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  1. Looking For Marble Or Granite

    look up granite shops or retailers and call them
  2. water based dyes

    very nice, how long did it take you to be able to do this
  3. water based dyes

    thanks guys, I will look at the video and try again
  4. water based dyes

    who has used water based dyes before ? looking for bright colors to use on dog collars but I followed the directions on the bottle and they look like crap, it says use a circular motion with a sponge, I tried both wet and dry, then buff, both look like circles , this stuff doesn't absorb into the leather at all, so I tried the alcohol turquoise color with a sponge but it takes several coats to cover for the most part and its to dark, what do you guys use on dog colors to get bright colors ?????
  5. Looking For Marble Or Granite

    go to the granite stores and ask for a some pieces that they are throwing away, they will give them to you for free instead of having to mess with them. I work gor a granite company in west jordan, Utah and we do this if you go to the front desk and ask about it
  6. Maverick Leather

    I just looked at the Maverick website and noticed thoughbred leather, this looks like it would be cool for my belts, has anyone tried this leather
  7. stamps

    does anyone know where I can buy stamps for leather work that are made in USA don't want chinese crap
  8. deglazer

    have something on my new hide that won't accept alcohol dye, my supplier said try deglazer, so I was reading about it and the article said it was kinda like acetone and that both would dry out the leather , never used deglazer, could someone fill me in on this stuff ? If it is the same as acetone then I already have that .
  9. veg tan leather

    I would like to know where everyone gets their veg tan sides and shoulders . I am looking for 12 oz veg tan sides and maybe 7- 8 oz shoulders . My supplier is currently out and I am on a time frame for a client in Wyoming , any help would be greatly appriciated thank you utah leather
  10. full length leather apron

    I like it thanks for the pic
  11. full length leather apron

    had a guy ask about making him a full length leather apron so he can use it when he does his sclupture work in Italay , what weight of leather would I use for this and is there a pattern for one of these ?
  12. dryed out leather

    does anyone have a problem with their leather drying out while it is still rolled up in raw form, before cutting , dying and turning it into a belt ? If so, is there a way to store it ( mine is rolled up in my shop in the basement ) so it won't dry out ?
  13. belt cracked

    I was gong to give him another one , so if you're saying not to use neatsfoot oil on the back then I guess I will have to throw away those straps that are already dyed and just use the raw leather that I have rolled uo and isn't dyed yet, Is there anyway to keek my leather from drying out before I use it ? . I don't precut belts until someone wants to buy one
  14. belt cracked

    thats whats I did only I tried a rag first that didn't work so I tried a small piece of yellow sponge and that worked much better. I checked on it last night and it seems to have soaked in pretty good, so I will try one more coat and see how it turns out. My other question is this, if this works and I do this on a strap to sell as a belt to someone, will it rub off on their pants ( how long should I wait untill I give them their belt to wear without the neatsfoot oil rubbing off on their clothes )
  15. belt cracked

    I recently sold a belt to someone and after about a month he came to me and said that it was cracking, he said that he hadn't kinked it or rolled it tight. My worry is that it has dried out from hanging in the basement ( my shop ) for 2 long, if this is the case someone told me to put neatsfoot oil on the back ( front is dyed with resolene finish ) what is the tecnique for doing this ? ( I have several more straps to make belts from, so I want to get them soft before I make belts out of them so this doesn't happen again, any advice would be very helpful.