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  1. Tool brands

    I like the Master tools from Weaver. I started buying myself 1 or 2 per year and I have been passing my old cheap tools along to a young man that wanted to learn... we both win!
  2. WTB Tippmann Boss

    If you are on Facebook join "leather tools to buy sell or trade", I got mine off there.
  3. Not sure what I should do .....

    Say "Thank You" and then go look at all your tools and add up what they cost. She paid you more than money...
  4. Great job! May I suggest you bring the back of the holster up and form a "sweat guard"? As a guy who carries all the time, I can tell you it will make the holster much more comfortable. Nice work!
  5. Outstanding! I think we have an obligation to pass along our craft. I just started teaching my son in law. Tell your son "well done" from me.
  6. Machine Learning Curve

    My two cents. I use the Boss. I like it, some don't. You are in Michigan. As has been stated, take your materials and go see Bob at Toledo Machine. You will leave with something that works for you, new or used. He will take good care of you.
  7. Tips and Advice on this Leather

    I have had wonderful support and great leather from Wickett and Craig. I also learned the hard way that you cannot make good products with poor leather.
  8. Sewing machines

    I have a Tippman, it's a beast and will stitch anything you can fit in it. They take some fiddling to get tensions right and need to be kept cleaned and lubricated but it will stitch about anything. Some folks hate em, I love mine.
  9. First Holster

    Nice job! All of us have a first project and we learn with each one. Read the suggestions found on this website about smoothing your edges. I have made a number of holsters, my first was not as good as yours!
  10. 111W153

    Call Bob at Toledo Industrial, both Bob Sr. and Bob Jr. are excellent resources
  11. Coping With A Small Workshop

    I have about 6' x 6' space in the corner of my basement, an old reinforced computer desk, and a sewing machine. I do have a table that cannot be seen for cutting when needed. You work with what you have!
  12. Northeast Ohio

    I live in Massillon Ohio and was wondering if there are any local clubs, meetings or workshops in this area. Earl