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  1. Yes, it is and they also finally released a 2 prong for going around corners
  2. Check out Nigel Armitage on youtube.com. He reviews pricking irons and chisels. Tandy has some great chisels that punch all the way through yet are almost slits. Their diamond shape is very narrow. Most pricking irons are not for punching, just marking. Their tines are tapered and if you go through anything but thin leather they make a huge slit. I agree with thefanninator that Europeans and Japanese don't typically use stitching grooves. Some say it helps wear and tear on the thread, others disagree or point to 100 year old saddles without that are holding up fine. I don't have a dog in the fight. I use grooves when I think it is an advantage and don't on most of my stuff.
  3. I'm guessing they burnished then applied black dye or edge coat and then took the corner off with an edger. It was not slicked after edging.
  4. You might order some from Weaver to compare. The ones you have retailed for about $6.50 a pop and Weaver's are listed at $7.00. BTW, the dealer you got the strips from has never let me down. I'm confident they will work with you.
  5. Beautiful color, nice execution and I'm sure your brother will love it. One thing I wonder about though is the pockets on the back. Usually, the backside, the side that will rub up against your body, is flat, for comfort. Maybe a magazine pocket, but largely flat. If your brother only uses that carry handle, no issue. Something to think about.
  6. BTW, I love to see RockyAussies crocodile pieces. The skin just adds something special.
  7. Really depends upon what your reason for skiving is. Are you skiving to make the whole strap roughly the same thickness all the way across? What thickness are you starting at? By your diagram it looks like you are concerned about strength, leaving as much leather as possible at the D ring. If the leather is thick enough to begin with, you might be OK skiving the whole end, tapering down in a wedge fashion. Otherwise as RockyAussie pointed out, some leave the thickness and it looks just fine.
  8. Yay! Innovation!
  9. That stamp is the new ergonomic version. The gentle curve allows you to angle your wrist, reducing pressure and future carpal tunnel issues.
  10. Front pocket wallets are a good place to start. When you buy the shoulder, make sure what weight you want. I would say 3 to 4 oz. makes a good card sleeve. Certainly no more than 5 oz.. Try multiple thicknesses too by adding pockets. Also, card pockets can be vertical or horizontal or one on each side going opposite ways. Google front pocket wallets for pictures and ideas. Good luck!
  11. Can you detail your process a bit more? Looks like you are leaving excess and folding your edges then trimming. Is that right? Tell me more about how you mark your stitch lines, which side you mark and how you are making your stitching holes. Will try to help!
  12. No need to case for that long. Hours is more than enough, certainly days is unnecessary. Also, don't re-use the baggies. If you insist on letting the projects sit that long, perhaps a touch of bleach in the water?
  13. You have to search for them on the site. Just downloaded this.....