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  1. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    Looks pretty sweet to me
  2. Love it. Any Aussie would be happy to own something that nice.
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments! This is a picture of the inside. The sketch book is the heavy art kind, so I didn't want to bulk it up any further with pen loops. The spine is big enough to hold all but large markers.
  4. A friend of mine was going to buy a leather sketch book cover - pretty sure the place she was looking at was importing sweat shop versions. I told her I would make her one and she only asked that it had her initials on it. Made from veg tan, hand carved, dyed and stitched. Don't mind the mess.
  5. Fierce Fish Stool Seat

    What a design! That fish still looks like it would take a chunk out of you. Good luck with the colouring!
  6. That certainly looks the business!
  7. These aren't recent, but I was inspired to post based on another I saw here. I was loaned these two razors, and made cases for them as a token of appreciation for the owner. Both done in veg tan, with the addition of a plywood tube for the tube style case. These were done early on in my leather work.
  8. Nice work. I like to see straight razors in a nice leather case.
  9. Very nice indeed!
  10. This was based on an image I saw somewhere online. Veg tanned leather with saddle tan dye and mahogany antique paste. Baseball stitched around the edges
  11. Some Straps I made

    Can't go past the Pink Floyd one, some great imagery there! Now where's my guitar....
  12. My Stuff is TOO STIFF

    This process is known as 'milling'. I've used this to great effect on veg tanned metalwork aprons, to give them some pliability, as they are useless when stiff as a board. The commercially milled leather is as soft as fabric, but mostly that would be too soft. Nicely explained too.
  13. My Stuff is TOO STIFF

    Dye, hide rejuvinator (a couple of massages in) then resolene. The rejuvinator seems to soften it nicely without the greasiness of neats foot oil. The resolene goes well over the top of that.
  14. Leather bottle holder

    Nice work on the tooling. The design overall is simple, elegant and functional.