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  1. Molds/Blue Guns For Sale

    What's up?
  2. Old stock/ Remains Pangolin

    SOLD!! Heading to Florida to become something Fantastic!!
  3. Old stock/ Remains Pangolin

    I have some left over Pangolin stock from around 2000-2002. It's starting to dry out so I want to get rid of it before it becomes unusable. I have long lost the CITES tags, and paper receipts so if asked to ship outside of the USA, the customs risk is on the buyer. Within the USA is still 100% legal because it has been state side since before the ban. 7 pieces in all, mostly tail and rear section. Grade "B" quality, good for wallets, straps, sheaths, Holster trim, Handles etc. 6 brown, 1 brandy. One inch by 12 inch metal ruler used in Photos for scale Asking $75.00 for everything Including Shipping CONUS. International buyers contact me first.
  4. Elephant leather

    I purchased the #2 lot from this gentleman and here is my testimony: Messages were answered quickly, Payment was easy, Communication was clear, Shipping was prompt, Quality was far better than the photos give credit for. This gentleman even included a hand written "thank you" note reminiscent of better times when deals were honored with a handshake and people were trusted without hesitation. Buy with confidence and your elephant will look much better in person.
  5. Elephant leather

    Most elephant comes in at 3 to 5 oz, Some leg and trunk pieces run 5 to 7 oz
  6. Elephant leather

    The tanning process and the country the hides are harvested from are why they are so expensive. Zambezi Tanners in Zimbabwe only do limited tanning runs on an annual basis. Hippo is done around September, Elephant around July, Wildebeest and Warthog in late December, Giraffe and all other hides in the spring. The amount of Chromium used in the process is toxic and hazardous to the environment. They store all the crusts (Animal hides heavily salted and stored flesh side to flesh side) in a temp controlled warehouse all year until the scheduled tanning of specific species. The clean up of the chromium and tanning drums takes longer than the tanning process so there has to be a price that supports the down time. The tanning of specific species is limited to 15,000 sq feet a year to promote sustainability and to earn the CITES certification. There are two other major tanneries in south Africa that I'm not familiar with but I know one does Ostrich exclusively and nothing else. Ive looked into getting an import license to buy wholesale and traveled to Doon plantation estate in Zimbabwe but I couldn't get the investors.
  7. Elephant leather

    Message sent
  8. 41cm horn back caimen for sale, full hide

  9. 41cm horn back caimen for sale, full hide

    Still for sale folks.
  10. 41cm horn back caimen for sale, full hide

  11. 41cm horn back caimen for sale, full hide

    PM answered.
  12. Selling 45inch long, 16 1/4 inch across the center Black glossy caiman hide. 110cm X 41cm Belly Cut Caiman Hide, Medium Gloss black. Flawless, No holes or scratches. Absolutely beautiful hide, customer changed mind so I'm stuck trying to recoup loss. CONUS shipping free, Asking $125.00 net via PayPal, use "Friends and Family" option OR add 4% for fees. (Far below market value for anything this big)
  13. Pig skin, Peccary skin, Camel skin

    I'm looking for 3-6 oz pig skin pieces. Something similar looking to this ( Also, Peccary and Camel leather. Pieces, scraps, partial hides, whatever you are willing to part with. Also, if you have something interesting feel free to shoot me a photo of what you want to get rid of.
  14. SOLD: Wlidebeest, Tan Saddle Giraffe, Shrunken Bull. Available: HIPPO (chocolate and tan), Elephant ( Vintage bark and Whiskey), Giraffe Antique Saddle
  15. Wildebeest and Tan Saddle Giraffe are SOLD. Other pieces still available and ready for your skilled hands and talented imagination to be turned into something EPIC!