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  1. Starting braid

    How to make whips by Ron Edwards will give you great insight into plaiting handles. I've used it a lot for doing different patterns around a wooden, fiberglass or steel core rods. I generally use contact cement to hold my strands on the wood while I do a wax sinew wrap around the stands to really hold them in place. I will also use small carpet tacks to hold each strand to the wood also. Bruce Grants Books are good but sometimes a pain to decipher the diagrams. If you want to learn more braiding go to ubraidit.com and order their Book; How to Braid Quality Custom Tack. They teach with paracord but it can all be done with leather also. Hope this helps.
  2. Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks LOL!!!
  3. Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    This is a customer's request. It is a Australian style stock whip with a 24" maple wood handle (customer supplied the log ) a 36" long whip body with a golf ball in a monkey's fist on the end. This is all done in brown 550 paracord. The cord for the monkey's fist still has the innards in it. I made it so that the monkey fist attaches to the end of the whip just like you would attach the fall, incase any repairs need to be made.
  4. braiding rein ends

    Also Ubraidit has a book for horse tack. covers back braiding and Rommel reins. It is a paracord book but can be used for leather.
  5. How to round braid

    Not really, some are OK, other's not so good. The narrated instruction is either lacking or the video is done by the same guy that does BigFoot's filming. The under 2 over 2 is a basic whip makers plait which can be found in a lot of braiding books. I've done a variation of this in a paracord stock whip with the monkey fist holding a golfball.. You can make a basic snake whip and then I did the monkey fist around the golf ball and attatched like you would attach the fall on a whip. Practice with paracord it is much cheaper to learn with. Most of my braiding (especially the whips I do) is done with the inner strands removed from the cord. Practice is the key. also don't be afraid to experiment. The whip shown is an adapted Australian style stock whip. If you have any specific questions message me and I'll try to get you in the right direction.
  6. How to round braid

    Looks like an 8 plait round braid done over a core ending in a monkey's fist. core is a 4 or 6 plait depending on lace size. Does look to be a over 2, under 2.
  7. Unbleached rawhide lace

  8. Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks Kiwi. I gotta good scar on the back of my neck from the 10' brown one, lol.
  9. Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks Stetson912. When I'm done I'll rub it down with conditioner's and other things that I've used in the past on other projects I've done. Yeah paracord is fun. gotta watch the tips on those cow whips, they fast and those whips are some slinky limp when handling them.
  10. Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks Rohn. I actually love to braid. The and as far as color combos I wasn't really paying attention to the colors when I made the Joker and Harley Quinn. I was looking at all the colors on my spools on the bench and just starting paring them as to what I thought would look good together. It was pointed out to me later when I went to the wood store to get some more handle wood by a guy that works there as to what the colors were. lol. The handles on these are white oak with 6 coats of true oil gunstock finish.
  11. What am I doing wrong (6 strand around a core)

    They are right about the core being too large in diameter for the width of the lace strands you are using. To get an idea of core sizes to use I took 1/4' wide cow lace and did a 4 strand plait without a core. Then over that 4 strand I did a 6 strand plait using the same size lace and to see how laid, then I took some 3/16' lace and did an 8 plait over the 6 to see how it fit and also 1/4 lace in an 8 plait over the 6 to see how that fit too. I try not to use rope or anything like that as a core when braiding leather. when doing leather or other materials my cores are braided from the materials that I am using for that project. You will learn as you get more practice just what size core works for what. With braiding it all comes down to a lot of time with multiple strands in your hand. I braid a lot of 8,10,12 and 16 plait braids. Your get back biker whip looks very good. Good luck and just keep with it.
  12. I've been braiding for awhile now. Decided to grab some veg tan and make my own lace and do a leather 8' cow whip like the ones I've been doing from paracord, The bull whips here are a 3 layer plait over a weighted core. The layers are an 8 plait, 12 plait and the overlay is a 16 plait. My longest whips are 10' and the shortest is a 4'. The cow whips are wooden handled and the ones shown are my variation of what the Joker and Harley Quinn would carry if they used whips. The cow whips are a 2 layer plait over a weighted core. They are a 10 plait with a 12 plait overlay. Unlike the traditional end of a bull whip these are braided down to a 4 plait with a twisted taper end. The falls attach differently also. The Bull whips I learned to make from a book by Paul Carpenter - The Paracord Bullwhip. The Cow whip style was learned from a whip making video put out by whip maker Rhett Kelley. I've also applied techniques learned from a number of leather and paracord braiding books. The small black leather whip thong is made from Tandy leather because I needed something cheap to work out the bugs for doing a larger better quality leather whip. The larger whip will be done in mahogany oil dye. Thank you hope you enjoy the pics. Bonnie Boo these pics are for you. lolol. As well as the rest of my chat friends who know how I feel about taking pics all the time .
  13. SLIDES

    You can also find them in a book called Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant. Thinner leather works much better. I like to use 3-4 oz. or 2-3 oz for my neckerchief slides. good job so far.
  14. What am I doing wrong? Braiding around a core.

    When braiding I will mark a cord, usually on the left side. In this case you have 8 strands ( 4 to each side). I mark the bottom cord left side and then start braiding. when that marked cord is on the bottom again, I push my braid up and then retighten all the cords pulling one side then the other starting with the top cord on the left side. do the top left then top right, then 2nd left and on down the line. I think you'll find this will tighten your braid and cover your dowell better. any questions just ask.
  15. Latest off the bench....Spur Straps

    Very nice lookin set of straps.