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  1. I took some small p.v.c. about 6" long set them on their side and glue them together. Glue each layer you put on. The best part is you can use different sizes of p.v.c. Any other questions give me a holler, Moon.

  2. As always very nice job. By the way tell Tulsa I said hi.
  3. Very nice work.I'm near Marietta where are you at?

  4. Southeast Ohio Knife Maker Says Hello.

    Welcome bro!!!!!
  5. WOW!!! Stunning work. We still need to get hooked up. Moon
  6. Harley TourPak

    Wow, very cool!!!
  7. Stamp holder

    ;[/img] I got tired of digging thru my stamp drawer to find a stamp. So with some of the ideas I got from here I thought why not PVC. The best part, if it gets full just add more PVC. Happy stamping!!!!
  8. Cheyenne style buckskin dress

    Nice job, I've done a few shirts and a pair of pants but never a dress, well done!!!! Moon
  9. Deerskin Supplier?

    Try I use their elk for making shirts and pants, top quality stuff.
  10. I've got an '88 dresser that I'm just about done with. All I need now is a new seat and a set of bagger apes.I'll try to get some pics this weekend.Moon
  11. Looks like a keeper,nice job. I don't suppose your name has anything to do with what you ride does it? Moon
  12. where can I get Antler

    Here's another vote for've gotten a bunch of antler off of them,great people to work with.
  13. Very nice work,that looks great.
  14. Flame pattern or templates

    Thanks,that got me going in the right direction and I got what I needed.Thanks again,Moon