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  1. What company did you buy that Leather from?
  2. Henna??
  3. Very fine sawdust may absorb , it's what is used at the tannery clean and remove oil. leave it on over night see what happens
  4. This #46 Nylon thread I just purchased is flying apart or fraying while I'm sewing . Would you say that perhaps this is an old product or is this common with some thread? I have sewn for years and always see a bit debris , but this is from about 45 to 60 seconds of sewing.
  5.!AvKbpw0L0slJpWEyo5lfqodGBJLL This a link to pictures of a small Pattern Press I have for sale Robin
  6. Cordless thread burner from Proleptic
  7. I am hoping somebody may have seen a 3 window ID Wallet Pattern
  8. Any fabric store sells bulk Vinyl in various weights. I bought enough to last a life time and it was in the remnants bin, for $1.86
  9. Any Fabric store sells bulk Vinyl in various weights by the yard. I just bought enough to last me a life time and it was in the remnants bin for $1.86
  10. Hi Cheryl,the press is still available .I am willing to package it up and ship from Buffalo. You are 350 miles straight east of where I live. If you want it shipped let me know. I will have to crate it up and get e shipping quote for you. Robin
  11. The Plates measure 8" x 5" .I have 4 and 5" dies ,it cuts them out clean and easily in 10 -12 oz.
  12. I have for sale a Harbor Freight 6 Ton press converted to click small parts , it comes with steel plates and resolene clicking plates. I have more photos I can email. $265 I live in Buffalo New York
  13. I have small clicker for sale where would I post ?
  14. I have a small clicker for sale, pm I'll send you a pic. I live in Fort Erie.