west coast I look to Mason Sewing Company for my servo motors and parts. Talk to Marc, he is very helpful and knowledgeable. As far as the used clutch motors, I have about 15 of them in storage. I haven't been able to figure out a use for them yet.
  4. Chrome tanned leather strap machine It doesn't glue or apply double sided tape but it does fold. Should be available from Campbell Randall.
  5. I grind the standard feet down to the width I want and then polish them back to shiney. This lets me get closer to hardware that I'm always sewing around.
  6. Manufacturer of flat leather straps?

    I'm too far away for shipping to be practical (and don't make 100 meter coils). . If you are cutting it into short pieces, perhaps hide length pieces could work for you. If so, you may be able to find more local shops to supply you?
  7. Manufacturer of flat leather straps?

    How large of quantities are you looking to buy? Also it would help if your location was shown in your profile.
  8. Especially for people that are newer to these machines, you are better to buy from the dealer that you know will give great after sale service. My .02
  9. sewing machine bad stitching

    I looks like either the tension is too light on the bobbin or the machine is not threaded properly, causing drag on the top thread. Also check to see that the thread is coming off the thread cone easily.
  10. WTB Phase Converter

    Phase converters are available new for less than $400. Inverters are even less.
  11. Perhaps try heating and stirring it?
  12. WTB Phase Converter

    You may also want to consider an inverter. There are several other brands as well.
  13. A lot of leather hides.

    I always buy leather when the price is excellent. I often am not sure what it is going to get used for, but it always does get used over time.
  14. Atom Clicker using Rotary phase converter

    I'm not sure if you are saying that the clicker will not cycle or that the motor on the clicker is not turning. If the clicker won't cycle then the motor is likely running backwards as suggested above. Reversing two leads will change this. If the clicker motor is not turning properly (it will turn slower and make an unhappy noise on single phase), then you have a problem with the phase converter.