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  1. How close is the Amann thread to Tiger thread? Is it bonded polyester? Is it is flat and waxed like tiger? I wish tiger had a couple more colors. Other then that I really like tiger. Thanks, Phill
  2. Hey sewing machine experts, I have some questions about a GA5. I'm a novice when it comes to the stitching machines. I am interested in purchasing a GA5 because it is some what close. This would be my first stitching machine. I would be stitching everything from thin leather to several 8 oz pieces. Is this a good machine? How are parts availability? Do you know how much it will stitch through? Can you multiple thread sizes? Would this be a good machine to start out with? Any and all info you guys might have I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you ! Phill
  3. I have purchased from Terry in the past. He has always replied. I would think may something went wrong or he is having issues. I would sugest sending another email. It does seem odd that he would not respond.
  4. This is what I use. No more lighters. I love it. I can mushroom the thread back in to the hole/slot and you know even know its there. No more burning the leather with a lighter.
  5. Thanks JLS leather!! I will check out Hobby Lobby.
  6. What are you guys using for the clear plastic for wallets to view driver's license or id card? I am making a ID wallet for a officer friend. I need something that I can stitch. Just curious what everyone is using and where to purchase? Thanks, Phill
  7. Minwax now sells a water based laqure. I use it as a resist. I think it is comparable to neat lac.
  8. I would make sure that it is not cold but at least 75 deg. I seal a lot of my dyed leather with Obenaufs heavy duty LP. I seals and sets the dye for me. I also preserves and treats the leather. I will also not darken the leather as neats foot will. It reacts with heat and absorbs more with heat. If you use it, it cannot be cold. Then buff with a clean cloth. I don't use resolene but I use tan kote. I would try buffing out the leather and apply another coat of resolene and see if that sets the dye better.
  9. Matt, Check out Gold star tools. They are out of S. CA. He sell presses with 1 set of dies for $60 shipped. Additional die sets vary in price but still inexpensive. I have two presses my self. I do find that the dies need fine tuning depending on the snaps you are using. I bought the 1/2 ton arbor press from Harbor Freight with a 25% coupon and end up costing me just under $19. I use it right now for hot stamping and it works just great. I personally don see the need for a heavier press as of right now. You can't beat the price. I saw on youtube somewhere they did a modification that just required some drilling and not milling or lathe work for the arbor press. I end up and opted for the Gold Star presses instead. Anyways just throwing out there what I'm using Phill
  10. I have bought many of Jeremiah Watts tools excluding the quick change. They all are excellent and beautiful tools. I have not complaints. My only comment is his tools are more for saddle makers. So they work better with thicker leathers. Other then that very happy!
  11. Nigel Armitage has a great video on youtube about pricking irons. I highly suggest taking a look at it.
  12. Are you wanting pricking iron or stitching chisels? There is a difference. The good thing is you can use stitching chisels as pricking irons. Goods Japan has good ones, Wutah sells on ebay. GoodnLeather, Amy Ranoke but there is a waiting period. Bruce Johnson Leather will have some vintage pricking irons on his website. Ebay does have various Chinese manufactured that will work. They will usually be in metric measurerments that you will need to convert to stitches per inch. There options out there for inexpensive pricking irons/chisels.
  13. I made these last year for family members.
  14. I have one. I use it all the time. It Is sharp out of the box. I have not had to strop or sharpen the blade yet. It has a basic blade that is easy to sharpen or have a saw filer sharpen for you. For the price it is good entry level skiver. My recommendation is on the adjustment screw that you put a indicator marking on it so that you know how far you are adjusting the rollers. I did had a wood handle for easier opening. Other then that I have no complaints. Overall good unit.