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  1. Pictures not loading?

    Hello, I've been browsing some threads this AM and in about 1/2 of the threads the photos do not load. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. This is a great thread. You do awesome work. I'm inspired! I have a sthurling watch that the band has broken on 2x and they don't warranty the bands... After checking out your pics I do have one question. How are you attaching the buckles to the strap ends? It looks like yours have a loop sewn in so maybe the buckles you use come apart for install? On a belt we would often use screws or rivets, but that doesn't make sense on a watch strap.
  3. Can you also add me please? Thanks!
  4. Dwight is someone else you should contact. I know he used to teach a class....
  5. When you say the overall holster can be shorter do you mean length? Height should be dictated by length of barrel right? Thanks for the replies.
  6. Pancake holster - I see some of you keeping the belt slots vertical (perpendicular to belt) and others angling them slightly forward or backwards. Is this purely for aesthetics or visual appeal? Does one method provide better longevity or wear? I've always angled because I like the look and it seems to use a little less leather.
  7. I am a hobbyist and I hand sew. Working with leather is a therapeutic relief from my stressful full time job. I get into a rhythm and my mind clears- its great. Make a stitching pony... It will really speed things up and improve the overall quality of your work. If this was a full time business I would absolutely have a machine, but still offer (and charge a premium) hand stitching. Maybe one day when I strike it rich I will have a machine.
  8. Edges Of Gator Skin

    I realize this is an old post but what are "glass edges"?
  9. Plugged Stitch Groover

    Update - The match trick worked well. I was trying to groove leather that had already been treated with vinegroon. It seems that makes it a little different consistency and a little tougher to feed through the tool. The wax trick may fix that problem. As a side note I always strop the groover before use. I am still going to try drilling out the back side of the tool 1 size (once I get my back-up). Thanks for all the replies. Sorry for the delay - I haven't been getting notifications about this thread for some reason. Also I this forum is NOT letting me start a new paragraph by pushing "enter" and it is really annoying. Does anyone know why that is happening?
  10. Plugged Stitch Groover

    Thanks, I'd thought about that. My other thought was to drill out the back side of the blade about 1 size larger so the little strip of leather would have an easier time feeding through the tool.
  11. Plugged Stitch Groover

    Any suggestions on how to un-plug a stitch groover? I've been "teasing" the plugged leather with needles, scratch awl, etc. NO LUCK! Before you ask - No I don't currently have any replacement blades and yes I'm going to fix that soon. Thanks in advance....
  12. Hello, constructive suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hello, Where have you all found to be the best source for dog collar hardware like "D-rings" and buckles? Thanks
  14. KAYAK, After reading your post I'm now wondering if that is what I'm experiencing here. Like yours, I made this purchase to learn what one should look like. I grew up in west central IL by the way. I generally miss it each summer on our 90th day of triple digit heat down here.
  15. Sorry if this question has already been addressed. I've done a couple of searches and not found the answer I am looking for. Should a gun belt (concealed carry, daily use) require the edges to be re-burnished or "touched up" over time? About 9 months ago I purchased a gun belt from a respected holster maker/leatherworker because I have never owned one and wanted an example of what mine should eventually look like. Currently, the edges are looking pretty rough in places. I wear it daily but the belt is not subjected to a lot of stress or trauma - meaning I'm not doing excessive amounts of manual labor or anything like that. I'm not asking this question because I'm unsatisfied with the product - I love the belt. Just inexperienced in these matters. If it is normal to require some "touch ups" could someone please describe what should be done? Burnish the edge as for the first time? Thank you for your time.