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    I like the challenge in making custom leather products that can't be found in any store.
    Meeting with other leather crafters to expand both our skills.
    Only product I will not do is boots. There are enough quality boot makers already.

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  1. get ahold of Springfield Leather Company, they have the Chan Geer book that is step by step.
  2. not cowboy. SLC has on site the cobra & some others. Great to deal with thats where I got mine.
  3. sent you a message with my email
  4. if you are still looking & would like discuss this i work with exotic leathers. email me
  5. if you have a pattern or measurements you could get in contact with a tailor who should be able to tell you. if not get in touch with springfield leather in missouri & they should be able to help
  6. that depends on the support that he wants. i am doing a sheath now for a customer that wants a sturdy low flex knife sheath. the sheath will be bout 26 oz. extremely thick i know. it is for an original bowie knife with a bone handle. the outside of the sheath is shark is shark & the flexibility will be very little where the blade is supported. 8-9oz i a good start & can make a sturdy sheath. best to do is get some examples for the customer to look at. see what conditions it will be used in. then decide on thickness.
  7. yes but why would you? the antique dye is for just that, creating the antique look. airbrushing will not allow the look.
  8. no! leather like skin it has moisture. if the moisture is taken away it cracks, splits then breaks. too much water it slips & breaks. i have dealt with this issue many times with customers who have tried to dry their leather goods. oh i used the wife's hair dryer for only a second. P.I.T.A. to fix. neats foot oil is your best bet in keeping it moist. right off the start use neats foot oil. it will save you. lexon is another great product
  9. lets start at the top: 1. your knife will cut through your sheath. reason is you need to apply a center rib. this rib goes between the two sewn sides of the sheath. 2. most do not want the knife handle rubbing on their side, so you could lengthen the belt loop to drop the knife down. 3. trim your edges to be the same length from stitch to edge & burnish. this gives a clean look
  10. late reply, apologies, work has been extreme. i do all my stitching by hand. seems every time I get centered on a machine I change my mind. who do you have for suppliers near you? I am always looking for the old school tools also if you ever see any. i use to have loads of them until my dad passed away & his girlfriend supposedly got rid of them. they were bought from man who was a friend of the family & the only actual cowboy iv ever met & lived in the country all my life.
  11. only issue iv had is two ends bent on a lacing chisel. they corrected that right away
  12. she probably didn't know. its the same as when the tandy rep walked in & told them they could no longer buy tandy products at the elite or distributer rate but rather they wold have to pay full price. knowing slc it won't last long & they will be able to secure the 75 & free again
  13. i got mine from pro edge. get to work with. they made me a deal on two. shipped immediately & the price was reasonable
  14. the poor mans trademark / copy write, you can take pictures of your product, & measurements. put your ideas on paper explaining what your product is & what it does or is for. then mail it to yourself. when it arrives to your house DO NOT open the letter. it is sealed, date & time stamped. then get your copy write / trademark applied for. this will secure it as yours thru the proper channels, (gov). iv done this & it is sustainable in court if you had to go that far
  15. glad i got my last order in prior to this happening. lucky for mr i have a friend that comes to my location from springfield a couple times a month. they let him pick up for me