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  1. Help!

    We all learn by doing. Sometimes advice can shorten the process but there is no substitute for practice. I like your project, BTW.
  2. I had no issues going around corners. The holes are the same distance apart. Gussets are not the same as round box stitching where there would be a difference in spacing between the side and end cap. I began with the gusset flush on one end and left it a tad long to be cut later. Worked perfectly. This was a mailbag style turned bag.
  3. I have successfully done both ways, prepunched and not. In either case care must be taken so that everything lines up right. I find the little bulldog clips work well to hold the gussets prior to stitching but be careful they don't mark the leather. If it is a turned bag, probably no big deal. I did pre-punch my son's briefcase and was very happy with the results.
  4. Help!

    If sponging, I put a generous amount on a do circular applications, working quickly. After that I immediately do another application but in linear strokes or passes. Works good so far. Dip dying of course will create uniformity but not convenient on really large pieces so practice until you can get it.
  5. I need good clasps.

    Repost your photo please, can't see it. in the meantime, Ohio Travel Bag, OTB, has tons of hardware, check them out. I get a lot of my hardware from Springfield Leather Company, nice steff there. I've also heard that The Buckle Guy is a good source for quality hardware.
  6. Minimal Wallet Template

    Always nice to give back! BTW, that pocket with thumb hole works great on the outside of wallet for a card you use daily.
  7. Looks in excellent shape to me. Leather ages gracefully unless abused. We call the natural wear "patina" and it adds character, so long as it isn't too far gone. That case should be properly cleaned and then evaluated.
  8. A tour of SLC!

    I visit several times a year and every visit is rewarding. They have closeout stuff that can't ever make it into a catalog or the web. Several tables outside where you can find bargains. Belt blanks, wallet backs, hardware, etc. A huge box of remnants sold by the pound is awesome for smaller projects. Discount sides in multiple colors and types. Tools galore and very friendly, helpful staff. Jeff, in particular helps me a bunch. I you are into beads and/or jewelry this is also your place. If passing by, stop! You won't be sorry.
  9. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    Who suggested that paint? It is water soluble and not suitable at all for what you are trying to achieve. It is basically a thick, watercolor paint. Fine for artwork, not coating leather edges.
  10. Tokonole comes in clear and pigmented versions so it can be used to add color to edges. My experience with beeswax is that it can be sticky if over-applied. Blending in some paraffin might help. Resolene or Mop-N-Glo works good if you want glossy edges.
  11. Wrapping the end of thick leather cord

    This is a pictorial on how to terminate handlebar tape that details a method similar to what is described above. http://www.cyclofiend.com/Images/rbw/pdf/original_twineforsite.pdf The hooks are called fish hooks or open hooks, sometimes other names. Google brass fish hook wallet clip. You'll find lots of sources.
  12. Leathercrafting helped save my life

    Good luck in your recovery! I am a fellow cancer survivor. Attitude helps, but my faith sustains me. Right now I am cancer-free but the doctor is reluctant to use the word "cured". So on it goes until the next blood test. Keep on keeping on friend!
  13. Personally I would use a chisel, a very small one if you have it. The diamond-shaped chisels do have bigger tooth profiles as compared to many pricking irons so go with as small as you can. If using a pricking iron, just don't allow it to cut all of the way through. Just a light tap, to mark the line only.
  14. Very nice! It has a soft, supple look to it and I like the way the flap will protect against anything, rain, dirt, etc., entering the sides.
  15. What's going on here?

    This happens to me sometimes, particularly on thinner leather and with Fiebing's Oil Dye. I think it is just a natural phenomenon. I am in the construction products industry and believe me, you wouldn't believe what can happen to products like concrete while they are drying. Concrete tends to shrink, but curl up around the edges, not too dissimilar to what you are experiencing, albeit quite a bit less! I agree with wetting and slicking the backside. Should it stretch you can always cut it square again.