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  1. work boots

    you're are into sewing machines, I make tool pouchs for some of the guys at work when asked, I put them together with copper rivets because I don't have a sewing machine, I am looking for an old used machine that will go through 3/8 thick leather ( 2 pieces of 3/16 sewn together around the edges and maybe up the middle to divide it into different pockets for tools ) I would like it to have some kind of flat ( table ? ) around it maybe foot pedal operated ? and american made if possible , do you have any idea where I could find something like this ?
  2. work boots

    thanks, thats why I thought I would try my hand at it just for myself not making them for anyone else, so I have all kinds of time, I can't find what I'm looking for so I will make my own .
  3. work boot making equipment

    does anyone here know where I can get the tools and equipment to make my own work boots
  4. work boots

    does this person have a video so I could follow along, can't travel to do classes
  5. work boots

    does anyone on here make work boots, thinking of trying to make my own ( tired of dealing with where my boots are made, ) everytime I think I have found 100% american made boots they either cost a fortune or they aren't the style I want, or they are made in some other country but claim to be made here. Could you give me advice on where to find all the special tools and stuff to make these thanks
  6. spraying belts

    yeah I saw that one, like you say, not very informative, you would think it would be easy to find a video on this stuff, thanks for the help, I guess I will just have to keep looking.
  7. spraying belts

    Thank You for the advice, still looking for a video to help me, but so far no luck
  8. spraying belts

    thinking of trying spraying my veg tan belts instead of dyeing them by hand to eliminate streaks and everything else that happens. I would like some input from those of you who do this and what kind of sprayer you use, and where do you have your spray booth set up
  9. Looking For Marble Or Granite

    look up granite shops or retailers and call them
  10. water based dyes

    very nice, how long did it take you to be able to do this
  11. water based dyes

    thanks guys, I will look at the video and try again
  12. water based dyes

    who has used water based dyes before ? looking for bright colors to use on dog collars but I followed the directions on the bottle and they look like crap, it says use a circular motion with a sponge, I tried both wet and dry, then buff, both look like circles , this stuff doesn't absorb into the leather at all, so I tried the alcohol turquoise color with a sponge but it takes several coats to cover for the most part and its to dark, what do you guys use on dog colors to get bright colors ?????
  13. Looking For Marble Or Granite

    go to the granite stores and ask for a some pieces that they are throwing away, they will give them to you for free instead of having to mess with them. I work gor a granite company in west jordan, Utah and we do this if you go to the front desk and ask about it
  14. Maverick Leather

    I just looked at the Maverick website and noticed thoughbred leather, this looks like it would be cool for my belts, has anyone tried this leather
  15. stamps

    does anyone know where I can buy stamps for leather work that are made in USA don't want chinese crap