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  1. Makers Mark & Hot Foil Machine in UK

    hey there @fredk, do you know any websites where you can get the brass stamps mentioned above? many thanks . ann
  2. zipper jig

    Hey Everyone, I am looking into getting a zipper jig. I see one online by c.s. osbourne. it says its for ykk zips. Anyone know will it work on other zips ? or where i might get one which would work on various zips? Thanks !!!
  3. zipper jig

    Hey Everyone, I am looking into getting a zipper jig. I see one online by c.s. osbourne. it says its for ykk zips. Anyone know will it work on other zips ? or where i might get one which would work on various zips? Thanks !!!
  4. work bench

    Hey everyone, i would just like to thank you all for your advice and input on this topic. I weighed up all the info you each had given and in the end decided one of the tables above, i also took your advice @RockyAussie, and asked that the table be made without the front beam- which they kindly did for me. I am genuinely thrilled with my new table and really suffered the last two years working at a table not the right height but thats all made up for today. Just wanted to say thanks and show my bench !
  5. work bench

    what does everyone think of this bench? its 195 euro/ compared to the others? all opinions welcome ! @brmax? wb5.tiff
  6. work bench

    hey @Matt S your products look really good on etsy . nicely done ! would you have a picture of your workbench by any chance? it sounds legit.
  7. work bench

    hey @brmax the second unit comes with the metal top on the table - and its 200euro I've just moved my studio, and the space it would fit would be in the centre of the room. i would go for the legs from global, but i think they are only based in the USA and it would take some time for it to arrive and maybe a nice bit extra to ship making it not such good deal. the third work bench comes with everything you see in the picture. and , it is expensive / but if it worked well i would be happy with it. and its not much more than the one in the second picture really ?
  8. work bench

    thanks @JMcC for the feed back. what do u think of the second work bench btw? its just located more conveinintly to me. i think you are right the 3rd one is the best though, think i will go with it - thanks again its lovely to hear what other leather workers think. hey @alpha2, well thats okay then, you could always do your hammering over the legs of the table? it looks great btw, wow , very cool you made it yourself , very impressive!
  9. work bench

    thanks everyone for sharing, what do you all think of these workbenches.... the first one is basic and i wonder would the top really take much hammering? the second one looks more sturdy than the first one i think, the third one looks about the best for my needs but opinions and advice are really appreciated ! @Earl Ash- i would do what you did with he legs but I'm assuming that is america? it would be good for me to get something in ireland @alpha2- i love the look of your work bench, but i would imagine those casters would take some abuse really after a bit if hammering. and perhaps the wood too? @brmax- what do you think of these three work benches i have my eye on? your advice sound great, i will definitely see if i can get a rubber mat for my bench. thank you all very much! work bench.tiff workbench2.tiff workbench 3.tiff
  10. work bench

    Hey Everyone! i've just moved home and am setting up my leatherwork studio again. i had a solid table in my last studio but its not mine. i need to buy one and i was wondering what kind of work bench or table you all use to do your leatherwork on? especially all the hammering and tooling. pictures would be very helpfull and all comments/ advice welcome ! thanks for your time and advice with this, s
  11. How to make leather zip pulls in less than 1 minute per

    great tutorial rocky, thanks for sharing !just one question, where can u get that open ended knife piece that cuts the shape of the tab? thanks,
  12. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    wow, they looks so so good. thanks for sharing !
  13. How Do I Make A Hat?

    HI All, I come from a place of pure fear and desperation this morning, with a commission to make a pork -pie hat. Any ideas of where i might find a pattern? Anyone know of any helpful youtube videos? Any tips at all ? Also,would anyone have and idea how i would go about shaping the brim of that hat? I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to share any info you might have with me, Best, Susan
  14. Clicker Knife Not working

    Hey @Mattsbagger, No, I'm using the same blades as always from the same company ! it just won't screw in place anymore like it used too !
  15. Clicker Knife Not working

    Hey Everybody ! I;ve been using these two clicker knifes for about two years now. I am just wondering do they stop working after a time ? When i am changing blades now , i can't seem to get the new blade to fasten into the knife handle anymore. Is this a common problem and do i just need new ones or am i doing something wrong ? Any/ all advice welcome ! Thanks, S