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  1. There are 10 spools included in this lot. Each spool is roughly $14-$17 each. (depending where you purchase them from) 8 spools are new, 2 are 60% or better. Colors are: Country red, Slate grey, Back, white, natural/ecru, Bright autumn Yellow, Orange crush, Drk Green, Royal blue, Walnut Brown, Asking $35 for the lot including shipping
  2. Leather edge treatment, edging paint.

    That's what the last 3 photos show.
  3. If this is the wrong section for this, PLEASE let me know. I looked around in other areas and didn't find anything similar. Lot of Water based edge treatment. Includes colors to mix EVERY color you may ever need. Base colors included are: Light brown, Dark brown, Blue (black and green based), Orange, Yellow, Red, Steel blue, Wine/Merlot, Clear, White, Grey, Aluminum, Green, Ocean blue, Tan/Beige This is a water based edge treatment, add a little to thin it out or set the bottle in warm water (with cap off) to thicken it up. This is a very forgiving edge paint. Directions: Apply liberally but evenly, let dry then sand with 280 grit, wipe clean and apply again for a smooth finish. Photos are included to show you just how smooth your edges can be with very little effort. Asking $50 for the entire lot including shipping. ($250-$280 when bought new)
  4. Mixed Exotic Lot

    I have a few decent pieces of Alligator flank, Alligator tail, Alligator shoulders, Salmon, Antique safari Giraffe and brown shark. The lot is $45 + $5 for shipping.
  5. Various Alligaator

    Here is a tail, belly and flank lot of sorted gator pieces. The is a lot sale. Not individual. Mostly made of browns, dark browns, peanut, brandy, whiskey and one black. This is a perfect lot for watch strap makers and gun holster accents. Entire lot $50 shipping included and free CONUS.
  6. Exotic hide assortment.

    This is a package deal. Its all one package. Elephant, Cape buffalo, African Ox, Hippo belly, If you ever wanted to try different leathers and experiment, here is the perfect package to do it. Asking $25 plus $5 shipping CONUS.
  7. 5 toad skins.

    Two Chestnut brown three Swamp green/yellow Lowest price around, anywhere. $25 including shipping anywhere CONUS First come first served.
  8. Tan Hippo

    Roughly 2 sq ft of good flank and Knee tan hippo. Both pieces are photoed. Both pieces $45.00 shipped CONUS
  9. 4.25 sq ft of Antique saddle Treebark Giraffe. No longer available or being produced. $65 shipped, within CONUS. Normally $21 sq ft when bought new. This is a VERY strong hide type. 1.50 Sq ft of Wildebeest Bone and black. $15 (if bought with the giraffe it will be only $10)
  10. Do you have Veg tanned Kangaroo or any other leather 

  11. Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe, Shunken bull

    Sorry for the late replies. Both Giraffe, Vintage Bark elephant and warthog sold.
  12. All leather is located CONUS. and will ship free within the US. If you are interested in other colors let me know. I have Hippo, Grey Giraffe, Tree-bark Giraffe, Grey Wildebeest, Grey elephant, Brown Veg tanned Kangaroo etc African warthog, nicotine. (Dark brown with light brown lows) Roughly 4 sq ft. $48.00 shipped Vintage Bark Elephant, tags still attached. Vintage bark (Brick red and black) Roughly 2 and a half Sq ft. $28.00 shipped Brown Saddle safari Giraffe ( Medium brown with black lows) Roughly 2 and a half sq ft $28.00 shipped Antique Saddle safari Giraffe ( Light tan and black) Roughly 3 sq ft $34.00 shipped Brown, Spanish shrunken bull (almost a chocolate brown) Roughly 3 and a half sq ft $32.00 shipped Brown Elephant hide (Brown, not nicotine, VERY hard to get anymore) Roughly 1 and a half sq ft. $30.00 shipped
  13. Flat black gator belly

    Sold to Grey************** Thanks.
  14. Old stock Pangolin tail. CONUS only.

    SOLD to Grey******l***** Thanks.
  15. Ostrich leg lot. 12 full and partial legs

    Legs are SOLD. Going to Jackie ********* Thanks.