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  1. Awesome Workmanship! 1st class
  2. Sonydaze,I tried the 138/138 Black/white and it didn't go any better. A close look at the hook showed the thread catching at the needle plate./ Hook tab area. I polished the groves in the needle plate and Hook Tab away and stropped the finish. This helped a little. What seemed to work best was a fresh bobbin using the same thread as the top thread... I have now used 207/207 @ 24 and 138/138 @ 23. the 207 thread.worked well , but I don't see why? Any one had this problem before? I doubt my problem is unique .
  3. Sonydaze, Good point I'll try that first.
  4. Nuttish: Didi you solve your problem? I'm having similar problems
  5. The top thread is being pulled very tight over the hook assembly as the thread is coming around the hook. The thread pops around the hook . The check spring will flutter as this happens The hook timing appears to be advanced. I've been looking for UWE's video on this very situation, but can't seem to find it........found it
  6. I'll check harder for that, Thanks SandyT
  7. This is my first machine, and I have tried to solve this problem for days . On soft thick leather I don't seem to have this problem , but even on 5 oz Veg I always run into trouble. The top thread will break through the bottom intermittently. I've maxed out the presser feet pressure, and increased the top tension until I get loops on top. Is this operator error? what can cause this? In this picture I'm using 207/138 polyester bonded top/bottom with a new 134/35 24 LR needle on 8 oz. veg
  8. Really sharp workmanship!
  9. Nice work, I use that pattern too. It's a comfortable carry holster
  10. You have a point. I appreciate all the help.
  11. The pre-made only give a 3 to 1 ratio. Not sure that's enough for me, but it maybe for a servo. You'll get more torque. I'm not sure how much more though I paid out $65 + belts and bolts.
  12. It's only 9 and I'm getting hungry. I'm pricing parts to make a speed reducer . $64 + mounting hardware & belts.
  13. LOL you guys are telling me to spend some money if I want to get this right. This machine is a beast. I'll at least try out a reducer before I go at the servo. I see the Consew 1000 servo on amazon. Is it any good? I'll have a #3 to go please
  14. Thanks BRmax, So, is it better to get a reducer( two pulleys ) first, or straight to a servo? A lot of cleaning! I got in new parts on the tension assembly. it's seems to be working
  15. This is my very first sewing machine I'm not sure this is right. I can't believe how damn fast it is. I can't get a straight line or stop it in time. How the *&^% do you all control these machines I had to count all my fingers this first time I lit it up! Anyway,I want to post up some pic's of the stitches in 16OZ I've been able to do after two days for tweaking. If someone could take a look at these pic's and advise on what I should do next. Much appreciated! I did get an owners manual and the parts list. If someone here can advise me on how to post them I'd be happy to. Each is a little larger than the 1.46mb allowed I need the machine to do totes, belts and (hopefully) holsters. I got to slow it down. What servos do the best job.