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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. How I make Wedding Ring Boxes

    While a lot of the 3D printer world are printing out Star Wars ships, and vases, you are using the 3D printer as a proper tool. As a mere amateur in the 3D printing world (I print out basic forms, guns, and bullets, amongst other stuff), you are right in there getting on with it.
  2. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    That's the thing, I did my ebay business through ebay, but if someone wanted something extra, I increased the item price by using the 'reply with offer'. This meant that in August alone, Ebay got their cut of aproaching £1,000. I don't have time to try to sell outside ebay, once I add my own shop, and ebay sales together. The only time ebay cares about what you sell, is if their policy enforcement team wake up. Then they are at you like a dog with a bone. I now have 3 customers panicking and going through the resolution centre, because ebay wont let the customer contact me, or me contact them direct, and ebay can't be ar**d. And here was me thinking that life was getting a bit boring lately.
  3. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Hit another problem with ebay. Because ebay, in retaliation, restricted my account for 7 days, getting in touch with, or checking the details, of customers has been difficult. This has resulted in a panicking Italian customer going through ebay resolution centre to find out what's going on. Even tjough I have sent messages 3 times through paypal to him. They have upgraded the reason for the 'suspension' as consistantly referring/doing business outside of ebay. I only did that on my last listings, As I knew I was leaving, and up to then have followed their policy for years. But why get upset, they don't care. I've got a few weeks work of orders, then any quiet period, I'll treat as an excuse to make some of my own projects.
  4. Free Hand Lettering

    Just my tuppence worth. I may be wrong, but you might be better off with an engraver. A dremel spins, wheres an engraver vibrates. A spinning ball end fitting might be more inclined to pull wet leather. Also, I wonder about friction of the spinning ball end. I have a very old engraver that I tried out, but lordy, it was noisy. Last week, I bought an engraver from Lidl for £7.99, so cheap enough to give it a try. It is quieter than the vintage engraver, but still very loud. I haven't tried it out on leather yet.
  5. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Mikesc, if we behave, and promise to be good, can Scotland stay? We would miss you all dreadfully if we left........ Good advice about business cards and invoices. A very good way to divert future sales to your website. I've been going through Paypal, and emailing everyone I've sold to, but I will follow that up with a postal drop as well. A number of my customers are the more 'mature' gentlemen, who like the fact that I don't mind if they call me up for a chat about the orogress of their rig.
  6. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    I believe it is steel towing type cable. As to confusion, that is my default position nowadays.
  7. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Upc - unique product code? So much to learn, so little time. Many thanks, I shall google.
  8. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Come the revolution.........first up against the wall. And my wall gets longer every day. I am having a little wander around Amazon just now. I think I signed up for an Amazon account ages ago, but never did anything with it.
  9. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Finally did it, I left ebay selling yesterday. Well, it could be better described as constructive dismissal by ebay (with a little goading from me). i've been selling my leather items on ebay, for about 1 1/2-2 years now (doesn't time fly), and I also have a webshop. Of course, because ebay just potters away, and sales were regular, I've never really pushed my shop regarding sales. It's been busy, but more by luck, than by my effort. A couple of days ago, ebay pulled 6 of my listings. Apparently, I was breaking some ebay policy. So, a few phone calls to ebay, and agreement from all that ebay policy did not make sense, I relisted them. They were pulled another 3 times, with the final ebay policy infringement from me being....... firearms...... Some of my listings include pictures of holsters containing children's toy guns. These toys were bought from ebay, for the express purpose of displaying in the holsters. So, I can look at a picture of a child's toy gun on ebay, I can purchase a toy gun on ebay, but I cannot display a toy gun in a holster on ebay. Work that one out Ted. I contacted the ebay ceo UK, who is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I then contacted ebay ceo US, after waiting without reply, or even aknowledgement from UK ceo, after sending him three emails. I decided, 'buggrit!!', I've had enough. Time to leave ebay, and concentrate on my own shop, so I relisted everything again, with no changes but one. I took a leaf out of grannie Weatherwax's book, "If you're going to break the rules, break them good and hard!". I added the statement that ebay policy was just silly, and hidebound, and that they were basically forcing me to leave ebay as I refuse to jump through their silly hoops. Hoops which took them almost 2 years to apply. Oh, and I added my shop web address (right little rebel that I am). Of course, they pulled the listings (12 this time), citing firearms and other policy violations, and finally, the ebay UK ceo rep got in touch, to tell me they were restricting my account for 7 days. I then had the pleasure of telling them "too late, I've pulled ALL my listings, and I will not sell on ebay again". Shame, I've been a loyal little soldier selling stuff since 2005, with only 1 negative feedback in that time, and that was from a weirdy person, who made no sense. Last night, I started contacting my customers about the situation, to assure them their orders through ebay were safe, and have received 1/2 dozen replies so far, with nothing but support, and encouragement from them (bless their little cotton socks). just to add, infringing on ebay policy didn't stop ebay from taking this months hefty amount of fees from my account, just before trying to restrict my account. Wazzacks!!!!!
  10. Burnishing Problem Solved - Motorized on the Cheap

    I have a cheap and chearful grinder, which came with the grinding wheels bolted onto the shafts. I removed those, and bought a left, and a right hand threaded fittings for burnishing wheels to screw onto. As with most tools, the upgrading continued, and now I have a Nigel Armatage burnishing thing bolted onto one shaft, and a sanding drum bolted onto the other. If I want to do a bit knife polishing, I can remove either side, fit the tapered screw, and then the polishing wheel.
  11. Historically correct Western chaps

    Many thanks, that's extremely kind of you. Sounds interesting, I'll give that a google too.
  12. Historically correct Western chaps

    One of the first books I bought was 'Packing Iron', and you are right, a wonderful book. I've just received an email, and they are saying it could take quite a number of weeks to get here, but I'm patient. I'm patient....... I'm...........
  13. Historically correct Western chaps

    Thanks, it looks really good. I found a copy for sale, and hopefully it is winging its way from the US to Scotland.
  14. Historically correct Western chaps

    Many thanks for your reply, I shall check it out. The thing about living in Scotland, is you don't meet many chaps wearing chaps.
  15. I've been asked by a customer to make a pair of chsps for Western reenactment. Now, a very kind customer sent me a pattern for shotgun chaps, which may do as the basis for the chaps. I am using 'chaps' split suede, and although I've been googling, I'm having difficulty finding an authentic way of fastening the chaps, other than zips, or conches. This being the case, I figured that while still googling, I should ask at the font of all knowledge. Can anyone direct me to images/patterns/personal knowledge regarding authentic chaps. I'm trying to avoid batwing chaps, as early Hollywood did them to death, even though they sre possibly more authentic to the period.