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  1. You can also find them in a book called Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant. Thinner leather works much better. I like to use 3-4 oz. or 2-3 oz for my neckerchief slides. good job so far.
  2. When braiding I will mark a cord, usually on the left side. In this case you have 8 strands ( 4 to each side). I mark the bottom cord left side and then start braiding. when that marked cord is on the bottom again, I push my braid up and then retighten all the cords pulling one side then the other starting with the top cord on the left side. do the top left then top right, then 2nd left and on down the line. I think you'll find this will tighten your braid and cover your dowell better. any questions just ask.
  3. Very nice lookin set of straps.
  4. Nice Job Kirk. Looks fine to me.
  5. nice design DLC.
  6. That looks really nice Rohn. In this case being plain looks right elegant.
  7. That looks really good caster. A+
  8. You may want to learn the braiding techniques before jumping full into a whip. get familiar with 4, 6, and 8 strand braids. I'm building my 1st whip now but I've been braiding and getting familiar with the techniques for a couple months. Vids are good and so are books. I used David Morgan's Braiding fine leather book to learn the braids. I've done several key chain braids. I just got David Morgan's making whips book. Hope this helps. Michael
  9. He stole my pants and all. LMAO!!!!
  10. Here's the up-dated photo's of my world con costume.
  11. There will be updated pics of the full costume on Saturday. I hope you all will enjoy them.
  12. Very nicely done.
  13. Google Skyrim Orcish Armor and go to images. I'm using reference pics from there and from the video game. Thanks ChiefFilipino
  14. I've still got a ways to go and 12 days to get it done. I'm working on the crotch plates and boots right now. I still have the helmet and weapons to do. All the edges are double loop lace with either sweade lace or 2mm cord. The neck hole is Mexican round braid with swaede lace. Thank You Squirrel
  15. for the steampunk look or to go with that type of costume the latch bracer is nice. I like the lace one also as I've worn them a lot and as Lwm803 said, they don't catch on anything. (most times, lol). I use small buckles and straps myself, but that's a personal choice mostly for the armor and other things I do. they do both look good though. Squirrelly