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  1. Crowdfunding Buttero

    Thanks for the option, but to get it to EU I would have to pay 28% in taxes.
  2. Crowdfunding Buttero

    Hello, I originally posted this topic on reddit, but thought that people here might also be interested. I noticed that some of us would like to get Buttero leather (Conceria Walpier), but face high prices, unavailability in Europe or, in case of contacting the tannery directly, high order volume. I'm currently thinking about running a campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund a purchase of Buttero. I contacted the tannery and calculated that I will be able to sell a single skin (about 1.35–1.50 sq. m / 14.5–16 sqf) below around 150–160$ + international shipping around 20–25$. I will ship from Europe, so no EU import fees. I still can't get a quote from the tannery on their shipping options, but if they are what I expect, the price shouldn't change. For a start there will be only one choice of colour available, but if the campaign in successful I might be able to add another colour. For a start, I'm considering the most popular tan colour. Thickness can be any starting from 1.2 to 2,8 mm. There will be an option to order half a hide. The question is whether any of you will be interesting in purchasing some? If yes, please leave your interest via this Google form and I'll make sure to give you a discount when the campaign starts.https://goo.gl/forms/VnWNSbgLzPnyaD2L2 Thanks!
  3. It is. I use that pocket to keep small papers like bills and receipts.
  4. Thank you all for your feedback. I'm very glad that you liked it. Halitech, I've used 0.6 mm Tiger thread and it is the thinnest thread available. Can you recommend any other good thread that would fit here? Thanks
  5. Hello guys, I have been working on this model for some time and just recently managed to do it the way I wanted to. This is a long wallet made of full-grain veg tanned leather. I dyed it with Fiebing's Pro Oil dye. How do you like it? What can be improved in terms of skills and design? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  6. Protection From Hardware

    Hi, I've designed a phone pouch and want to place an eyelet in the hole where the cord is (see the picture). However, I'm afraid that the male/female part of an eyelet might scratch the screen. Does any one have any idea of a way around? I've considered glueing a small round piece of leather atop of the inside eyelet part, but that will add to the thickness of the pouch and I don't want that. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I don't use a clicker rather when cutting out peaces I leave a few additional mils to cut them off when the pieces are glued. That way I don't have to sand the edges. I still have to pay more attention to the places where the pieces come together. Thanks again!
  8. I have finished today this passport holder / wallet and as I'm a autodidact would really appretiate some feedback to improve my skills. It is made from fullgrain veg-tan leather and handstiched. Critique is welcome =)
  9. Rigid Vs Soft Leather

    I have just received this hide from Pittards Leather and was quite disappointed as despite the beautiful color and soft touch the leather is too soft and is not suitable for wallets and small covers. Previously I ordered a piece of full-grain leather from Goods Japan (this one) and it was just right: nice to touch but still quite rigid to keep the shape. Can please someone explain how are they different and how to choose leather online? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you all for the advice. I didn't consider using thin leather as lining. Will definitely try it next time. I did check the guide on finishing edges, but the process is quite complex and totally overwhelming =) I guess it comes with practice. Again, thank you for output and valuable information. Jiri.
  11. Dear JAZZMAN, thank you for your advice, they are quite helpful. Concerning each recommendation: 1) It might have been better to use linen, but this time I wanted to make something just out of leather. 2) I have just slightly burnished the edges, but obviously there is a lot to learn. First I made them even with a sand paper, then polished a little with a canvas and some water, then dyed and then burnished slightly with gum tragacanth. Is there anything else you would recommend? 3) You are right about the stitch and I would use a slanted hole punch for this kind of thread (it is too thick and I didn't quite expect it to be like this) next time. Thanks once again. It is very valuable for me as I'm a self-taught. Jiri
  12. It’s been a few month since I started making leather accessories. All of them were wallets and most of them are on a high shelf of a closed wardrobe. Today I tried do make a leather cover for a pass from a full-grain leather and I think it is the first item I made I'm ready to show to public. What do you think about it? Do you think I'm in the right direction of making leather accessories for sale? Thanks for you comments.