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  1. 4 Slot Bifold Template & Directions

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. Love the lines of this one, the moulded area breaks it up nicely.
  3. new tool bag

    That's one heavy duty tool bag. Very nice.
  4. Out of the park! Nice work indeed
  5. Aviator helmet

    It may lose some of it's shine in a day or two, but that looks amazing. One of these is definitely on my list to make, maybe with Bluetooth headphones for use in the workshop
  6. Nice combination of colour and pattern. That tri weave is an eye catcher
  7. A4 Sketch Book Cover

    I should have cut and stitched it back together to make it look patched!
  8. Sketch book cover from Veg tan, hand dyed and stitched. I had an issue with the left inside piece, it had shrunk enough after dying that it no longer fitted, so a patch was made and attached. There is a little residual wax on the surface that is visible in some of the pics.
  9. Another notepad cover

    Nice work! i'm about to take pics of a sketch book cover that has a pretty similar closure.
  10. The tab idea is quite clever indeed. Very well executed.
  11. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    Looks pretty sweet to me
  12. Love it. Any Aussie would be happy to own something that nice.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments! This is a picture of the inside. The sketch book is the heavy art kind, so I didn't want to bulk it up any further with pen loops. The spine is big enough to hold all but large markers.
  14. A friend of mine was going to buy a leather sketch book cover - pretty sure the place she was looking at was importing sweat shop versions. I told her I would make her one and she only asked that it had her initials on it. Made from veg tan, hand carved, dyed and stitched. Don't mind the mess.