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  1. Dog collar

    @fallequinox @RockyAussie @alpha2 @VYO Thanks for looking, and for the compliments
  2. Dog collar

    My dog lost his collar so I had a reason to try something new. Notice also the custom tag made from a fender washer i found in my garage! I used two layers of veg tan with nylon tape between and looped around the hardware for strength. I would have liked stronger hardware but I just used what was laying in my drawer so nothin exceptional there. The dog likes it I guess but doesnt respect it- he’s got it all scratched and worn now.
  3. Cowboy holster

    @JazzBass @bjornk @Eddie Q @Samalan Thanks for the compliments folks
  4. Nice job, I am a fan of the canvas and leather combo- keep meaning to buy some canvas material and try it out.
  5. Cowboy holster

    Thanks! I used a matting stamp with a pebbled texture- @Sphinx @battlemunky @alpha2 I appreciate the compliments, thanks for checkin it out!
  6. For my brother’s gun. I plan to make a belt for it some day as well-
  7. Roper Wallet

    Nice work, what brand stamps do you like to use? Seems like others’ stamp work is always sharp and crisp compared to mine
  8. Second scabbard

    Here is the pic I was missing, showing my attempt with the rope border stamp. I think next time I need to scribe a light guide line for the border.. this one I free-handed
  9. Second scabbard

    I guess the design is sort of a composite of a couple old scabbards the guys had before and some input on what else was needed. They seem to like them so far, but this fall will be the first hunting season of use so we shall see. Heres a pic with a rifle tucked in showing how the flap folds over
  10. Second scabbard

    Thanks! I didn't line these with anything, just rough side in. Some lining would help make it even more rigid though. 'Anku' is a nickname my brother-in-law ended up with somehow. Im afraid to dig into the exact meaning. I just build m..
  11. Second scabbard

    Thanks! The hole is where the bolt handle pokes through the flap- not sure if its narrow or not, I just made it all fit together... I'll look for a pic of it with a gun in too. The straps are nice and long for hangin it off a saddle, my inlaws do a lot of hunting with their horses. And I sorta wish I had made the retainers a little beefier but I do like how they look :-)
  12. Here is my second scabbard, similar to the one I posted previously- built with the same pattern but slightly different design elements. I wish I had remembered to take a shot of the piece at the end of the scope, I had some fun trying out the rope border on this one
  13. Rifle Scabbard

    Thanks for the tips from you other folks as well, I think my biggest problem is getting too eager and not letting the leather rest after dying or whenever its still tender from tooling and stamping. Like was mentioned. And I need more dedicated workspace, so I can quarantine my leather a little from everything else that goes on around here.
  14. Rifle Scabbard

    Thanks Judy :-) Yes the lacing is double loop, with 1/8" lace from some kangaroo I've been hoarding. If you mean the depressions around the letters, yes - that was done with a small smooth pear shader.