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  1. The only difference between the two is length. The 17 (holds 17 rounds)being the longer than the 19 (holds 15 rounds).
  2. Not Dirtclod........but the awl and blade is used to make the holes that you then run the needles through. The leather harness needles have blunt tips and are only used to pull the thread through. I would recommend buying "Art of Hand Sewing Leather" book by Al Stohlman.... without it, i think it would be very difficult to get your holsters stitched to look good. Well worth the money.
  3. Ray, that about sums up the hose length question. Really it all depends on how far away you want to get from the compressor. I'm a real newbie with airbrushes, but I bought an Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS after doing quite abit research online. I really like the siphon feed which lets you just change out the bottles. The airbrush itself is very smooth operating and has some weight to it, which just feels nice to me. I don't think you can really go wrong with an Iwata or for that matter a Badger or Paasche.
  4. Looks like I just bought the last one listed. Thanks for posting,,, great timing.
  5. Here's a couple of ideas: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=501378
  6. protecting an original idea

    Don't you think the horse might object to the 12V plug in?
  7. protecting an original idea

    They are all over the motorcycle world. Sizes,shapes,materials, mounting locations, etc. Horse world.... dunno, but I'll look next time I'm in the local farm/ranch store and will ask the local girl that I know thats really into horses. BUT... a quick online search showed a few, here's one http://www.horsetackco.com/Double-water-bo...cbd74376eb3dc2d
  8. Coloring Pop Rivets

    Gun blue will not work, it'll just bead up and run off. Aluminum Black by Birchwood Casey is fairly commonly found in sporting goods stores. I'd take a look here http://www.caswellplating.com/kits/index.html , they have kits for aluminum and stainless. I've never used them but I would imagine that they would be far better than the BC products but more expensive.