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  1. Last price drop before eBay. 900
  2. Handcutting vs Press Cutting

    Have both laser and clicker. Use the clicker for everything. Don’t care for the laser burn marks but it is great when prototyping and for monograms. The question is not hand cut or dies, it really is how much is your time worth. That is if you have enough business.
  3. Lowering price to 1000.
  4. Fish hooks and key rings

    I know sucks. Over 8oz usps charges that much.
  5. Fish hooks and key rings

    I can but the shipping is expensive. Should be I think 23. If that is not to much let me know and I will weigh them and make sure on the shipping.
  6. Sets are 21 pt times and not sure exactly on other 2
  7. I have some solid brass fish hooks and key rings available in antique brass, antique silver or black powder coat. Key rings at 1.25” and fish hooks are 2.75” Key rings $.75 ea over 100 $.65 fish hooks $3.75 ea over 100 $3.25 shipping is flat rate $7.50 from california
  8. Selling kiwi print machine with 3 complete sets of type $1200. Local pickup in Temecula California.
  9. Looking for sources of 2-3 oz and 10 oz veg tan

    Wicket Craig about $8 sq ft for a side.
  10. Bought a new Weaver Rivet Press

    I have the heritage dye box and hated it. It's sitting under the bench and now use sponge paint brush, and works like a champ. $100 and somebody can take it
  11. Instagram Marketing

    Last thing can you give us a tutorial on the camera, I mean you bought a 7d mark ii you have to be the expert there too. Should we use "L" glass or is it overrated, what is f stop. How about studio lighting, you have the connections to get better deal on cowboy studio lighting (no relation to cowboy sewing) for less than 150, elinchrom is just overpriced. Looking forward to your photography spam, sorry I mean tutorial.
  12. Instagram Marketing

    I don't come here to spam my site. also when you hire models, iyiu might want to use their face. Also on your site put on the front page we make and ship all our quality leather goods from mainland China and Hong Kong. I am sure that little tip will put you over the top. No need to hide that info on the back pages. Everybody knows the best leather comes from China. Next time be a little smarter. Spam your crap to people that are looking to buy your type of crap and not people that are looking to make their own.
  13. Instagram Marketing

    People may have taken your post a little more seriously if you actually used a successful example. But when you use an account with a bunch of fake followers, what do you expect. Should of just posted go to this site whatever one you went and buy 7500 followers, since that is the example you so proudly used. I know social media has a huge impact on marketing, but doesn't do a damn thing with 8000 bots following you getting your product seen by fake followers is a waste of time.
  14. Instagram Marketing

    Is Instagram not working out for you? Looks like no posts since May. Also less than 50 likes from 8k followers looks like the investment in buying followers wasn't worth it.
  15. Has anybody used used this device?

    Use it to cut small 18" length either 3/4 or 1/2 wide straps. Works ok