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  1. What's happened to Hermann Oak?

    I bought direct from Herman Oak , "A" grade sides and they were terrible, sent the whole roll back.
  2. Avoiding metal stain from lacing awl

    Oxcylic Acid will remove the stains after.
  3. I use a spray bottle unless I am wet molding...I also keep a hair dryer plugged in by my bench If it takes to long to get where I want it...
  4. From my copy of Lucky Seven published in 1955...
  5. Snap Suppliers other than OTB?

  6. I wrapped it around a piece of veg-tan 8-10 oz, I hope the picture makes sense...
  7. That is a piece of milled leather, veg tanned and very flexible, but also toolable if needed.
  8. Stamp Identification Help

    My best guess would be a large plate stamp, the type you use in a press....
  9. Making an impression

    Yes, Sir.
  10. Making an impression

    I hope this makes sense.
  11. Making an impression

    The T series are no longer made by Tandy. They are Turnbacks. I will post some examples of how they are used when I get to the shop.
  12. Not deer hide, but something close. I did this one today, based on the really old one.
  13. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    Thanks for the kind words. I should also point out that was done with no swivel knife cuts and a single pass with the beveler. I also lean the beveler back to get the other line.
  14. Eagle

    This one was several years earlier than to first... I think the flash on my camera washed them out a little bit.