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  1. Last thing can you give us a tutorial on the camera, I mean you bought a 7d mark ii you have to be the expert there too. Should we use "L" glass or is it overrated, what is f stop. How about studio lighting, you have the connections to get better deal on cowboy studio lighting (no relation to cowboy sewing) for less than 150, elinchrom is just overpriced. Looking forward to your photography spam, sorry I mean tutorial.
  2. I don't come here to spam my site. also when you hire models, iyiu might want to use their face. Also on your site put on the front page we make and ship all our quality leather goods from mainland China and Hong Kong. I am sure that little tip will put you over the top. No need to hide that info on the back pages. Everybody knows the best leather comes from China. Next time be a little smarter. Spam your crap to people that are looking to buy your type of crap and not people that are looking to make their own.
  3. People may have taken your post a little more seriously if you actually used a successful example. But when you use an account with a bunch of fake followers, what do you expect. Should of just posted go to this site whatever one you went and buy 7500 followers, since that is the example you so proudly used. I know social media has a huge impact on marketing, but doesn't do a damn thing with 8000 bots following you getting your product seen by fake followers is a waste of time.
  4. Is Instagram not working out for you? Looks like no posts since May. Also less than 50 likes from 8k followers looks like the investment in buying followers wasn't worth it.
  5. Use it to cut small 18" length either 3/4 or 1/2 wide straps. Works ok
  6. Its yours answered your pm
  7. Have 1 - 1000 m spool of white tiger thread, I have used maybe 2 m of it. Selling it for $45 shipped in the USA.
  8. I have had it happen 4x in the last 8 months, matter of fact just got the latest replacement card today. Somewhere local to me has a skimmer set up or something a gas pump I am assuming. The biggest pia is the automatic monthly payments I have attached to cards, usually forget a couple then get a notice your bill is late.
  9. This is a free opportunity, I just don't make any of the stuff and might as well get some use out of the page. If you have an etsy shop or website dealing with steapmunk leather goods and want some free advertising pm me Your site. I have another website that I will be shutting down soon with a Facebook page about 80k fans, mostly femaie geared towards steampunk. I will send the link to the page to those that are interested.
  10. eBay is a waste of time. Anything listed gets lost in all the Chinese listing. It would be nice if they would open an eBay America site
  11. Next up they are going to showing ads to buy videos on how to make your holsters with your designs.
  12. They should have mandatory training but then again they don't give the stores Internet access either only access to company network.
  13. Devils advocate to the post. So they let people tool leather on their dime, neglect stocking and organizing, sales calls etc. would you pay someone to work on their own side job on your time? eventually that is where it would lead. Now if a customer asks them to show them how to do something go for it. But I understand their policy.
  14. Another video.................
  15. I was there Tuesday and Steve just happened to be there, lucky for me as he told me they are closed this week. Call on Monday and you should be good.