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  1. Haha, I didn't remember writing that. :-)
  2. Many thanks. Can I ask how you know I'm from Norfolk? My location is set to Arnhem. Curious.
  3. If you do use gum trag, it should be after you have dyed the edge. But to be honest, I now only use water to burnish an edge. I'm about to experiment with a professional edge paint from Italy, a brand called Giardini. This will look much more like the edges you see on top end hand bags I think and I'm aiming for that as I'm selling pieces in the range of €800 to €1200 each, so got to look super finished.
  4. Many thanks! Sorry for such late reply and yes, it is from them. I have to say, in the end, this hide was a bit too 'wet' for my liking and it marked incredibly easily, so I have looked elsewhere for other products. I really wanted to use their leather, but can't afford to order a hide and send it back if it's not good quality.
  5. Hi SheilaJeanne, thanks for the comment. I have had some comments about using a little Sam Browne stud for the closure. It may well have to change, but I love the simplicity of it. But yes, perhaps not super practical. And these edges were bevelled, then dyed with oil dye, then burnished with gum trag and finished with an edge coat I got in NL. It's like an ink of sorts and I must say, I'm stopping using it now, as it flakes off over time. I think the trick with edges is to experiment. I have a hand slicker that I've mounted into a drill and then in a vice, but I also use a cloth now and then. And if it's not smooth enough, sand back the first burnish with a high grit sand paper and give it a second round. I have also stopped using gum trag and just use water. However, I think the burnished edge is often dependant on the quality of leather one uses: better leather, better edge. Hope that helps and sorry for the delay guys!
  6. As an addition, Cuirschadefaux in Paris sell 50g bobbins for only €12 excl. VAT. So, a lot cheaper than most other shops. They have a limited selection of colours, but most thicknesses. They don't have prices listed, so just email them, and put in an order. Only issues, not sure they speak English, and Dominique, the guy there is, how can I put this politely, very French, if you know what I mean. :-)
  7. Thanks Bogwot, apologies in the very late response to your kind critique. :-)
  8. Thanks to the last two posts, I haven't been here for a week or so and didn't realise you had posted. :-)
  9. Thanks for the critique. To be honest, I spent quite some time trying to figure out what to do about those little tabs. Normally, I would do them the same as the other similar details, so in this case they should have been teardrop shaped to match the side tabs. However, to do that, I would have had to move them away from the edge, which would have forced me to make the handle much shorter, to get it to fit and keep the silhouette of the bag looking good. In the end, the tabs had to go right to the edge, hence them being straight. I had thought about a single piece that folded over the lip of the bag flap and ran underneath and up the other side for the other tab, but that would have over complicated the design. I'm all about minimal details. So, yes, perhaps not the best design feature, but the best solution I had at that moment. Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone for your encouragement!
  11. Thanks Wedgetail, feel free to pass my details over to them. You can see more on my Instagram account: Simeon Morris Design. I see you're in Ipswich. Although I live in Arnhem now, I hail from Norwich. :-) And thanks JD62. This leather came pre-dyed. I'm trying to move away from hand dying as it takes up so much time!
  12. I thought I'd share with you all my latest piece. It's named the CHRISTINA bag after my mother. I'm currently naming each design I make after the people who get them as a gift, which so far is only the women in my life, two sisters and my mum. It's constructed from Organic Swedish leather, using Lin Cablé Fil au Chinois thread. Edges are dyed with Fiebings Dark Brown Oil Dye, then burnished with Gum Trag (I've inserted a wooden hand slicker into my power drill and stuck that in a vice, I'm done hand burnishing! That is the only machine I use in the process). All hard ware is solid brass from Le Prevo, UK. Lining inside is a French beige sheep lining skin.
  13. Knip knives!

    Quick update, to answer my own post, Terry just assured me he had indeed lost my order and will ship the knives shortly, so I'm very happy! :-)