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  1. Another Canuk

    Vancouver Island
  2. Adhesive for leather and canvas bag

    I would try 2-3 very light coats of cement, allowing each coat to dry well before the next coat.
  3. Advice on using adhesive

    Welcome to the forum, it can be a great source of both information and inspiration. Giving more information of what you are sticking together and adding where you are located to your profile helps folks to give you better answers. In Western Canada, I like Duropro Contact Cement. It has a good working time, sticks well and sews okay. Make sure it is well cured before sewing.
  4. Cutting Boards 'n' stuff

    That does sound pricey and the wood fill ones don't last as long.. I get all metal dies in that price range. Maybe try Economy Die Makers. They are in Ontario but that means with CAN/US exchange, you get about an extra 20% off the cost.
  5. do you recommend tumbling nat veg tan?

    Flexing veg tan top side to top side creates wrinkles and pebbles. I do this occasionally to add character, especially when antiquing. The harder you roll the fold over back and forth the more pebbling you get. Not all veg tans react equally.
  6. Needle sticks in leather

    You are welcome. I had to smile, because I'm sure we all learn these things the hard way.
  7. Inexpensive circle cutters can be made with circle saws. Buy the size you need, put it in a drill press and with an angle grinder, grind it down to a knife edge. They work both with a press or just use a mallet to pound it through.
  8. Needle sticks in leather

    The 22 needle should be more than big enough for 92 thread. Are you using a leather needle? I would try increasing the presser foot pressure. With my harness machine, sewing heavier things that tend to stick to the needle, I rub some beeswax on the needle.
  9. Leather Corset guidance

    I'm not a corset maker but my partner (who is not on this forum) is. You can make a corset without a busk/zipper/grommets in the front. The downside is that it will be more difficult to put on and take off. You will have to unlace it a lot more. Also you may have to adjust the front centre panels as the pattern likely allows for sewing in a busk.
  10. Cutting Boards 'n' stuff

    Located in Canada but have quality clicker boards:
  11. Landis 30 Blade Sharpening

    Your profile doesn't tell where you are, making it more difficult for suggestions to what might be near you. I sharpen my 6" and 8" splitter blades with a Tormek sharpening system. I use the planer blade jig with the splitter blade mounted on an aluminum plate to be able to fit it into the jig. This works well for me.
  12. Expertise need Leather restoration

    Some detailed pictures would help a lot in people being able to give you better suggestions.
  13. Tension issues with Artisan 618

    The bobbin appears to be in correctly. I would try not going through all three holes in the two thread guides, thread them only using two holes. It is difficult to judge the scale, but the thread looks heavy for 92 poly, I have had a mislabeled cone of thread before. Perhaps try a larger needle?
  14. Tension issues with Artisan 618

    When you fully raise the presser foot, does the top thread pull through fairly easily?