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  1. That is a cool find!! Better send them my way. My other Al Stohlman tools are lonely!!
  2. minwax sells a water base polyurethane that works great as a finish and a resist.
  3. Nigel is a great asset to the leather community. Every video he does is great. I am currently using stitching chisels from Good N Leather out of Korea Benedict tools. They are well made. They are straight tooth chisels. They are highly polished and will penetrate 6mm + of leather. I had no issues with them and would love to get more but they are hard to contact. They were on Etsy for a while but not any more. I have used Blanchard, Dixon, Osborne and several no name brands off of Ebay. I would say that the no name brands have their place not worth the money in my opinion. I have recently purchased Wuta. They are a well make tool. Very clean lines and edges. His teeth are a bit tapered and highly polished. I liked the Good N Leather brand (Benedict) since they are straight teeth. I accidently did not use a thick enough piece of leather and bent one of the teeth. Dang it! I would like to purchase more from Good n Leather but they are out of Korea and their website is in Korean. They also offer a diamond stitching chisel. Wuta has been my replacement chisels They are well made and marked with there size in mm and spi. They were in the same price range at the Benedict tools. There was no wait time except shipping. Everyone else for me was too expensive. Amy Ranoke and Chrimson are not cheap. They seem to be a cross between a stitching chisel, and a diamond awl. They seem well made just more then I want to pay. I think Wuta and Benedict tools are middle of the road price range. It allows me to purchase multiple sizes. There is a guy named Kevin Lee out of China. He is making some nice looking stitching chisels. Price is about the same. He will also make them in reverse or add or subtract teeth. Very nice looking. He is on face book and the leather work patterns feed on face book. He is another option. Hope this helps
  4. I have purchased WUTA stitching chisel. They are professionally made. Well Made. I was currently using Good N Leathers chisels which I like. They are hard to contact. So, I started looking for replacements in the same price range. Asking what the best stitching chisel to use is a very open ended question. Everyone is at different levels of skill and is difficult to say what is the best. You can find chisels that range from $20 a sett to over $300 a set.I have used several brands. One needs to find chisels that suit their needs currently. As we get better, we all like to aquire better tool. One good thing about stitching chisels is you can use them as pricking irons. Pricking irons don't work so well at stitching chisels. Nigel is a great asset to the leather community. He is fine gentleman and a awesome craftsman. What his videos. Read his spread sheets and see what he says. I have learned a lot from him. Every now and then in the videos you learn a tip or two how he does some things. One nice thing about Wuta is they have chisels in stock ready to ship. They also reverse chisels. They ship quickly. Yes..Nigel should be a narrator. Cool voice. Phill
  5. I just want to say that I have purchased several times from John at Egyptian leather. He has great prices and shipping is included John carries full spools of tiger thread. I know buckle guys carries tiger thread and has some great products. I have been very happy with John at Egyptian leather. We need to keep our stateside tiger thread distributors going. Thanks, Phill
  6. Who did you purchase the HO through?
  7. How close is the Amann thread to Tiger thread? Is it bonded polyester? Is it is flat and waxed like tiger? I wish tiger had a couple more colors. Other then that I really like tiger. Thanks, Phill
  8. Hey sewing machine experts, I have some questions about a GA5. I'm a novice when it comes to the stitching machines. I am interested in purchasing a GA5 because it is some what close. This would be my first stitching machine. I would be stitching everything from thin leather to several 8 oz pieces. Is this a good machine? How are parts availability? Do you know how much it will stitch through? Can you multiple thread sizes? Would this be a good machine to start out with? Any and all info you guys might have I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you ! Phill
  9. I have purchased from Terry in the past. He has always replied. I would think may something went wrong or he is having issues. I would sugest sending another email. It does seem odd that he would not respond.
  10. This is what I use. No more lighters. I love it. I can mushroom the thread back in to the hole/slot and you know even know its there. No more burning the leather with a lighter.
  11. Thanks JLS leather!! I will check out Hobby Lobby.
  12. What are you guys using for the clear plastic for wallets to view driver's license or id card? I am making a ID wallet for a officer friend. I need something that I can stitch. Just curious what everyone is using and where to purchase? Thanks, Phill
  13. Minwax now sells a water based laqure. I use it as a resist. I think it is comparable to neat lac.
  14. I would make sure that it is not cold but at least 75 deg. I seal a lot of my dyed leather with Obenaufs heavy duty LP. I seals and sets the dye for me. I also preserves and treats the leather. I will also not darken the leather as neats foot will. It reacts with heat and absorbs more with heat. If you use it, it cannot be cold. Then buff with a clean cloth. I don't use resolene but I use tan kote. I would try buffing out the leather and apply another coat of resolene and see if that sets the dye better.