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  1. Fire Fighting Templates

    Hi there, Looking for a radio holster template for a BK radio(Bendix King) OR any holster. I can make adjustments to measurements. Thanks
  2. Thank you Buzzardbait! I appreciate it!
  3. I would like to invest in a couple of nice beveling stamps. I am looking for some recommendations. I've looked at Barry King's website and there are so many which is great but I don't know what the difference is between a few. I know I want a smooth beveler. I make dog collars and therefore work quite small. My go to Craftool bevelers is a B935 and B203. A few of my questions are 1) What is an undercut beveler? 2)What are your favorite brands, BK, ect? 3)Is there a way to figure out what angle the Craftool bevelers are so I can compare them mentally? Right now Im looking at either the BK line but am not sure about the regular, 15 degree or xx steep. Thanks in advance! Julie
  4. Thank you Halitech. It will be a tooled dog collar with white designs painted on.
  5. Hi, I have some vinegaroon that is about a year old. Its been stored in a mason jar. I tried a tester piece of leather and it worked fine and blackened the leather fairly quickly(2 minutes). I neutralized and applied neatsfoot oil while it was still damp. How long have you stored your vinegaroon. I have read a few stories on here about vinegaroon dyed pieces fading over time. I was wondering if anyone has ever applied a spirit black dye over vinegaroon. I would think it might add a deeper black to the occasional issue of the vinegaroon being a dark gray sometimes. I am guessing once the vinegaroon piece has been neutralized it should be ok to dye for the extra insurance that the piece stays a nice deep black? Thanks for any input!!
  6. Thank you Bill, Mike and Cowboycolonel. I will check them out. I appreciate the recommendations!! Julie
  7. I was wondering if there are any good DVD's you can recommend for basic to advanced leather carving and tooling. I am a visual learner and would love to find a few good DVD's. Or if there are any on youtube you really like that would be great too. I've scoured youtube but Im sure I haven't found them all! Thanks
  8. I ordered some new stainless steel 1" center bar roller buckles from Weaver. I have the same style Tandy chrome plated buckle. I wanted to get started on the dog collar I am making with this buckle but Im a little leary that the sizes might be a bit different. I was wondering if anyone has used both and knows for sure? I know in theory they should be the same. If it's even 1/32" difference my collar will not fit. Thank you! Weaver buckle Tandy buckle
  9. Thanks for the response Richard! I actually do dye with Angelus spirit dyes all the edges before I paint them. I figure if a dog scratches the collar at least if it's dyed close to the same color underneath it would look ok. Most of my collars are painted and it would look weird to just dye the edges when the collar itself is painted. I have only been doing this about 8 months and I've checked in with and see most of the people who I've made collars for and they said they are holding up well.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Eco Flo edgeflex line and likes or dislikes? Right now I use Angelus acrylic paints on the edges. MANY coats that I leave to dry for a min of 3 hrs each. I was curious if there is a comparable product that is good quality that will last over time! Thanks, Julie
  11. Magnified Glasses

    I just bought this on Amazon about a week ago for leatherwork. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0087DWGCM?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01. The lense is 2.25x (5 diopter) Its a LED so it does not get hot. The lense is 6 linches. I really like it. At night I still need another swing arm light to help light area but I am really happy with the light. It takes a bit to get used to but I don't think I could go with out it now.
  12. Hi, I have fairly small female hands. Being fairly new to leatherworking im not sure how big of a difference hand size makes when chosing a swivel knife. I would love to go to a big show and try different knives but that isn't going to happen real soon so I thought I would ask for any input you guys might have. I have been doing leather work for about a year. I have a Barry King swivel knife now. It a 3/8" barrel with a 1/4" angled blade. I do almost exclusively fine carving, dog collars that average 3/4" to 1 1/2" width. I would like to add another swivel knife to my arsenal. I am not sure if it's just more practice i need or if a smaller blade would help with the detail I am trying to achieve. I think I also need to learn how to properly sharpen my blade. I strop it about every 4 or 5 cuts and keep it dry and clean. I have read thru many post about knife recommendations but would love to hear if any one has recommendations for knives for smaller hands. I was looking at the sk-3 knives. I saw that I can get it with a 1/8" angled blade. Is it totally personal preference or would something like that be way too small? Thanks for any input!!!
  13. I use Angelus dyes also. I used the purple on flowers and needed a light purple. I only use the Angelus Reducer. I ALWAYS use a glass dropper when mixing my dyes. I also use the method mentioned by Ember where I add drops of reducer into my paint tray and then add the dye to that. I would say if you are trying to go for a light purple you may cutting the dye by 1/2 or even 3/4's. ie.. 2 drops of dye to 4 or 6 drops of reducer or even more. You can try the alcohol. It sounds like you just may need to reduce it alot more than you have been doing to get a much lighter color. I'm not sure what other people do but I also make sure my leather is damp/cased when I dye. That may be different from person to person. Good luck
  14. Painting With Alcohol Based Dyes?

    Thank you Tiara, wow! I so appreciate you sharing your knowledge!!! Is there a brand of color hue dye that you like? I have a set of the Inktense pencils that I would love to experiment with. Most of the applications I do will be fairly small tight detailed areas. I'm making dog collars and need my colors to be fairly "tough". I have a few questions about application. Would you recommend applying to damp cased leather or dry leather? Would you treat leather with anything before dying with Inktense pencils? (Neatsfoot or anything else) To get even coverage I was thinking it might be best just to wet a brush and pick color up from pencil and paint, any experience? What would you recommend sealing with? Eco flow acrylic? Thank you so much for your input! It looks as though you have done a TON of experimentation. I had to reread you post a few times as there was so much awesome info in it. I have been ordering from Dharma for quite a while and love the company!