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  1. Hey @RockyAussie / Brian, Thank you for your input and knowledge here, i really am so grateful and delighted to have someone to show this too that is a master of the trade. Brian, can you see from the last image above, the way my stitches are sort of leaving holes in the leather as it goes down the seam? would you know how i could sew this to minimize this effect ? I am sewing on a cylinder arm "highlead" machine. The pictures above are of the seam, which as you can see has rips in it, i skinned the seams and stitched them, then hammered out the seam inside and out. Below is some examples of the seam done again. this time, i used amazed stitch, and skived the seams less and did not stitch in the skive as much as i could avoid- Thanks again for your adviice on this Brian ! Best, S
  2. hey @RockyAussie, thanks for the tip. I have to say I'm not sure what i want to do really with the seam. Its kind of a complicated curved seam- i can post picture on monday when back in the workshop. To be honest i don't have much knowledge about stitching leather and what conditions produce what results. Would you know of any good books or youtube channels about stitching leather seams? Thanks for your reply ! Happy St Patricks Day from Ireland! Best, S
  3. Hey Everyone, I skived a seam yesterday , and when i sewed the seam together, i noticed that there was one of two small punctures on the surface of my seam. I am now wondering, what does everyone else do regarding skiving and stitching seams. Do you stitch on the leather that is not skived/ in a bit further from the skive/ or did i just skive too deep ? Any/ all opinions welcome and appreciated ! Thanks, S
  4. Hey @gigi, i tried fratelliaberti- but i have to put in an oder for over a hundred euro just to get this one thing i need !
  5. Hey Everyone ! Would anyone have any idea or experience with the tool in the picture below? It is for taking the "birr" off my skiving machine bell. As you can see it is quite stained from use and it doesn't work very well any more. Is it posable to clean or sand it ? Is it still useful ? Any / all advice would be very welcome. As always, i cannot thank you all enough for the help and advice you have often given so generously in the past. Thanks, S
  6. Hey Everyone, Would anyone know a place in Europe where i can order the stick for taking the birr off the inside of the bell knife on my skiving machine ? Ive been trying to order from Global in Holland and finding them extremely slow and unhelpful- 11 e-mails later still no order placed. Also, if there is somewhere in the USA you know of please let me know. I am very desperate to get my hands on one at this stage. Picture included to clarify what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone , and any/ all help or advice appreciated greatly !, Best, S
  7. Hey Everyone, Sometimes being alone with all this machinery can be trying ! My sewing machine techniian was just here today about one problem and now i have another. I have put a thick sharpie mark on my bell knife to see what is happening when i sharpen it, as my knife is cutting into the leather and ruining it. What i have discovered is that the sharpie mark is only half removed after a long time of sharpening - 5 mins. The black sharpie mark is still totally intact closest t the edge of the knife - and the sharpie is removed further in on the blade. Does this mean my sharpening thing is not hitting the blade at the right angle ? What can i do about this ? Any / all advice welcome and greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance, S
  8. Hey @TinkerTailor, @MADMAX22 and @JLSleather I have got smooth bottomed feet for my machine. I have adjusted the foot so that it only lifts the minimal amount when i sew ( this is what the manufacturers told me to do ) The marks in my leather are now WORSE. Any help , advice on this ! Attached is a picture of the marks. Also , using a different smooth bottomed foot the marks are pretty much the same! Thanks everyone for any input you can offer ! S
  9. Hey again @JLSleather, below is a link to a picture . Above is a link to a photo of the two part foot i am using for top stitching.
  10. @JLSleather yea sorry i meant 6mm ! have a foot that is in two parts , One minute i will try post a picture of the foot.
  11. Hi there @TinkerTailor My machine is a Cylinder Arm Highlead. It has a slightly thicker arm than the standard cylinder arm you might see. I am using a quite thick leather , it has a "corrected finish " on it. I don't know how to describe the leather in thickness only to say it is about 0.6 millimetre in thickness. Im gone form my studio but can post a pic of the marks tomorrow. They are faint tracks sort of, that didn't fade away. I would love to see all the info about feet marking if you knew where i should look ? i did a search and could only find on post with reference to this problem. Thanks for your time and help with this ! It is greatly appreciated ! S
  12. Hey Everyone ! I was wondering has this happened t anyone else? Im sewing some top stitching on a bag, but after coming back to the stitching the next day, I've noticed the imprint of the sewing machine foot is still on the leather. It appears to have marked the leather. I was wondering what other people do when using a leather like this ? I was thinking of taking the sewing machine foot to a jeweler and smoothing off the bottum of it . Could this work? Any / all advice welcomed and appreciated. Any other solution out there also ? Thanks everyone ! Best, S
  13. Thanks @Art, And just for reference, which foot do you use for thinner leather? I'm trying out the smaller thicker foot now and finding it seems to respond well to thinner leather, but also to thicker leather so I'm a little confused? Thanks again for your answer, although you claim not to be an expert , you seem to have more information on these things than most people and i appreciate you taking the time to share with a learner. "L" Hehe, Thanks , S
  14. Hey @Art You seem to be a bit of a skiving machine master on this thread. I was wondering which loot your use for the thin leathers and which foot you use for thicker leathers? I got two feet with my skiing machine, one is 50 mm and longer , the other is shorter in foot length and a little chunkier. I was using the 50 mm for all the time. I am now wondering which foot is better for thinner leather. Thanks again , Ann