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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. Ebay forums aren't much better. Never been near them since I foolishly asked advice about a customer who was trying to rip me off. Got a lecture from someone telling me that the customer was always right, and I should just grin and accept his obnoxious behaviour (sod that for a game of soldiers, as we mere wimmen say). Don't think my reply was much appreciated by the 'doormat' members.
  2. That Union Soecial is a cracker. It's got thst 'touchy, feely' thing about it, and I have to admit that my older domestic Singer sewing machines have inadvertantly wandered into the livingroom.
  3. That one looks as if it would work well with a stubby handle, with the end fitting into your palm. I am slowly getting the hang of sharpening my knives, and have found for me, it is taking the time to propery polish the blade that gives the best finish.
  4. They look very interesting. Are the knives doing their jobs ok, or are you finding yourself seeing areas you want to tweak, or redo, as you work with them. I look forward to some updates on how you are getting on with them.
  5. That's exactly what they are great for. You can muck about with a cheap set, and make up your mind what you want to spend real money on.
  6. Always keep a pair of safety glasses/goggles handy, AND a face mask. Might seem over the top, but dust from leather, as you know from experience, can really do a lot of damage. I seldom sand any leather, but I do make sure the extractor is on.
  7. Only bought leather once from Tandy, and that was because they were having a sale. It was ok, but really hairy on the back. Conclusion, unless it is really cheap, save your money, and get it from one of the places reccommended by folk on here.
  8. Just had another look. I think you are right, I retact my carpet stitcher guess. Never seen one of those before.
  9. As a girlie, I just wanted to look at the pretty red sewing machine, and maybe get some techie data on needle/thread sizes, maximum depth, etc. Maybe also get some worthwhile info on availability of parts, practicality, and see more pretty pictures (preferably with a hint of pink)
  10. I have reread cjartist's post carefully, and am unsure why it would have been taken so personally. It wasn't harsh, or 'heavy' just pointing out it was a woman asking about a machine, not her hubby. A valid view was made, and again, no way a critical comment (possibly mildly, and jokingly rebuking). Maybe it's the old problem of people not alway getting the correct emotion of a comment, and taking something as more serious than it was intended. As a popcorn-eater I wait in the gallery to see why it caused such a reaction, as I would do on any forum, for anyone.
  11. I also think you should check the inner presser foot bar is aligned correctly. It the easiest thing to fix, and I'm a big fan of checking the easiest/obvious to see first. I cured slight crabbing by shifting the bar on my Juki by a tiny amount. (or you can file the excess off the outer foot).
  12. Yup, carpet stitcher.
  13. Uwe, you are a star yet again! The beast lives!
  14. I would love this site to have a thanks button, and possibly a smiley tongue in cheek emoticon.
  15. Many thanks, I shall try that later today. I'm afraid I was having a neandertal day yesterday, with banging the rocks together being overtechnical.