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  1. Do you have Veg tanned Kangaroo or any other leather 

  2. Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe, Shunken bull

    Sorry for the late replies. Both Giraffe, Vintage Bark elephant and warthog sold.
  3. All leather is located CONUS. and will ship free within the US. If you are interested in other colors let me know. I have Hippo, Grey Giraffe, Tree-bark Giraffe, Grey Wildebeest, Grey elephant, Brown Veg tanned Kangaroo etc African warthog, nicotine. (Dark brown with light brown lows) Roughly 4 sq ft. $48.00 shipped Vintage Bark Elephant, tags still attached. Vintage bark (Brick red and black) Roughly 2 and a half Sq ft. $28.00 shipped Brown Saddle safari Giraffe ( Medium brown with black lows) Roughly 2 and a half sq ft $28.00 shipped Antique Saddle safari Giraffe ( Light tan and black) Roughly 3 sq ft $34.00 shipped Brown, Spanish shrunken bull (almost a chocolate brown) Roughly 3 and a half sq ft $32.00 shipped Brown Elephant hide (Brown, not nicotine, VERY hard to get anymore) Roughly 1 and a half sq ft. $30.00 shipped
  4. Flat black gator belly

    Sold to Grey************** Thanks.
  5. Old stock Pangolin tail. CONUS only.

    SOLD to Grey******l***** Thanks.
  6. Ostrich leg lot. 12 full and partial legs

    Legs are SOLD. Going to Jackie ********* Thanks.
  7. Ostrich leg lot. 12 full and partial legs

    Email message has been sent
  8. Old stock Pangolin tail. CONUS only.

    Here are 8 Old stock pangolin tails. Good condition, very few holes. Wine, Brown, Dark brown and Tan. Perfect for watch bands, gun holsters, wallets, no longer available anywhere. Will not sell individual. Valued at $90.00 shipping included CONUS
  9. Flat black gator belly

    Flat black gator belly, no holes, 3-3 1/2 oz, perfect for wallet. 10inches across by 9 1/2 inches long. Some tail attached not measured in. $25.00 shipping included CONUS.
  10. Here is a lot of full, 85% full and 50% legs. Selling as a lot, will not be broken up. (It breaks down to less than $10 each for the legs) (second from right in first photo is grey, Lighting makes it look slate or steel blue) Asking $95 including shipping to CONUS.
  11. Brown Gator 3 ft 6 inch horn back and tail

    Oh hold ending funds.
  12. Purchased from FrogJelly leather in TX about 8 months ago, small part of belly and neck used. Original purchase price $299.00 Complete back and tail. Bought to make a hornback wallet and tail wallet, sadly just never got to it. Total length is 46 inches, usable length 3 ft 6 in Shipping CONUS is free with purchase. $120.00 inc shipping.
  13. 4 Pelgio 5X12 polished stingray hides

    These are SOLD and heading to New York
  14. Selling some left over stingray hides. 5 inch by 12 inch 1 Black 1 Red 1 Blue 1 Burgundy This is a package deal, will not sell separate. Original price: $34.99 each Selling for $65.00 for all 4. ($60.00 for the hides and $5.00 for shipping) Like new, never touched, layout pen marks on back side of two hides.
  15. Molds/Blue Guns For Sale

    What's up?