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  1. I wrapped it around a piece of veg-tan 8-10 oz, I hope the picture makes sense...
  2. That is a piece of milled leather, veg tanned and very flexible, but also toolable if needed.
  3. Stamp Identification Help

    My best guess would be a large plate stamp, the type you use in a press....
  4. Making an impression

    Yes, Sir.
  5. Making an impression

    I hope this makes sense.
  6. Making an impression

    The T series are no longer made by Tandy. They are Turnbacks. I will post some examples of how they are used when I get to the shop.
  7. Not deer hide, but something close. I did this one today, based on the really old one.
  8. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    Thanks for the kind words. I should also point out that was done with no swivel knife cuts and a single pass with the beveler. I also lean the beveler back to get the other line.
  9. Eagle

    This one was several years earlier than to first... I think the flash on my camera washed them out a little bit.
  10. Eagle

    16x20" tooled and painted did this in 1995.
  11. I use an edge beveler to trim, put it against the thread apply a little pressure and pull the thread into it.
  12. Looking for a pattern

    Is it this one?
  13. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    8-10 oz Wickett & Craig leather. Properly cased and beveled with a Tandy B803. Only tooled on the top.
  14. Hawkman

    Thank you all for the kind words!
  15. Hawkman

    Not completely done still need to put some finishing touches on this before I deliver it. 36X40"