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  1. Let us know what the result is please! A lot of folks want to use this type of closure and as you have found out, it ain't easy!
  2. Why do you say the grommet does not fit the loop? Do you know the actual width outside to outside of the strap loop? I would ask OTB if the two fit together.
  3. Nice stuff. Must be for Three Dog Night, I suppose.
  4. I agree that the pouch would be good for earbuds, coins, etc.
  5. John, do they have a matching grommet?
  6. Looks great. For edge paints such as Edge Kote, I prefer a hard material. The metal spatula Tandy sells is great as is the edge roller. I often use popsickle sticks, coffee stirrers, etc. Once you develop the knack, you will rarely slop over the edge. Just takes a little practice like most skills. Nigel Armitage did a video recently where he used a Bic pen cap. One of his students was using one and he found it to work pretty good. BTW, are those logos accomplished with a laser?
  7. This thread might help.
  8. This description seems pretty good. Top Grain Top-grain leather means leather that has been made from the top or outermost layer of cowhide. Full-grain leather is a top-grain leather that shows all its natural grain and is the most natural. If labeled as top-grain but not full-grain, the leather may be sanded or buffed out to reduce blemishes. It is not as processed as some other forms of leather, however. Top-grain leather is soft and shows natural character. A slightly lower quality top-grain leather is called corrected leather, which may be chemically treated or textured for a more uniform appearance. Corrected leather is durable but not as soft as standard top-grain leather.
  9. Lots of folks would be proud of your stitching. Yes, one problem with irons is keeping them plumb. Takes practice, but so does consistent awl work. Nice job!
  10. Maybe reach out to OTB and see if they have sources. Maybe they will do a "one off".
  11. Saw some grommets mainly on Etsy sites. I know of no sources where you can find the strap loop and grommet combo. If they exist, I'd like to know where. Tandy has strap loops but limited to the 5/8" and 3/4". I know I bought 1" strap loops from Tandy but they must be discontinued.
  12. Awww, I'm sorry. BTW, the little guy in my avatar died of feline leukemia. It hurts, I know.
  13. Haven't seen those in forever. Might not be available anymore. I would send a pic to Buckle Guy and Ohio Travel Bag and ask them.