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  1. Needing Artist/drawer To Create A Pattern

    Just drawing the design. Tooling is not required.
  2. What color of antique do you think those are?
  3. How'd do you attain this almost natural color? Steps and required liquids please...
  4. I have a purse design that I have created recently and am wanting someone to draw a Sheridan style design onto it for me. I will pay for the work done and the finished design to be owned entirely by me. I can email the pattern that I will scan and send, or mail the design. I will require both front and back as well. Payment will be sent via PayPal once the work is finished.
  5. Hello I was hoping someone had a nice Sheridan pattern just to practice with. Something to play with but nothing to basic. Looking for something that takes up a full piece of loose leaf paper that I can print out. Thanks!