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  1. 24VOLTS

    Business Closed, Selling Hardware

    Scott is a great guy guy. He has some good stuff. He will take care of you. We had a great time talking! We should get together again!
  2. 24VOLTS

    Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    Is the machine located in Alabama?
  3. 24VOLTS

    Business Closed, Selling Hardware

    pm Sent
  4. I’m interested in the Barry King, Woodruff and Gore tools if still available. Thanks
  5. 24VOLTS

    Cary Schwarz DVDs

    Are the Cary Schwarz dvd still available?
  6. How did you come up with the “dubbin” recipe? i was just curious. Thanks Phill
  7. That is a lucky treasure find. You are very fortunate to have found that. It is amazing work! I am amazed at how well it looks. I think that is so cool to have found that!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  8. 24VOLTS

    Pear & Figure

    I'll take them !
  9. Hello, I am planning on going to the Sheridan show this year. I have never been to a leather show yet. I cant wait. I am looking for some help on how to get there. I have noticed that there is no major air port near Sheridan. I was wondering if the experienced Sheridan travelers could tell me where they are flying into. Looks like you have to fly into Billings or Buffalo may be and rent a car and drive to Sheridan? This is new for me, so any advice and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phill
  10. 24VOLTS


    I have bought Kevin Lee's stitching chisels and they are the best I have ever used. Great quality, very sharp and highly polished easy to pull out of the leather. Phill
  11. 24VOLTS

    Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Clay Miller makes some great mauls at good prices.
  12. 24VOLTS

    Wanting to buy a Round/Head Knife

    Terry K knifes are the best. If you can afford them they are well worth money. Buy once and never have to worry about them. Being said yes expensive. I do have a new Osborne 4.25 round/head knife and I cut the handle down to fit my hand. I bought it new off of ebay for around $50. You will have to sharpen it and it will take some time to sharpen. It does stay sharp. I do strop it before and after each use. It is better then the tandy stuff. Phill
  13. 24VOLTS


    opps my bad I guess I should have had my glasses on.
  14. 24VOLTS


    what size is the barrel? Thanks, Phill