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  1. Crimson hides pricking iron

    They are two different tools,one is for pricking and the other stitching
  2. question on leather hide

    What company did you buy that Leather from?
  3. Thread color with burgandy latigo help...

  4. Accidental Neatsfoot oil saturated spot

    Very fine sawdust may absorb , it's what is used at the tannery clean and remove oil. leave it on over night see what happens
  5. Thread Issue

    This #46 Nylon thread I just purchased is flying apart or fraying while I'm sewing . Would you say that perhaps this is an old product or is this common with some thread? I have sewn for years and always see a bit debris , but this is from about 45 to 60 seconds of sewing.
  6. Small Clicker

  7. Small Clicker!AvKbpw0L0slJpWEyo5lfqodGBJLL This a link to pictures of a small Pattern Press I have for sale Robin
  8. Carve cursive writing? (pic)

    Cordless thread burner from Proleptic
  9. New Belts

  10. I am hoping somebody may have seen a 3 window ID Wallet Pattern
  11. Where To Get The Plastic For Id Inserts In Wallets?

    Any fabric store sells bulk Vinyl in various weights. I bought enough to last a life time and it was in the remnants bin, for $1.86
  12. Need Help! Plastic For Id Pocket?

    Any Fabric store sells bulk Vinyl in various weights by the yard. I just bought enough to last me a life time and it was in the remnants bin for $1.86
  13. Clicker Press Small

    Hi Cheryl,the press is still available .I am willing to package it up and ship from Buffalo. You are 350 miles straight east of where I live. If you want it shipped let me know. I will have to crate it up and get e shipping quote for you. Robin
  14. Clicker Press Small

    The Plates measure 8" x 5" .I have 4 and 5" dies ,it cuts them out clean and easily in 10 -12 oz.
  15. I have for sale a Harbor Freight 6 Ton press converted to click small parts , it comes with steel plates and resolene clicking plates. I have more photos I can email. $265 I live in Buffalo New York