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  1. I suppose you might get some suppliers to split it down for you. Maybe call around and tell them the qualities you are after. I've had good luck with Springfield Leather.
  2. If we go back to the original post, it seems there are two standards being compared. Vegetable tanned leather aging better and chrome tanned leather lasts longer. In my opinion an argument can be made that those are different and can both be true. Chrome tanned leathers can acquire a patina due to sweat, oils, friction and just plain dirt. This is especially true of re-tanned leathers such as some of Horween's product that is chrome tanned and then vegetable tanned. However, in my experience, vegetable tanned leather wins the patina "contest".
  3. Were all of the testers of similar weight? Did they have similar biomechanics, i.e. pronator versus supinator? Heel strikers?
  4. Latigo is typically very thick, but a few sources sell it in 4-5 oz. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that thickness would work. It certainly would be durable to the outdoors.
  5. I don't think it is possible to settle the argument over tanning and longevity on this forum. But good luck.
  6. Heated leather tools for edges

    Regarding your second question, many leathers do not case and accept stamps like vegetable tanned leather does. So in those instances, heat is the way to add your maker's mark. So you are actually "branding" the leather. So whether it is convenient or not, on some leathers, heat is the best option. Other options would be dye stamps or lasers I suppose. Regarding the first question, I will leave that to folks that use heated irons such as a fileteuse. I only paint edges with Edge Kote then burnish and wax. Works for my purposes, but I'm a hobbyist. Edge finishing is a process for which there are no shortcuts or "magic elixirs". When I see good edges, I applaud because I know it requires effort.
  7. Slim Briefcase Pattern Wanted

    I also used the Andersen pattern, at least for inspiration. I actually made my own pattern after studying his and modified it some to meet my personal needs. Worked fine for me. I think that is something you might consider.
  8. Stubby / Can Holders

    Yes that helps. I like to see different methods because I can learn so much.
  9. Stubby / Can Holders

    Nice stuff, but would like to see the seam and the bottom if you get the chance.
  10. I've had the same issue with the tape but still use it on some items. Glue is best if you can wait for it to dry. Contact cement is awesome but you have to clean it off of the edges if it oozes out. Not difficult, just an extra step I guess. There are many projects I do where I use no adhesive. Just depends.
  11. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    Nigel, my sincere apologies. I looked back at my post in this thread and it was I who referred to yourself as a "skilled performer" . I meant no disrespect. In fact, I remember a video you did some time ago where you demonstrate making a tub and there is only background music, classical guitar, I believe. That to me was a performance. Something to sit and watch, mouth agape while you demonstrate skills and techniques I can only hope to achieve some day. Your instructional videos are responsible for whatever success I've had in learning the saddle stitch. I'm sure same could be said for many others. So again, I did not mean "performer" in a disparaging way or in any attempt to cheapen what you do. Quite the contrary as I consider myself one of your biggest admirers. Keep on making and I'll keep watching.
  12. Thank you!

    1. Tugadude


      Happy to help

  13. Doctors bag frame

  14. More Hawaiian Tooling

    Very cool. I like the way it goes from flat to 3D with the beveling. BTW, don't know if you are in Hawaii, but if so, prayers to you and yours.
  15. The Cat's Meow

    The collar looked very nice. My two cats are strictly indoor residents and they don't wear collars. Torties are almost exclusively female. Just an interesting trivia bit. Glad things are working out for your brother and the cat. Given a chance, a good cat will win your heart. And don't believe people when they say cats aren't affectionate. They are extremely affectionate, but generally on their own terms. Except for Alphie, who comes when I call him, and I think believes he is a dog.