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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. I've watched a number of shoe and boot making vids, and it still looks like a 'black art' to me. Lovely job.
  2. He's done some great work there, and you've lasered it very well. I wonder what software was used to do the shield.
  3. The joy of the internet is that you can see you are not alone doing this leatherwork, and you get to view such a vast array of quality work. If there is an image, it's on the internet somewhere, and if it's on the internet, we get to study it.
  4. If you decide on a cutter, and have the room, try one of those free standing 6ton hydraulic jack garage/workshop presses. Very cheap, and don't take up much floor space. For a small investment, you can make as many, or as few as you need, and maybe add to your cutter collection with another shape.
  5. They are a neccessary, nay vital part of moving forward as a leatherworker. Well, that excuse works for me.
  6. How would any of us survive without our 'odds and ends' drawer.
  7. Funnily enough, I had just finished watching this, and was about to upload it. You beat me to it. Nicely put together bit of kit.
  8. Nice, simple, and very nice stitching.
  9. Pliars are good for hot stamps, especially those smaller pliars. You could always invest in one of those silicone oven gloves. They are meant to be more 'handy' than the heavier oven gloves.
  10. Well done on getting your hand on that piece, and what a good price! To me, the bigger the piece of granite you can practically manage, the better.
  11. Will you be refitting the pedal foot lift, or a knee lift.
  12. Agree, from what I've read, this is the best way to get a better edge. My little 5w laser is at its best run fast, and multiple passes.
  13. Seems to be a lack of good training, and the fact that you can have as little as 2 weeks training if you join some police departments. Possibly because previous military training is considered as 'replacement' for police training. I read something the other day about the police system in America where they pointed out that most training was concerned with 'point and shoot', so for a number of police (not all, I've seen some good police calmly taking carp from 'citizens' out to just abuse and bate those officers) the first reaction is to go for the gun. Watched one of those reality tv progs (Son of a gun?), where the cheif of police ordered some sort of off road vehicle, with a couple of machine guns fitted on it. Maybe spending a bit of that money on training would be better. Good training, and weed out the bad apples. Lumpen has spoken..........
  14. I use one of those black safety skivers most of the time. I bought a little planer to use, but never took to it, so went back to the skiver. I also have a Japanese knife skiver which is quite nice to use.