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  1. card holder. simple and slim.

    Nice, clean work. Love the use of color too. I make a very similar wallet, but have found that when loaded with cards the "middle" section is difficult to access. The stiffness of cards makes the leather taut and the center section hard to open. For that reason I've taken to leaving the center section open on one side. Works good for me. Yes, very nice edges too. And I like the creasing. Adds that extra touch IMHO.

    Your English is just fine and your work is super!
  3. Is my watch strap supposed to look this worn?

    The wear seems reasonable to me but I agree it has some of the hallmarks of vegetable tanned leather. There is nothing wrong with chrome-tanned leather but if it is advertised as veggie, then that is what it should be.
  4. Notebook/pen pocket protector

    There's a lot of good work there, but also some room to sharpen up the details. Details matter, so always try to make certain things are squared up as it immediately draws the eye when they aren't. An example is the slot for the pocket clip. It isn't level. Next time put a square on the edge of the work and use it as a benchmark to avoid that. Your curved bottom edges look very well cut and those can be challenging. On the stitching I would suggest that you use a tighter spacing. The stitches are far too long for such a small article IMHO. I would go with 9 spi or so on a project like that. If you are using chisels, maybe 2mm or 2.5 mm. Also, you apparently were losing track of needle priority on some stitching lines. I see evidence of dropped stitches, especially on the far left. See how the attitude of the thread changes direction? Should be uniform. Are you using a pony so that you can properly saddle stitch without losing focus? You are definitely getting there. Just need to refine some of the details.
  5. Adding firmness to raw edge straps

    Barge contact cement or Weldwood. I use Weldwood contact cement and have good luck with it.
  6. Adding firmness to raw edge straps

    Narrower because you can't really hide it with edge finish. I'm thinking you would have a better result with stitching on both edges, but I know that ruins the aesthetic you have going. It will basically have a padded look about it. Maybe try a short length from some scraps to help decide.
  7. Adding firmness to raw edge straps

    Adding a layer of leather certainly might add firmness but doesn't address stretch. Not saying stretch is problem. Depends upon the particular leather. Some is more prone to stretch than others.
  8. Adding firmness to raw edge straps

    I'd be afraid of the straps separating over time with wear and tear, flexing, etc. That doesn't address the edge issue per se. I would lean towards the nylon webbing. As pointed out, it reduces stretch. It is also not going to be affected by moisture it might experience (rain).
  9. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    Most all of us can stand improvement in our edges. It takes time and a number of steps to get a good result and many of us lose patience and hurry through it. Yours look as good as most and while a fileteuse may improve them, they are pretty good now.
  10. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    Gorgeous bag. Design, colors, everthing is right. On your strap edges you say you used a beveler but the edges still seem fairly square to my eyes. Also, did you burnish them at all? I mean prior to coating?
  11. Yes, thanks! Only wish the thread description gave a comparison to millimeters or something other than a visual representation. Wonder which size is similar to .8 mm Tiger Thread for example.
  12. Trifold Pattern

    Borrowed from The Speakeasy Leather Company for reference only. The leather appears to have been skived down to a thickness more suitable for this design.
  13. Trifold Pattern

    Outer piece needs to be approximately 1/2" longer than the inner piece. At least for bifolds. I have repurposed baseball glove leather. I made a card wallet for my son-in-law and a bracelet for myself. Interested in what you come up with.
  14. Old Dr.'s saddle bags